February 2019 Counterfeit Kit!

My February Counterfeit Kit!

Once again I am going to do my best to use up supplies I have on hand using the Counterfeit Kit Challenge (CKC) as inspiration. The above photos are the supplies I pulled together for this month. (NOTE: I DO NOT have 12 sheets of patterned paper, the bottom photo is of the *other* sides of what I consider my *main* choice…but a lot of the “backs” really went with the kit too!)

The following are what I consider my “staple” supplies. The supplies I use (almost) always!

This month I tried something new for me. I didn’t really think too much about what I was choosing. Basically, I picked my papers and cardstocks, then just started grabbing packages of embellishments that had something I thought *could* work, and just stopped when my CKC box was full. My previous kits took a lot more thought, I would basically pull out anything that could work then spend an excessive amount of time overthinking “this or that.” I’m hoping to cut down on my overthinking!

My CKC box. I need my kit to have boundaries…so I don’t call my whole scraproom my “kit!”

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