Tres Jolie Kit Club–Mini Planner–August 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! To bring my August crafting adventures to an end, I have a Mini Planner for you I created using the August Cards, Tags, & More Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club. It is a 6”x6” Weekly Planner, and holds about 12 weeks worth of pages. I used disc binding so it would be easy to add and remove your weeks and dividers.

I hadn’t originally thought of using my laminator when I started this planner – because I forgot I had bought a laminator a few years ago for a very specific purpose – but as I was going along, I found myself thinking “I wish I had a way to strengthen the dividers without a lot of bulk; something like a lam-in-ate…oh yeah!” Check out my video to see how I constructed my planner, and swing by my (not Tres Jolie!) Flickr to grab up the planner pages.


Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-04 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-06

I grabbed up my 1” circle punch and started punching from all of the smaller pieces of the Craft Consortium papers I had left over from my other two projects this month. I didn’t punch into any large pieces unless I had to – fortunately I had enough small pieces left and only had to punch a few circles out of larger sections.

I then started layering up my circles on some heavy chipboard using Liquitex Matte Medium to hold it together – and while I didn’t have a template for my covers, I have created a template to show you how my circles went on!

I had those rose gold discs, so I wanted to add some rose gold to my cover, so I grabbed up a few mediums from my stash that I thought I could mix together to get a color close to the color of the discs.

As I mentioned in the video, I hadn’t originally planned on laminating my journal, but after I remembered I owned a laminator, I ended up peeling off some of the back layers of my chipboard before feeding it through to get laminated.


Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-07 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-18

On the inside of my front cover, I have more laminated pieces of the Belle Fleur papers that I turned into two pockets and a tuck-in flap. I have some stitching throughout my planner, but to attach my pockets to the cover, I used E6000 because I was gluing two laminated surfaces together.

You can see one of the flaps I made for my planner at the front – I really liked the idea of turning one of my left-over circles (from the mini album) into a flap! Then I just stitched on a tab I had punched out and added some color to with a gel pen.

For the back cover, I just added a couple of half-circles as a couple more tuck-in flaps.


It took me a little bit of trial and error, but I did eventually manage to get everything lined up so the holes wouldn’t end up punched through any of the boxes on the planner pages. My printer has a feature that allows me to set a custom size for my paper (if it isn’t one of the pre-programmed standard sizes), which did make it a little easier for me to print directly on my 6”x6” pages – check your printer settings to see what will work best for you!

week_planner_page week_planner_page-2
Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-09 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-10

The majority of the time making this planner was spent feeding pages through the laminator – and I started feeding everything through that I thought would make it! For this flap, I stamped directly onto the inside of the laminator pouch, added the phrase from the rub-on sheets, used some gel pens to darken the phrase and add some color around it, laid a bit of lace trim in, and laminated it all together!

Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-11 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-15 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-16

Here are a few more dividers I made – attaching various pieces to the tops – like some of the vellum from the flower pack that I laminated or some of the trim so that half-circle would be easier to find.


Anytime I stitched through a laminated piece – if it wasn’t going to be glued down like the pockets on the front – I added some of the trim to the back to cover where the sewing machine went through to cover the rough holes.


I made up a lot of different clips to go with my planner sometimes layering smaller pieces and stitching them together. Then I would sandwich the paperclips with some E600 between the laminated piece(s) and some craft felt.

Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-02 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-03

To create longer clips, I would use my E6000 to attach my pieces onto some hairclip blanks!

Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-08 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-13

I even added some of the Prima flowers to one of the hair clips, and sometimes instead of using a single jumbo paperclip, I would use two regular ones so my tabs would be able to have the “correct” orientation on the edge of a page.

Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-05 Aug22-CTM-miniPlanner-12

Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope you enjoyed my planner this week and it gave you some ideas of what you can make using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit! Don’t forget, only one more week and September’s kits will be revealed!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to the items from this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

Tim Holtz “Bundled Sage” Distress Oxide Spray , Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Mousse: “Burnished Bronze” & “Coral Calypso” , *Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish “Silver Hessian” , Ranger “Chrome Yellow” Archival Ink , Sakura Moonlight Opaque Grey Pack , & Gelly Roll Glaze Pens , Me & My Big Ideas “Rose Gold” Medium Discs , Simple Stories “Vintage Bliss” 6”x6” , Fiskars 1” Circle Squeeze Punch , Fiskars 1.5” Circle Squeeze Punch , We R Memory Keepers Disc Punch , We R Memory Keepers 3-Way Corner Punch & Tab Punch , EK Tools Binding Edge Punch , Recollections 2.5” Circle Punch , Finnabair 2” Silicone Brush , Amazon Basics Laminator , Scotch 4”x6” Thermal Laminating Pouches , heavy chipboard , Liquitex Matte Medium , UHU Stic , 1/8” double-sided tape , Aleene’s Tacky Glue , E6000 , grey craft felt , Silhouette Cameo 3 , Nicapa Mat , paper clips , blank hairclips , other 6”x6” papers whose covers have been lost in time!

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Grungy Journal-August 2022 Mood Board & Scrapbooking Kit

Hey, y’all! After much toil and trouble, I finally got this grungy journal put together! You see, mentally I have an order of operation for my projects – my first project of the month for Tres Jolie Kit Club focuses on the Cards, Tags, & More Kit, and my second project is for the mood board – this month ran a little different though because <gestures at everything>!

Anywho…I finally finished my mood board project! I’m GenX and that means I lived through Nirvana and weird metal jewelry and all things flannel, so I couldn’t help but get excited about the papers this month – Grunge Reinvented by 3 Quarter Designs.


The general construction of this journal is like most junk journals, so my video focuses on how I put the cover together, a bit about the open spine, and some highlights on what is in the signatures.

Video As Soon As All The Technical Difficulties Stop!!!

Tres Jolie Mood BoardTres Jolie Insta Square Frame
Isn’t the mood board fabulous? Rust, film, watches – so much grungy and/or steampunk inspiration here! Make sure to join in this month and share your creation in the August Mood Board Folder by the end of the month.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-07 Aug22-GrungeJJ-05 Aug22-GrungeJJ-08

My cover consists of corrugated cardboard, chicken wire, chipboard, cardstock, decorative paper, and tons of mediums. I shaped my corrugated cardboard, dyed my white Artisan (linen blend) cardstock, added some Finnabair decorative paper to it, glued everything together, poked the ends of my chicken wire through so they wouldn’t stick out, and added layer upon layer of paints, stains, powders, and pastes to the cover until I got a color combination I was happy with.

I added some resin stars made with my Finnabair “Stars and Moons” mould, and coated them with some of the “Statue” Foundry Wax. I added multiple layers of embossing powder to the cardstock phrase and used the “Statue” Foundry Wax to create a “frame” around it. Then I used the “Sterling” Foundry Wax to create splatters on the cover and the phrase.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-10 Aug22-GrungeJJ-04

When I started this Grungy Journal, I didn’t know exactly how an open spine would work, and I wanted to make sure the herringbone binding had something sturdy to hang on to, so I used the metal hangers that I had removed from the hanging folders to wrap the binding around, then I used some JB Weld epoxy to really make sure it was a sturdy and solid attachment to the chipboard cover pieces.

I used a variety of alcohol inks and mixatives to stain my herringbone binding to grunge it up and found this “Exposed Tape Binding” open spine tutorial by Molly Brooks inspirational and very easy to follow along with (this was my first open spine!). However, because my signatures weren’t going to be evenly stacked – as seen in Molly’s tutorial – I added a single stitch through the herringbone binding to keep my signatures in place.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-06 Aug22-GrungeJJ-09

I used some sari silk to create my tie closure – sewing it as a tube, knoting one end and leaving a few inches unsewn so I could lay it flat between the chipboard and mixed media cover I created. While I did make sure there was a lot tucked in and glued down, as I kept working on my journal, I decided I wanted to reinforce the edges where the strain would be.

sketch sketch2

For the reinforcement, I folded the sari silk back on itself and added some E6000 and bookbinding tape.

Then I punch two holes through, making sure to go through the layers of sari silk, added some Chicago [style] screws (they look like the posts from traditional post-bound scrapbooks), and a couple of washers – with some more E6000 – to make sure I had a tight fit and some Loctite for the threads.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-15 Aug22-GrungeJJ-02 Aug22-GrungeJJ-11

With all the different junk journal tutorials available for construction, I am just going to highlight what can be found within my Grungy Journal. I have the standard variety of papers and envelopes, and I made clusters to use as decorations and/or tuck-in spots. For the button images from the cut-apart sheet, I used my awl to poke the thread holes out, then added some of the bookbinding thread I had cut off after I tied my signatures in place – and topped it with some Glossy Accents to create a faux enameled/epoxy surface. In fact, I added Glossy Accents to a lot of the cut-apart pieces to give them that faux surface, which really gives a sense of depth to the images!

For the chipboard filmstrips from the Grunge Reinvented collection, I layered up four different embossing powders. First I used some Lawn Fawn “Fake Tan” ink, added some Rocky Road & Ancient Amber Baked Textures, and while it was still hot and sticky I added more Rocky Road, melted that, added some Chunky Rust Baked Texture, and then finally some Rusty Hinge Embossing Glaze – always on top of the still hot previous layers.

For my clusters, tuck-ins, and pockets, I used a combination of glue, my tiny attacher, and stitching to put them together and attach them. When I did use the tiny attacher, I made sure the underside of the staples would be covered, that way they wouldn’t come out (as easily!) and there wouldn’t be any rough edges.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-12 Aug22-GrungeJJ-17

I used a combination of papers from the scrapbooking kit, papers from my stash, and even pieces from the hanging folders that had been cut off when I was cutting them down to size.

I have a variety of textures throughout the journal – using paper doilies, vintage crocheted squares, stitching, and a variety of fibers and trims.

Aug22-GrungeJJ-16 Aug22-GrungeJJ-03

In addition to my tuck-in spots and pockets, I added in some envelopes and belly bands. I even have some pieces of grungy handmade paper in a few spots!

Aug22-GrungeJJ-13 Aug22-GrungeJJ-14

To make sure there was ample writing space, my middle signature is filled with papers that have no decorations, pockets, or tuck-in spots. I just stitched two pieces of sari silk together (they have light interfacing on them to give them a little stability) and ran the whole stack through my sewing machine before adding the holes for the bookbinding thread to attach it to the open spine.


Thank you for joining me here in my corner. I hope you enjoyed this Grungy Junk Journal and it gave you some inspiration on what you can do with this month’s Scrapbooking Kit and some ideas on how to interpret this month’s mood board!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Scrapbooking Kit & the Foundry Waxes from this month’s Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!
*Dress My Craft “Gentleman Accessories” Transfer Me , *KaiserCraft 12”x12” Corrugated Cardboard , *LemonCraft “Leaves” A4 Basic Paper Pad , Distress Embossing Glaze “Rustic Wilderness” , Distress Paint “Rustic Wilderness” , Distress Oxide Spray “Rustic Wilderness” , Distress Grit Paste “Crypt” , Distress Texture Paste “Grave” , Distress Grit Paste “Translucent” , Distress Ink “Brushed Corduroy” , Distress Oxide “Brushed Corduroy” , Distress Embossing Glaze “Rusty Hinge” , Tim Holtz “Bubbles” Stamp , Tim Holtz “Textile Surfaces” , Tim Holtz Long Fasteners Brads , Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher & Tiny Attacher Refills , Tim Holtz “Film Strip Ribbon” ,  Tim Holtz Sanding Block , Tim Holtz Naturals – Black/Cream Trimmings , Distress Collage Medium , Lawn Fawn “Fake Tan” Dye Ink , green bakers twine , *Nuvo “Seaweed Quartz” Glimmer Paste , *Nuvo “Black Ash” Embellishment Mousse , Country Craft Creations “White” Artisan Cardstock , Darice “Rusty” Chicken Wire Ribbon , Finnabair “Sparkling Onyx” Jewel Effect Paste , *Finnabair “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Paint , *Finnabair “Ink Black” Liquid Acrylic Paint , Finnabair “Green” & “Rusty” Rust Effect Paste , *Finnabair “Graphite” Texture Paste , Finnabair “Cream” Texture Effect Paste , Finnabair “Stars and Moons” Mould , *Finnabair “Romantica” Decorative Paper , *Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso , Finnabair 2” Silicone Brush , Finnabair Clear Gesso , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Seth Apter Baked Texture “Rocky Road” , Seth Apter Baked Texture “Dirty Sand” , Seth Apter Baked Texture “Chunky Rust” , Seth Apter Baked Texture “Ancient Amber” , Ranger Emboss It Ink Refill , Ranger Big Emboss It , Ranger Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder , Ranger “Frosted Crystal” Embossing Antiquities , Taylored Expressions “Corrugated” Embossing Folder , various papers: ledger pages, vintage music, piano roll paper , etc. , hanging folders, patterned papers , Tea Bag Paper , paper doilies: white , silver , *black , EK Tools Binding Edge Punch , Amazing Casting Resin , 1/2” Herringbone Binding , Liquitex Matte Medium , E6000 , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , Fabri-Tac , Art Glitter Glue , Ranger Glossy Accents , Aleene’s Tacky Glue , BookGuard 3” Black Book Binding Tape , JB Weld , Selocky Chicago Screws , washers , Loctite Thread Lock , Ranger Heat-It Tool , We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board , Craft Knife , Crop-A-Dile II , Hole Reinforcer Punch , Corner Chomper , Fiskars 1” Circle Squeeze Punch , 1” & 1/8” double-sided tape , eyelets ,  Pellon 805 Wonder-Under Iron-On Adhesive , LineCo PVA , Dritz Fray Check , book binding thread , needles , awl , blending brushes , various sari silk remnants , Krylon Workable Fixatif , Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss Clear

Cover Colors (used on the white Artisan cardstock): Lindy’s Gang Starburst Squirts *“Maple Syrup Bronze,” *“Hocky Puck Black,” & *“Beaver Tail Brown” , *“Cathedral Pines Green” Magical Shaker , “Bratwurst Brown” Magical Shaker , *“Black Hole Black” Magical Powder , *Finnabair “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Paint , Liquitex “Transparent Raw Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Ink , Liquitex “Transparent Raw Umber” Liquid Acrylic Ink , Ranger Perfect Pearls “Forever Green”

Open Spine Strips: Alcohol Blending Solution , Tim Holtz “Latte” Alcohol Ink , “Gold” Mixative , “Silver” Mixative , “Gunmetal” Mixative , 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Mini Round Album & Card–August 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! The project I have for you this week is a mini album I created using items from my stash and this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club – along with a card to go along with the album using the card blank from the kit!

This album is sized just right to be able to use the Craft Consortium Belle Fleur papers in the kit without having to piece any together – in other words, the circles are slightly under six inches!


Make sure to check out my video to see how I put this album together and what I did to create my card!

albumCover albumPage
Front and back cover piece measurements. Inside pages measurements.

Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-02 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-03 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-12

For my cover, I added a little batting to the underside of some stretch (faux) suede and then wrapped it around pieces of heavy chipboard for the back and front covers and carefully stitched about 1/4” from the edge (the spine is also heavy chipboard, but it doesn’t have batting or the fabric). I wanted to add a little something extra to break up the solid brown of the fabric, so I added some interfacing to the back of a piece of the Finnabair Decorative Paper that was in the July Mixed Media Kit, and some iron-on vinyl to the front to turn that paper into something that would be sturdy enough to be used on the front side of an album!

After all my fabric and paper were in place, I added some of the Belle Fleur rub-ons where the two materials met. I wasn’t sure how well they would stick to the fabric, but it was easy! I had to rub a little harder to get to the solid surface (the chipboard/my desk!) because of the batting, but it wasn’t a difficult process at all. To give the rub-ons a little extra protection I sprayed the cover with some ScotchGard and dabbed on some matte gel to help hold them down (do this very gently, because they liked to stick to my fingertip).

With the matte gel dry, I added my macramé cord along the edge of the decorative paper and the seam side of my cover circles – using the cord to finish the circle. Then I popped on the wicker hearts, some of the Prima flowers, the enamel dots, and my bit of ribbon. To harden the ribbon so it would hold the wave, I soaked it in some (water-thinned) Glossy Accents, placed it on the cover, and shaped it, then brushed on a layer of the Glossy Accents to really get it to hold its shape.


My spine is (about) 1-5/8” (41mm) wide and 4” (102mm) tall. The inside of the chipboard is covered with some of the same decorative paper used on the outside with some iron-on adhesive on the back to act as a “moisture barrier” so the glue doesn’t soak through and without vinyl. I did however use some of the vinyl-coated decorative paper to cover and reinforce the rectangle sections of the pages and to create the hinges. There is approximately 1/8” (32mm) space between the pages and from the edges of the spine to the first and last pages.

photoring photoMat
Photo page ring measurements. Photo mat measurements.
Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-14 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-15 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-16

For the inside, the Craft Consortium patterned paper on the front and back covers and the pages are 5-7/8” (149mm) circles. I distressed the edges of the circles with my scissors, added some of the chalk ink from the kit, and added some vintage-style crochet lace to create pockets on the inside front and back covers then started adding my photo windows.

The acetate and rings are not flush with the surface of the page, I left a little space to allow some room for a photo to be added to the photo mat and still have space to slide in and out. The windows are layered as follows (top to bottom):

  1. Patterned paper ring
  2. Cardstock ring
  3. Acetate
  4. Craft foam ring
  5. Cardstock ring

Just remember to only glue half of the ring onto the page – starting at the widest point – or your opening will be too small for the photo mat! The photo mat is a 5” (127mm) circle of cardstock, and I added a little piece of the Belle Fleur trim to use as a pull tab, with some stitching and glossy accents to reinforce it.


Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-06 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-07

My card is really a lot simpler than it may first appear! I used the chalk ink from the kit along all of the edges of the card, then added my patterned papers to the back and flaps. It was at this point that I took everything over to my sewing machine and added a line of stitching – sewing the outside papers to the card base, adding stitches to the papers that would be going on the inside, and adding stitches to the two circle halves.

I grabbed up my “Royal Purple” StazOn and created a ring of stamping around the card front and attached the two circle halves with some double-sided foam to give it a little lift. The doily is cut using a Dress My Craft die from a previous kit and the heart is a Sizzix die that came with my Big Shot Plus. To get that doily and the flowers to really pop from the background, I added some “Villainous Potion” Distress Ink along the outside edges. The heart is coated in a mix of the Distress Ink and the “Pale Brown” chalk ink.

There is a stretch of trim across the front of the card, cut slightly over the halfway mark for the opening, and the flowers run along that trim. The closure for the card is a couple of tiny magnets placed behind the (right) edge of the heart and one of the petals of the flowers, so now it stays closed and looks like it is all one piece, but is very easy to open!

The final details of the card are rub-on flowers that I added a layer of Glossy Accents to, some of the enamel dots, and a rub-on sentiment on the heart – also with a layer of Glossy Accents.

Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-11 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-04

The inside of my card has the patterned papers glued in and it’s ready for personalization – which I would probably do by printing the message on some coordinating vellum and gluing it in place.

To make my envelope match the card, I blended on some of the Villainous Potion and stamped on a couple of flowers using my Royal Purple StazOn topped with Pumice Stone Distress Oxide. I used the Pumice Stone because by this point I had used every last drop of the chalk ink between last week’s project and the album! Plus, the Pumice Stone is a perfect match for the colors on the card! Then, to finish it up, I blended some of the Pumice Stone onto the envelope.

Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-01 Aug22-CTM-miniAlbum-05

Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope you enjoyed this mini-album and card and they gave you some ideas of what you can make using the papers and the card blank in this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

*Finnabair “Romantica” Decorative Paper , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , *Dress My Craft “Crochet Doily” Die , StazOn “Royal Purple” , Distress Ink “Villanious Potion” , Distress Oxide “Pumice Stone” , Ranger Glossy Accents , Recollections 6inx6in Clear Acetate Sheets , Celebrate It® Cotton (Crochet) Ribbon , DCWV “Mariposa” Cardstock Stack , “Indian Summer” Cardstock Stack , & “Brights” Cardstock Stack , heavy chipboard , batting , craft foam , iron-on interfacing , Heat-n-Bond Iron-On Vinyl , Bead Landing Macramé Cord , faux suede fabric , Silhouette Cameo 3 , Nicapa Mat , Aleene’s Tacky Glue , Fabri-Tac , UHU Stic , 1/8” double-sided tape , LineCo PVA , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , ScotchGard Fabric Protector , Liquitex Matte Gel , BookGuard 3” Black Book Binding Tape , double sided foam squares , Sizzix Big Shot Plus & heart die , blending brushes , Tim Holtz Stamp Platform , Sakura Moonlight Opaque Grey Pack

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Let’s have a wedding!-August 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! I’m not actually having a wedding, but someone, somewhere might be in the planning stages, and this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club includes the beautiful “Belle Fleur” Collection from Craft Consortium – perfect for getting your planning into gear!

I made two, slightly different, Save the Date cards; one with rub-on’s and lace, and one with embossing and a paper strip. The invitation has a lot of stamping and embossing, and some faux purple glassine with the details printed on it.


And I may not be getting married, but I couldn’t resist creating these Save the Date cards and the invitation with the beautiful Craft Consortium Belle Fleur line in this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!


Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-02 Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-06

For my “Save the Date” bases, I used some old DCWV glitter cardstock from my stash and cut it to 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” (108mm x 140mm), which is almost an A2 size (4-1/2” x 5-1/2”; 114mm x 140mm), so you could easily get some A2 envelopes to mail them!

I used some small staples close to the edges and some artists tape (washi tape would work too!) to attach my patterned paper to a sheet of plain printer paper – allowing me to print directly on the patterned paper and then I could cut my 6” x 6” patterned paper to the size I wanted and make sure the text was positioned how I wanted it.

I cut my two sheets of patterned paper to rectangles that are about 1/8” (33mm) smaller than the base, keeping my text at the bottom and spaced evenly from the left and right edges. The top and bottom of the card are made from the same rectangle; I just cut it about 2-7/8” (73mm) from the bottom and flipped the top piece over to use the print on the other side!

Before I glued my patterned paper to the glitter cardstock, I decorated the two top rectangles. I did two different Save the Date cards because I thought the ones with the embossing would work for the mass distribution, and the ones with the rub-ons could be kept in the wedding album and given as keepsakes to close friends and family.

For the embossing, I first stamped the rose with some “Royal Purple” StazOn, then topped it with the “Pale Brown” Chalk Ink from the kit and clear embossing powder, twice, like this:

  1. StazOn
  2. Chalk Ink
  3. Clear Embossing Powder
  4. Chalk Ink
  5. Clear Embossing Powder

This softened the StazOn some and gave a nice raised emboss. For the strip of paper across the seam, I just distressed the edges with my scissors a little and added some of the “Pale Brown” chalk ink. As soon as I glued everything down, it was done!

After I added the rub-on’s I had chosen for the second Save the Date cards, I added the chalk ink all around them. The chalk ink doesn’t stick to the rub-on’s, and I just added a little water to help clean them gently. Adding the chalk ink really allowed those rub-on’s to stand out by softening the patterned paper around them. Then I just cut my lace to size and glued everything in place.

Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-11 Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-10

My invitation is actually much simpler than it might initially appear. I taped some lavender tissue paper to a sheet of regular printer paper and ran it through my printer. When it came out, I grabbed up a can of semi-gloss spray and sprayed both sides of the tissue paper. This not only sealed up the text but created some beautiful faux glassine as well.

I used some sage-colored cardstock from my stash for my invitation base, cut to 5” x 7” (125mm x 175mm), and topped it with a frame I created from two of the pieces of patterned paper cut into trapezoids. To explain this better, I am just going to drop in some images from the video, because I don’t know how to coherently explain it in writing!

invitation invitationMeasurements

Hopefully, the shots from the video are helpful! You can see my trapezoids and the measurements for each of the sides. I used a piece of double-sided tape on the back at the seam to hold them together while I cut the center out.

Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-08 Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-07

The cut a 3-1/2” x 5-1/2” (89mm x 140mm) window from the center of my patterned paper trapezoids, then attached it to my cardstock base. If you just want the measurements to center the window – the edges of the window are 11/16th of an inch (175mm) in from the edge of the patterned papers (on all sides). If you want to make sure you are centered with what you’ve been cutting, just find the horizontal and vertical centers of your base and your window template, align them, and trace your template!

After the frame and base were together, I grabbed my stamp platform and started stamping flowers with the “Belle Fleur” stamp set. First I went around with the “Pale Brown” Chalk Ink from this month’s kit and added clear embossing powder. After I had flowers all around in the “Pale Brown,” I came back through and added flowers with my “Royal Purple” StazOn, followed by a duplicate stamping in “Pale Brown,” and then some embossing powder. Much like I did on the “Save the Date” card, except I only added one layer of the chalk ink and embossing powder on top of the StazOn.

After all of my stamping was done, I carefully tore the edges of my tissue paper – using my window template as a guide – added an even layer of glue, and set it in place. When the glue was dry, I added a single line of stitching along the edge.

Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-03 Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-04 Aug22-CTM-LetsHaveAWedding-09

Thank you for joining me here in my corner, I hope you enjoyed these card examples and they gave you some ideas of what can be made using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit. You can easily make cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion – or you can send someone a “Thinking of You” card.

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In addition to the August 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit, I used:

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StazOn “Royal Purple” , UHU Stic , DCWV “Mariposa” Cardstock Stack , lavender tissue paper , Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss Clear , We R Memory Keepers Craft Knife , Scotch ATG , Tim Holtz Stamp Platform , Fiskars Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer , Hampton Art Clear Embossing Powder

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Where is my GenX crowd? Because the August 2022 Scrapbooking Kit is filled with the Grunge Reinvented collection from the new-to-us company 3 Quarter Designs. Don’t worry though, because even though these papers have a fabulous grungy and masculine feel to them they will still be amazing for all your upcoming projects – they have fabulous autumn colors and leaves. You will find a lovely assortment of patterned papers and perfectly coordinated embellishments.

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You’ll find our Cards, Tags, & More Kit filled with papers, embellishments, and a stamp set from Craft Consortium and goodness – so you can create beautiful summery, romantic cards and tags. Who doesn’t like being able to create a variety of projects from one kit?

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