hello tag

hello tag!

I had an urge to use flowers and make a tag, it probably didn’t help that Pinterest had a few as “recommendations.” This is my first vintage/shabby chic tag, at least with this much to it! I learned something vital though, I kept seeing all those tags with layer upon layer, and I found out why…you need to add a new layer to cover up…unexpected results!

The majority of the products used on this were either paper from my “scraps” drawer (yes, I really have one…or three!), or embellishments that no long have a package to identify them, or in the case of the flowers, never had a package!

As you can see from the following photos, the original colors of most the materials didn’t make it to the end! I was experimenting with texture and technique and figured if all else failed I could always just paint it all! (Which is just about what ended up happening!)

I used Mod Podge: Paper: Gloss as my adhesive (mostly because it was the fullest bottle within reach!) and scrunched up some tissue paper and stuck it down.
Added a piece of corrugated cardboard and more tissue paper.

I’ve had this scrap of paper for many years, and wanted to see if I could get the design/texture without the color. It didn’t quite work!

Lots of Mod Podge and a sprinkling of seed beads, just to see if they’d stick!

By now I was just going layering crazy and added some Tim Holtz tissue paper scraps I had to hold the beads in place and to test how hard or easy the pattern was to cover…but mostly to hold the beads.
This was straight acrylic paint that went on thick so I used a baby wipe to try and smear it thinner, but eventually gave up because the red beads still showed too much!
The final way I was able to cover all the colors, a mix Ranger Texture Paste with white and peach acrylic paint!
Layers, to cover up those unexpected results!

I used Tim Holtz’s Distress Oxide “Worn Lipstick” to at least have some of the colors come together! The only product I know (for sure) is the banner pieces, which is from the Teresa Collins “He said, She said” line.

I used acrylic paint and some Ranger Texture paste on the gears, and that wonderfully textured coral colored paste is Shimmerz – Texturez – Crushed Coral.
I added the Crushed Coral texture paste to the hearts, painted that “hello” white, and added my ribbon!

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