Fairy House-MMP April Challenge

Hey, all! Welcome back to my little corner!

I am bringing you a little project I put together, inspired by the Mixed Media Place’s April Challenge. I don’t often work with pinks, but I really loved the mood board this month, and decided it was a good time to pull out my pink paints!

20210519_120715-WM 20210519_120431-WM



Aren’t the colors for the April Challenge absolutely wonderful? I couldn’t help but want to make something pink!

Now, how about a few close-ups?

20210519_120450-WM 20210519_120611-WM

The fairy’s house is actually a repurposed bed riser! My youngest moved from his dorm to an apartment and didn’t need them anymore, so he gave them to me! My family has learned I will take anything and repurpose it into a craft project!

20210519_120504-WM 20210519_120519-WM

My little door is from Creative Embellishments, coated in Vintage Gold wax with some ReneaBouquet’s glitter glass as the window. I used a variety of random pieces for my foliage: Christmas berries and leaves from JoAnn’s that I’ve had a couple of years, and some Styrofoam “shapers” with some wire that I thought would look interesting!

20210519_120528-WM 20210519_120554-WM 20210519_120540-WM

The figurines I found a couple of years ago at Dollar Tree and picked them up to have when the right project presented itself!

I hope you enjoyed this project! I had fun putting it all together, even if I did make a massive mess!


Creative Embellishments Fairy Door Set 2, ReneaBouquets Chunky Glitter Glass “Diamond,” 13@rts “Old Gold” XS Microspheres, Shimmerz Paints AcriTonez “Pinkadelic,” AC-Vicki Boutin “Sugared Strawberry” & “Coral Macaroon” Paints, idea-ology-Tim Holtz Sanding Block, Ranger-Tim Holtz “Kitch Flamingo” Distress Paint & Spray Stain, Prima-Finnabair “Paper” Texture Paste, Heavy White Gesso, “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic, “Green-Gold,” “Aqua-Rose,” & “Rose-Gold” Opal Magic, “Enchanted” Sparks, Waxes: “Vintage Gold,” “Mint Sparkle,” “Turquoise Satin,” “Royal Robes,” “Green Brocade,” “French Lavender,” “Sage Leaves,” & “Shabby Pink,” Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, Mod Podge Stiffy, Unknown “Spider Web” Material, Creative Paper Clay, Unbranded Styrofoam Flower Shaper/Center, Floral Wire, Plastic Leaves, Berries, Teal Sisal, Pink/Bronze Beads, Fairy Garden Figurines, JudiKins Diamond Glaze

Tres Jolie Kit Club-August 2020 Mixed Media Kit-Pen/Pencil/Paintbrush Holders

Hey, all! Welcome back to the my blog!

Today I’m bring you my third mixed media project of the month for the Tres Jolie Kit Club using items from this month’s Mixed Media kit. I decided to add a bit of decoration to my craft room by turning two cans into pen-pencil-paintbrush holders.


My new paintbrush holders went together quickly and easily; most of the time I spent on these was dry time! Check out my video below to see how I did it all.




I, carefully, glued the mould pieces to my cans immediately after forming them (using some E6000) to make sure they were molded to the curve of the can.


I grabbed up some crackle paint (from a previous Tres Jolie kit) and gave everything a nice coating. I didn’t add mould pieces all the way around my cans because, in my case, they are going to be against a wall, so I didn’t think it was necessary, but you can decorate your cans however works best for your style!


I sprayed the three Distress Oxide Sprays on the cans, and after they were dry I used some Krylon Workable Fixatif before adding the Liquid Acrylic Paint and using the Lindy’s Magical Powder on the mould pieces.

As I mentioned in the video, I did a final seal on my cans using some Mod Podge Matte Acrylic Sealer, and I have since ran my cans under water and “scrubbed” them with my hands. I am happy to report that nothing came off!

I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you an idea of what can be done with items from this month’s Mixed Media kit! Stay Crafty, friends!

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August 2020 Mixed Media Kit:

Mixed Media kit

In addition to items from this months mixed media kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Creative Paperclay, Prima Heavy White Gesso, *DecoArt Media Crackle Paint – White, Prima/Finnabair Liquid Acrylic “Burnt Sienna,” Krylon Workable Fixatif, Mod Podge Matte Acrylic Sealer

Shown in video, but not used: Amazing Cast Resin, Mod Podge Gloss Acrylic Sealer

Fairy Moonlight – July 2020 Mixed Media Place Challenge

Hey, all! Welcome back to my little corner!

Today I’m bringing you a little piece I did for the July 2020 Challenge over at the Mixed Media Place blog.


Looking at the moodboard for this month I was immediately drawn to the mushrooms. I absolutely adore mushrooms in art. In food, I can tolerate them (except those white “button” mushrooms, Ewww), but in art I absolutely love them! In addition to the mushrooms, all the colors kept making me think of sunsets and the dusk of early evening. Check out my process video, which can be found under the Mixed Media Place Moodboard!


Mixed Media Place Moodboard

Process Video:


I have quite a few mediums making up my background; a couple of Jacquard Paints topped with three different Distress Oxide Sprays. For my moon and stars, I used two Prima/Finnabair paints, one of which is “Unicorn’s Hair,” which was also used for my splatter!


I really loved the idea of just having a fairy silhouette looking at the night sky, so I grabbed up my Creative Embellishments chipboard, added some black gesso, but by the end, I decided to add a coat of “Charcoal Black” Matte Wax.


I used “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Paint to give some shadowy depth behind the mushrooms.


To add a little extra to the moon and stars I lightly brushed on some “White Gold” Metallique Wax, and to give a little extra shine to the mushroom caps I added some “Heather Hills” wax on the front curves (if that makes sense!)


Thank you for joining me here at my little corner! I hope you enjoyed this project and I hope you’ll visit me again soon!

Stay Crafty,


Creative Embellishments “Mega Fairy Chipboard Pack In Black,” Prima/Finnabair Sparks “Unicorn’s Hair,” Opal Magic “Yellow-Blue,” Liquid Acrylic “Burnt Sienna,” “Stars & Moons” Mould, Matte Wax “Charcoal Black,” Metallique Wax Cire Cera “White Gold” & “Heather Hills,” Lindy’s Gang Moon Shadow Mist “Gossamer Gold” & Starburst Squirts “Polite People Purple,” Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Paint “Antique Linen,” “Ground Espresso” & “Wilted Violet,” Distress Oxide Spray “Fossilized Amber,” “Worn Lipstick” & “Wilted Violet,” Jacquard Lumiere “Halo Pink Gold” & “Halo Violet Gold,” Floral Garden “Floral Moss,” Decorative Pebbles & Sand, Little Birdie Black Gesso, Creative Paperclay, Amazing Cast Resin, Liquitex Super Heavy Gel, TCW Gloss Gel Medium, Krylon Workable Fixatif, scrap piece of MDF (it was used as protection/packing material for something else I ordered)

Tres Jolie Kit Club-August 2020 Mixed Media Kit-*Follow Along With Us*

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

Today I’m bringing you my “Follow Along With Us” project for the month using the Tres Jolie Kit Club’s August Mixed Media Kit. Now, I’m not going to lie, this project fought back! This was just one of those times that I was having problems getting my hands to do what my brain was picturing. As you’ll discover in the video, in the end, I had to do a voice-over to explain what I did, but I’m rather pleased with the end result!


The stems are actually a rather happy accident. I didn’t originally plan for them to be “broken,” but when they came apart I realized I rather liked the look. Now, as I’ll also note in the video, I would paint the “Bayou Boogie Gold” Magical Powder on my mushrooms and stems before adding them to the canvas. If you do (and don’t add the “Antique Linen” first) they will match the flowers. If you do it the same way I did in the video then your mushrooms will look like mine here. When I was working on it I hadn’t planned to have them gold originally, but after I got them glued down I decided to make them pop off the canvas more! (Have I mentioned this project just wanted to fight me every step of the way? LOL!)

Check out my video and follow along!


You don’t need a mould to use modeling material! I formed my stems and mushrooms by hand! I didn’t try to make them the same or perfect, I just played around with the modeling material until I liked what I made. (Which isn’t in the video due to this project fighting me the whole time! If I remember correctly, I thought my camera was running, but I was mistaken. Sorry!!)


At some point in time, although I can’t say when exactly after everything this project put me through, I decided to cluster all the flowers from the mould together where the mushroom stems intersected!

Even though the acrylic sealer had an effect on the Oxide Spray, I can tell you that had not happened to me before, so I am thinking I should have set it aside longer to dry. I’m not disappointed, just surprised. And sometimes surprises work out!

I hope you enjoyed this project and that it gave you an idea or two about how to use the items found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie! Thank you for joining us and I’ll see you again soon!

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August 2020 Mixed Media Kit

Mixed Media kit

In addition to items from this month’s mixed media kit (from previous Tres Jolie kits), I used:

*Little Birdie Black Gesso, Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, Mod Podge Matte Acrylic Sealer

July 2020 ReneaBouquets Paintbrush Swap

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

Today I’m bringing you an altered paintbrush I made for the July 2020 ReneaBouquets Facebook Swap! My swap partner, Monica, has received it, so it’s safe to post now.


Below you’ll find a super quick process video of how it all came together. Most of my time was spent waiting for the glue to dry and working that texture paste on until it was right!


Here are a few close-ups:

DSC_0005-WM DSC_0004-WM

Those large stones are some decorative stones I picked up from Dollar Tree quite a few months ago, and I decided now was a good time to put them to use! The white texture pebbles are Brea Reese, and the gold ones are from ReneaBouquets.

DSC_0003-WM DSC_0002-WM

Those beautiful butterflies, fantastic flowers, and sweet fairy are all from ReneaBouquets. Renea’s watercolor butterflies are some of my favorites from her, the fairy Bell is my personal favorite of all her beautiful fairies, and I could never choose a favorite flower set!

DSC_0007-WM DSC_0006-WM

Thank you for joining me here in my little corner, I hope you enjoyed this project and had a chance to check out the quick video that goes along with it!


ReneaBouquets Gold Glass Microbeads, Printed Beautiful Board Small Vintage Fairy Bell Laser Cut Chipboard, the flowers were Limited Edition, I believe, and I don’t know the name, & Magical Miniatures Watercolor Spun Sugar Double Side Printed Butterflies, Prima/Finnabair Heavy White Gesso and Rust Effect Pastes – Purple, Turquoise, & Powder Blue, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Brea Reese Texture Pebbles, Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, Dollar Tree Glass Decorative Stones, 4in paintbrush

Fairy Mirror

A little decorative mirror I put together for the July 2019 Mixed Media Place Challenge.

For this project I was inspired by the colors found on the July, Mixed Media Place, mood board, most specifically the yellows, reds, and seafoam green. Especially since the green on the ReneaBouquets Fairy “Belle” was a fantastic match!

Below the mood board you’ll find a process video, some close up photos, and a product list.

Process Video:


And, because she happened to come along, Lucy (Great Dane) is helping to demonstrate how well the mirror works!


  • ReneaBouquets
  • Beautiful Board
  • Fairy Belle (Small)
  • Mulberry Paper Roses
    • Yellow & White Curly Roses
  • Double Sided Print, Premium Paper Butterflies
    • Salted Caramel
  • Dusty Attic
    • Chipboard Flourish (I don’t know which one)
  • 49 & Market
    • Blossom Blends
    • Aloe
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Wax Cire Cera
    • Firebird
  • Rust Effect Paste
    • Cream
    • Moss
    • Cool Grey
  • Flowers
    • A Victorian Christmas
    • Item #583507
  • Ranger
    • Tim Holtz
    • Distress Paint
    • Ground Espresso
    • Black Soot
  • Liquitex
    • Matte Super Heavy Gel
  • Daler Rowney
    • White Gesso
  • JudiKins
    • Diamond Glaze
  • Unknown/Unbranded
    • Mirror (I bought it at Dollar Tree)
    • Cabochons

    You can, let go (a mixed media tag)

    You can, let go
    Process Video:
    ReneaBouqeut Beautiful Board filled with ReneaBouquet micro glass beads.

    Beautiful handmade roses by ReneaBouquets!

    JudiKins Diamond Glaze works great for this because is thin and dries fast!
    I’ve had these unbranded glass beads for a while, and they have almost made it to a few previous projects, but today I finally got to use them and not just put them back away! (They are a little bigger than the micro beads from ReneaBouquets)


    • ReneaBouquets
    • Glass Microbeads
    • Champagne
    • Gold
    • Teal
    • Purple
  • Beautiful Board
    • Small Lacy The Moon Fairy (gifted to me by Mary Jane in the May RB swap!)
    • Beautiful Bits
    • Star
  • Mulberry Paper Roses
    • Mini Chocolate Covered Caramel
  • Creative Embellishments
    • Flourish 15
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Opal Magic Acrylic Paint
    • Rose-Gold
  • Wax Cire Cera
    • Electric Violet
  • Sentiments Stickers
  • Julie Nutting
    • Tag Pad
  • Prima Flowers
    • Prima Handmade
    • Candy Gems Melon (Item #549381)
    • Item #634483
  • Watercolors
    • Tropical
    • Ranger
      • Tim Holtz
      • Distress Oxide
      • Peacock Feathers
    • Distress Spray Stain
      • Wilted Violet
    • Distress Paint
      • Wilted Violet
    • Mini Blending Tool
    • Perfect Pearls
      • Blue Patina
      • Heirloom Gold
    • Tonic
      • Tim Holtz 
      • Paper Distresser
    • Jacquard
      • Lumiere
      • Halo Violet Gold
    • PearlEx
      • Reflex Violet
      • Misty Lavender
    • DMC Embroidery Floss
      • Precious Metal Effects
      • E3821
    • JudiKins
      • Diamond Glaze
    • Liquitex
      • Matte Super Heavy Gel
    • Unknown/Unbranded
      • Clear Glass Beads
      • “Stone Path” Die
      • Gold Sewing Machine Thread

      Water Fairy

      I love water lily’s, I think they are so beautiful floating out on a pond, so I was, of course, immediately drawn to, and inspired by, the water lily in the Mixed Media Place’s May Mood Board
      I just couldn’t help myself! I have a pond on my property, but I have yet to get the water lily’s I want for it, so I decided to make one! (I think the husband worries they will interfere with fishing too much!)
      The May Mood Board for Mixed Media Place’s May Challenge.

      Process Video:

      The flower is from the Silhouette Design Store, but I found the artist’s assembly instructions here: JMRush: Water Lily Votive Candle (Flameless) Assembly


      Texture Pebbles sprayed with Dylusion’s and RenaBouquet’s Glass Beads! (The glue wasn’t all the way dry!)

      The tea light is turned on in this photo, but it’s also the middle of the day in a well lit room!

      A closer look at ReneaBouquet’s beautiful dragonfly!


      • ReneaBouquets
      • Glass Beautiful Beads
      • Pink
    • Dragonfly
      • Teal Jewelry Premium Paper
    • Silhouette
      • Cameo 3
      • Autoblade
      • Premium Blade
      • Design Store
      • Design “3D Water Lily” (#135617)
      • Design “Water Lily Votive Candle (Flameless)” (#136055)
    • Ranger
      • Tim Holtz
      • Distress Crackle Paint
      • Clear Rock Candy
    • Dylusions
      • Shimmer Spray
      • Polished Jade
    • Prima
      • Finnabair
      • Wax Cire Cera
      • Mint Sparkle
      • Sweet Rose
    • Bazzill
      • Turquoise Mist
      • Robin’s Egg
    • Brea Reese
      • Texture Pebbles
    • Fairy Garden Figurines
      • Fairy Crossing
    • JudiKins
      • Diamond Glaze
    • Art Glitter Adhesive
    • Unknown/Unbranded
      • Pink Cardstock
      • Tealight
    • Other
      • Fairy Best Wishes (Etsy Store)
      • Fairy Figurine
    • Pink (“Avon”) Shopping Bag!
    • Dream (Altered Artist Palette)

      “Dream” – Altered Artists Palette – May Creative Embellishments Mood Board Challenge!

      I had always wanted to do an altered palette, and when it showed up in the May Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie I was overjoyed!! And, it just so happened that the paints included with the kit word perfectly with the Creative Embellishments Challenge this month!

      The mood board for the Creative Embellishments May Challenge!

      I rubbed some Prima/Finnabair Metallique Waxes on the fairies from Creative Embellishments.
      I found “Dream” at my local Dollar Tree, and it was mirrored. First I sprayed it with some Krylon Original Primer, then I added the Pink-o do Mayo and Halo Pink Gold paint (drying between colors!!) and soaked them in water so the colors could pool together however they wanted!
      Add caption


      • [From the] Tres Jolie May 2019 Mixed Media Kit
      • Studio 71
      • Traditional Wooden Palette Set
    • Prima
      • Archival Cast
      • Flora
    • Texture Paste
      • White Sand
    • Flowers
      • Sunrise Sunset Collection
      • Item # 565169
    • Jacquard
      • Lumiere
      • Halo Violet Gold
      • Halo Blue Gold
      • Halo Pink Gold
    • Creative Embellishments
      • Mega Pack Fairies In Black Chipboard
    • Shimmerz Paints
      • Pink-o de Mayo
      • Anchors Away
      • Butter Cream
    • American Crafts
      • Vicki Boutin
      • CreativeFX
      • Iridescent Glaze
    • Prima
      • Finnabair
      • Stars & Moons Mould
      • Heavy Body Gel
      • Wax Cire Cera
      • Firebird
      • Sweet Rose
      • Old Demin
    • Unknown
      • “Dream” (I kinda threw the package away, but I found it at Dollar Tree.)