Tres Jolie Kit Club-September 2020 Mixed Media Kit-Follow Along With Us

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

For my first Tres Jolie Kit Club project of the month, I’m bringing you my “Follow Along with Us” Birdcage! I made this project using only items from this month’s Mixed Media Kit; even the “glue” was the gel medium that came in the kit!


Want to see how it was all done? Check out my video below!


I mixed some of the beads into some of the gel mixed with the Lindy’s Moon Shadow Mist and spread it on the back and bottom of the cage. For the outer base and the bars, I mixed more gel with some Moon Shadow Mist and brushed it on, like paint. In that photo above you can really see the purple from the Lindy’s Moon Shadow Mist on the back panel!


For my bird, I brushed on a coat of the gel medium mixed with some of the Moon Shadow Mist, then sprinkled on some of the glitter. I also used the gel medium to adhere the bird to the cage bar!


After I placed my flowers where I wanted them (using the gel medium as the “glue”) I splattered some of the Moon Shadow Mist on them.


I hope you enjoyed this project and were able to follow along if you chose to! I’ll see you again soon with another project using the fabulous September Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie!

Stay Crafty, Friends!

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Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!

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