Happy Fall!

“Happy Fall” ATCs!

A set of ATCs I made for the ATC swap over at scrapbook.com! The category for this is was to be “Inspired” by the photo shown below!

The leaf clusters are put together with a lot of staples from Tim Holtz’s Mini Stapler, regular staples, and hot glue! I used leaves from the Autumn Decor section in my local 99¢ store, cut them in half, then, more or less, folded them into pleats and stapled them! Then I stapled the individual leaves together into clusters, glued them together, then glued them down!

For the background I used some tissue paper I received with a Pocket Letter (the letter was wrapped in it!) and some Mod Podge!

Inspirational Photo!

Product List:

  • Jute 
  • Decor leaves from the fall decor section at the 99 cent store 
  • Lots and lots and LOTS of hot glue!  
  • Lots and lots of regular staples to go with THs mini staples! 
  • The tissue paper came wrapped around the September Pocket Letter I recieved from Donna (bonprof)! It was the perfect color for the BG!! Thank you, Donna

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