Steampunk Clipboard Calendar-November ReneaBouquets Facebook Swap


This month for the ReneaBouquets Swap over on Facebook we created clipboard calendars for each other. My partner indicated that she liked steampunk, so I decided to make a perpetual calendar in a steampunk style! (Yes, the gears really do turn!)

Process Video:


Using a cut file from the Silhouette Store I printed the numbers on a transparency sheet and fussy cut them down as close to the numbers as I could get for each of the ReneaBouquets gears. The gears were one of my main concerns because I knew they would need some extra support to keep them turning, so I used some E6000 to adhere washers on the top and bottom.





As you can see in the video, it took me a few tries to get everything “just right,” and I have quite a few layers of mediums on the background, but I am happy with how everything turned out! This was my first time attempting to add moving parts to a project, but now that I know [mostly] what to do, I think I’ll be looking for more ways to add moving parts in the future!




Silhouette Store:

  • 2020 Calendar (ID #301534)
  • Dial Calendar (ID #32429)


  • Beautiful Board Ornament Gears
  • Mulberry Paper Flowers Orange & Mini Orange
  • Mulberry Paper Leaves

Creative Embellishments

  • Pipe Works


  • Ayeeda Paint-Red Bronze

The following products are affiliate links, at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Pipe Mould


  • Bulldog Machine Screw Value Kit (MA-519)
  • Bulldog Fender Washers (WA-567 & WA-569)

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