Altered Box – ReneaBouquet May Swap!

Altered ‘cigar’ box for the May 2019 ReneaBouquet Facebook Swap!

**Someone mentioned the word ‘tutorial,’ and I’ll try that here as best I can…

I do have a computer and a webcam and everything, BUT in early 2018 the power supply on my computer fried itself…I mean there were sparks and everything! And well my computer works well enough-ish, I’m pretty sure the motherboard took some damage because it hasn’t been quite right since (and my webcam tends to overpower it now). All this happened right before we moved almost 2300 miles, so getting my computer back to 100% hasn’t been a priority! (Although dealing with it being like 85% is starting to get on my nerves A LOT!)**

Ok…the short and sweet “tutorial.”

I used Art Glitter Adhesive to hold the papers to the wood. The lid has the 13 @rts paper, and the bottom is only wrapped on the sides with the Hip Kit Club paper (the bottom of the box is just white gesso). I used quite a bit of glue, basically “painting” a thin layer where it would be touching the paper and burnishing it down with the edge of my bone folder and some elbow grease. And I let it dry a full day before moving on to the next layer!

I did not gesso my paper, gesso is wet and I found that to be a risk I didn’t want to take! I used Krylon Workable Fixative as a protective coating before gluing down the Mould pieces, flowers, 7 Gypsies doilies, and ReneaBouquet Grid Beautiful Board. All of these parts, except the Beautiful Board which has it’s own coating, needed gesso before the next step.

Next I did the bits of embossing.

Now, the really wet, “please let the glue and Krylon work their best,” part! First, I had to spritz water where I was planning on adding all those Lindy’s & Jaquard powders, then I had to add more water on top of the powders! I did heat dry, and there is more than one layer of powders (Between the layers I used more Krylon Workable Fixative so there would be no reactivation of the lower levels!). I did the same technique along the sides of the bottom, except there was only one layering of powders. And, because I heat dry the powders, it reheated the embossing powder which caused it to push it’s way through in spots!!

Now, to help everything withstand being used, there is three (I think) coats of (Mod Podge) acrylic sealer. Some is glossy, some is matte. Yes, I did it that way on purpose!

After all that was dry I added the feet, hinges, and latch, then the butterflies and cabachon.

*The cabachon is a 50mm dome on top of a piece from Tim Holtz’s Botanical Layers & a ReneaBouquet butterfly, adhered with JudiKins Diamond Glaze. The edges are done with Finnabair waxes, White Gold & Peacock.*

On the inside of the box I used Mod Podge Vintage to glue the Prima tissue paper in place then let that dry. After the Mod Podge dried I randomly added spots of color with the Finnabair Waxes and coated the edge of the lid and bottom with Finnabair wax. And everything is coated in acrylic sealer to (hopefully) add durability.


  • ReneaBouquets
  • Beautiful Board – Grid Elements
  • Butterfly Kisses
  • Delicate Beauty (the black & white butterflies)
  • Magical Miniatures
    • My Romantic Heart (the butterfly under the cabochon)
  • 13 @rts
    • Aqua Flora
    • Countless Love
  • Hip Kit Club
    • Color Dazzel
    • Rainbow
  • Art Anthology
    • Lotus Stencil
  • Lindy’s
    • Magical Shaker
    • Alpine Ice Rose
    • Bratwurst Brown
    • Grab A Guy Gold
  • Jacquard
    • PearlEx
    • Reflex Violet
    • Misty Lavender
  • Emerald Creek
    • Seth Apter
    • Baked Texture
    • Patina Oxide
  • Ranger
    • Big Emboss It
  • 7 Gypsies
    • Architextures
    • Doilies
  • idea-ology
    • Tim Holtz
    • Botanical Layers
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Art Alchemy Wax
    • Vintage Silk
    • Mint Sparkle
    • Peacock
    • Electric Violet
    • White Gold
  • Mould
    • Mechanica
  • Tissue Paper
    • Musica
  • Heavy Body Gel
    • Unknown/Unbranded
      • Cabochon
      • Box feet
    • **I think the box is Darice (Cigar Box)
      • Art Daily Journal Cover

        For the months of May and June, Tres Jolie Kit Club is going to be working on the Finnabair Art Daily Journal! Which is why the May Cards, Tags, & More kit contained the 58 Piece Journal Cover Set, plus Finnnabair’s Victorian Bookmarks & Sentiment’s Stickers!
        I decided to at least make the cover look like I planned on being productive!! I mean, it is the last day of the month and I didn’t actually get any of the “Daily” part done like I told myself I would “just as soon as I finished the cover.”
        Lots of mixed media products on here, and not all of the glue is dried or the Heavy Body Gel, but it was dry enough to take photos!

        First I took all the elastics off the journal so I could coat it in black gesso, then I figured out what was going to be the decoration after browsing my stash…so after I glued all the base pieces down I gessoed (<—is that even a word?!?!) again!
        I was going to just paint the cover with DWM’s Olive, but I saw my dylusion’s Chopped Pesto and decided to combine the two! They aren’t mixed together, I just dipped half my brush in one color and the other half in the second color. As I layered and built up the paint I would alternate colors or use both together again.
        After the paint dried I started working on my rust effect paste, starting with Brown and finishing with Rusty.
        As for the metal flowers; I gave them a coating of gesso and let it dry, then I spritzed them with water, randomly sprinkled the Perfect Pearls & Magical Shaker’s on them, spritzed them with water again, then heat dried. To help keep the coating in place I gave them a spray with acrylic sealer. (All this was done on my work surface, before attaching them to the cover!!)
        To finish I placed all the flowers to my liking, and gave a light coating of Metallique Wax to the edges of the cover!
        OH! The Tim Holtz Adornment on the spine (that I used to cover the original hole since I relocated the closure!) … it was gessoed, painted with Metallique Fresh Orange Acrylic Paint, then coated with the Firebird Wax!


        • [From the] Tres Jolie May 2019 Cards, Tags, & More Kit
        • Prima
        • Finnabair
        • Art Daily Chipboard Album Cover (58 Pieces – Item # 964771)
      • ReneaBouquets
        • Glass Microbeads
        • Rust
      • Mulberry Papers Roses & Leaves
        • Mini Orange
      • Lindy’s
        • Magical Shaker
        • Grab A Guy Gold
        • Bratwurst Brown
      • Ranger
        • Perfect Pearls
        • Green Patina
        • Forever Green
      • Dina Wakely Media
        • Acrylic Paint
        • Olive
      • Dylusions
        • Acrylic Paint
        • Chopped Pesto
      • Prima
        • Resin Icons
        • Item # 573300 (Upper Right Clock)
        • Item # 573348 (Topmost Gear)
      • Finnabair
        • Heavy Body Gel
        • Acrylic Paint
        • Metallique Fresh Orange
      • Wax Cire Cera
        • Firebird
      • Rust Effect Paste
        • Dark Brown
        • Green
        • Rusty
      • Mechanica Mould
        • Vintage Trinkets
        • Item # 960278 (Bottom Right Clock)
      • idea-ology
        • Tim Holtz
        • Curio Knobs
        • Timepieces
        • Adornments
        • Foundry
      • We R Memory Keepers
        • Crop-A-Dile
        • Crop-A-Dile II
      • Mod Podge
        • Gloss Clear Acrylic Sealer
      • Liquitex
        • Black Gesso
        • Clear Gesso
      • Unknown/Unbranded
        • Metal Flowers