Tres Jolie Kit Club–Tag Flip-March 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Hey, y’all!

Welcome to March and new projects using Tres Jolie Kits! Did you get a chance to check out the reveal yesterday? All of March’s Kits are as fabulous as ever! Make sure to swing by the Tres Jolie shop and pick yourself up a kit or three!

For my first March project, I used the Graphic 45 ATC Tag booklet/album … thingy … and the Stamperia “Garden of Promises” papers and chipboard to create a little motivational and/or photo flip-book.

Make sure you check out the video to catch my thought process and see how I put this all together!


mar23-tagFlip-17 mar23-tagFlip-15

I know Graphic 45 has dies that are made to work with their (larger) tags, I’m not sure if there is an ATC Tag one, and even if there is, it wouldn’t have worked for everything I wanted to do! My solution was simple though – I just used some clear plastic packaging, traced two tag shapes on it (side-by-side), and rough-cut it out! Why did I trace two side-by-side? So I would be able to make a few backgrounds with little flip-outs! Then all I had to do is use it to create all of my backgrounds.


Not all of my backgrounds are solid pieces, after I had cut into a few of the patterned papers, I decided to straighten up a few edges, grabbed a partial piece of an adhesive sheet I had left from a previous project added some scraps strips of printer paper, peeled the backing off, and started laying down all the various left-over strips and squares! I don’t like having a lot of little pieces laying about and I like the feeling of using up as much as I can, so paper piecing is my go-to move!

mar23-tagFlip-16 mar23-tagFlip-14

I was never concerned about having perfectly straight, neat, and tidy edges because I had planned from the beginning to distress and ink them all – which is exactly what I did! I just used my scissors to distress all of the edges – including inside the ring hole – and used the “Pale Brown” Fluid Chalk Ink for a bit of color.

After I had my bases distressed, inked, and (mostly!!) ready to go, I started the sewing process. I picked one background to stitch directly to the tag, then on the background for the flip-side, I added the stitching first, then glued it to the tag. I decided to do my stitching this way so both sides of the tag would have the top stitching showing. It doesn’t really matter as far as the stitches are concerned, but the side of the paper the needle goes through tends to be a bit rough.

mar23-tagFlip-11 mar23-tagFlip-10 mar23-tagFlip-05

As seen in the photos above, six of my tags have flaps that flip out. Of those six, four were created using a single piece I made using my template (double-width, and scored), and for the other two, I decided to make the flaps separate just because I wanted a little more control over what image was showing and which way the flap was going to flip!

I don’t like leaving folds without some kind of reinforcement when they are in a project that is interactive, and these ATC Tags were no exception – so I just added some of the seam binding from the kit to the insides of all the folds and stitched along each side.

mar23-tagFlip-13 mar23-tagFlip-12 mar23-tagFlip-07

I really loved all of the quotes and phrases found throughout the patterned papers, and I wanted to incorporate them in a variety of ways. One was I did was to use the three bookmark-looking rectangles and create some fold-down, interactive elements – mostly because the paper strips were approximately 4” long, and I didn’t want it dangling out of the bottom!

Again, I had to reinforce all of my bends, except this time I used some linen hinging tape instead of the seam binding. Not for any particular reason beyond that it was a 9” piece I had “misplaced” during a previous project, and since I finally found it, I wanted to use it up! My linen hinging tape, however, is 1-1/4” wide – about 1/4” wider than the stripes – so I trimmed off the excess before attaching it to the backs of my pull-downs.

I added stitching to the sections that were attached to the background and added the three blue chipboard butterflies to use as “handles” (One apparently got edited out from the middle photo above without me noticing! Oops!)

mar23-tagFlip-09 mar23-tagFlip-08 mar23-tagFlip-20

What did I do with a 1/4” wide, 9” strip of linen hinging tape? I cut a couple of pieces off and used them to reinforce the folds on the two fold-out pieces I added using more bits from the cut-apart sheet! And, just like with the pull-down stripes, I stitched the back of the fold-out piece to the background.

mar23-tagFlip-06 mar23-tagFlip-04

I wanted to use some eyelets that I’ve owned for far, far too long, so I grabbed up a few and added them to the pre-punched holes on four of the chipboard pieces, then glued the chipboard where I wanted it. I didn’t use the eyelets to attach the chipboard to the background paper or tags, just because I didn’t! No real reason beyond that there wasn’t a real need to!

On the tag that has the large chipboard flower cluster, I didn’t use any glue, I just stitched it along one edge and the bottom so it could work as a tuck spot.

mar23-tagFlip-03 mar23-tagFlip-01

Thank you for joining me here today on the blog! I hope you enjoyed this little project and it gave you some ideas of what you can do using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!

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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit, I used:

UHU Stic, Art Glitter Glue, adhesive sheet, double-sided tape, eyelets, We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile, LineCo Linen Hinging Tape, ivory/cream-ish thread

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Tag Flip!-June 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! I have my last project using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club for you today, a little, zipper-closed, tag flip book that is just perfect for jotting down notes to yourself – things you want to remember – ephemera you may want to tuck away, or just a little place to doodle in. This project is completely customizable – you can use whatever materials and colors you want. And the best part? It doesn’t even have to make sense to anybody else! It’s all you!


I had quite a pile of tags already die-cut from my previous two Cards Kit projects this month that my original thought was to make a tag flip booklet that went on a book ring, but then I started laying out all my tags, and realized that what I really wanted to do was make something a little more interactive – and this was the result! Check out the video to see how I put it all together.


tagFlip-jun22ctm-01 tagFlip-jun22ctm-02

I still had a lot of die cuts left from my Memory Dex Cards, so I added them to this project. Both the butterfly on the front cover and the flower on the back were cut out of the leftover handmade paper I had from my Junk Journal project that was posted on the 9th. I added some of the Eyelet Outlet Jewels to my butterfly body and popped on a few of the Prima flowers. You can see the random, wayward stitching that I used for my zipper, who knows what kind of stitching I would have used if I had thought about a zipper closure before putting everything together!


Want to add a bit of personalization to your cover material? For me, a paint pen was the way to go! A regular pen, or even a gel pen, wouldn’t work so well on this rough burlap, a marker would probably work some, but I think a paint pen was best because I can make dots just by holding the nib down and letting the paint pool.

tagFlip-jun22ctm-07 tagFlip-jun22ctm-05

I just grabbed up some washi tape I’ve had for years with quotes on it and ran it across all the back tags, then ran some silver dot washi across the top of the left side of the booklet, and the bottom of the right side to fill in a little more and give some shine. I added brads to my tag holes – mostly to use them up – and added random stitching on my KaiserCraft white cardstock tabs to give them some color.


I had these little metal flips in my stash and decided to add them in with some silver brads to hold little stacks of the rest of the tags that weren’t sewn in as part of the booklet. You can also see that for some more personalization, I colored in the outer edge of my tab with a gel pen. No rhyme or reason, just grabbing up a pen that I felt like using at the moment! Having an assortment of pens comes in handy because it can also be a way to express the mood you’re feeling when adding to your booklet.

tagFlip-jun22ctm-11 tagFlip-jun22ctm-06

When it came time to put my third Cards Kit project of the month together, I found myself staring at tags and die-cuts I had already made on leftover handmade paper, and the beginning of an idea to do something that opened in more than one direction. I just started laying tags out, trying to build the “direction” of everything in my mind as I went, so I didn’t just make a booklet that had “pages” that turned from right-to-left. I cut off bits of the burlap and canvas to make flip-up, flip-downs, and flip-outs. When I ran my washi across, I wrapped it around the tags that were “pages” (not the ones made to flip up or down). I didn’t want to stamp on all of my tags, and I didn’t want to cover the whole surface – there needed to be someplace to write – so I left some of the tags bare and added in the rest of the tags I had cut.

tagFlip-jun22ctm-10 tagFlip-jun22ctm-09

With some of the smaller die cuts – either solid shapes or outlines/frames – that were from the KaiserCraft white cardstock, I added some of the silver polka-dot washi tape and some stitching around the edges. If it was just an outline, I folded the tape in half so it would stick to itself, and used it as the center of the die-cut, which was also folded in half.


As you can see, there are loads of places to write little notes or tuck in bits of ephemera you want to keep!

Thank you for joining me here in my little corner, I hope you enjoyed this little tag flip booklet and it gave you some ideas for making your own personalized little booklet.

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to the items from this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Some items (non-Tres Jolie) contain an affiliate link where I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

*49 & Market “Cream” Burlap Ribbon; Canvas Corp Canvas Fringe; Hazel & Ruby Fat Roll “Quote Me;” Scotch Silver Polka Dot Washi Tape; Aleene’s Tacky Glue; JudiKins Diamond Glaze; paperclips; brads; metal tabs; handmade paper; thread