Believe (Mixed Media Project)

My project “Believe” created for the August Challenge over at the Mixed Media Place blog.

Maybe it’s the fact that I feel like summer is never going to end where I live, but the second and third photo on the top row of the Mixed Media Place mood board, at first glance, looked like ice on the foliage. I’m not exactly a person who likes being cold, and I live in a southern state, but I’ve had it with summer this year! It’s the middle of September and we are still hitting the mid-90s! Which, according to the weather last night, is a full ten degrees above average! Too, too much I tell ya!

Beside the thought of ice, I really loved the colors in general on the mood board! It’s filled with most of my favorites! But once I had blue + white + ICE!! on my mind, I had to go with it! Below the mood board you will find a process video, some more photos, and a full product list.

Process Video:

Close-up Photos:


  • AB Studio
  • Chipboard Background 30×30 (centimeters) ID-4
  • Creative Embellishments
    • Holly and Berry Flourish
  • Shimmerz
    • Vibez
    • Frost Bite
    • Snow Way Man
  • DecoArt
    • Weathered Wood
    • Crackle Medium
  • Ranger
    • Tim Holtz
    • Distress Crackle Paint
    • Clear Rock Candy
  • Distress Glitter
    • Clear Rock Candy
  • Embossing Powder
    • Blue
    • Snowflake Tinsel
  • Simon Says Stamp
    • Embossing and Watermark Ink
    • Clear
  • Krylon
    • Workable Fixatif
  • Liquitex
    • Gloss Gel
  • Unknown
    • All the artificial foliage. I bought it at JoAnn’s … last year.

    Fairy Mirror

    A little decorative mirror I put together for the July 2019 Mixed Media Place Challenge.

    For this project I was inspired by the colors found on the July, Mixed Media Place, mood board, most specifically the yellows, reds, and seafoam green. Especially since the green on the ReneaBouquets Fairy “Belle” was a fantastic match!

    Below the mood board you’ll find a process video, some close up photos, and a product list.

    Process Video:


    And, because she happened to come along, Lucy (Great Dane) is helping to demonstrate how well the mirror works!


    • ReneaBouquets
    • Beautiful Board
    • Fairy Belle (Small)
  • Mulberry Paper Roses
    • Yellow & White Curly Roses
  • Double Sided Print, Premium Paper Butterflies
    • Salted Caramel
  • Dusty Attic
    • Chipboard Flourish (I don’t know which one)
  • 49 & Market
    • Blossom Blends
    • Aloe
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Wax Cire Cera
    • Firebird
  • Rust Effect Paste
    • Cream
    • Moss
    • Cool Grey
  • Flowers
    • A Victorian Christmas
    • Item #583507
  • Ranger
    • Tim Holtz
    • Distress Paint
    • Ground Espresso
    • Black Soot
  • Liquitex
    • Matte Super Heavy Gel
  • Daler Rowney
    • White Gesso
  • JudiKins
    • Diamond Glaze
  • Unknown/Unbranded
    • Mirror (I bought it at Dollar Tree)
    • Cabochons

    Forest Key (a Mixed Media ATC)


     I don’t know if I should say I created these for the June Mixed Media Place challenge, but will be swapping them, or if it would be more accurate to say the June Mixed Media Place challenge helped me put together these ATCs for the “Favorite Product and/or Technique” category of the swap over at! They both helped each other along in the end!

    I love the mood board this month over at Mixed Media Place. The wonderful colors of the forest really spoke to me! I’m also participating in the ATC swap over at, hosted by Marci (you can find her here and here), and was still “needing” to make my “Favorite Product and/or Technique” batch! I have a little of both on these cards! I love, love, LOVE Finnabair’s products by Prima, and I adore using her waxes, but I also love mica powders (in this case I used Lindy’s Magical Shakers), and Tim Holtz was my first designer love (I’ve been collecting Tim Holtz since shortly after I first started scrapbooking!).

    (Below you can find a process video, more photos, & a product list.)

    The Mixed Media Place June Mood Board for the June challenge.

    Process Video:

    I think one of my favorite things about ATCs is they help me use up scraps & partial packages, plus I find them to be very freeing, even I can only fit so much on a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ surface!
    With these ATCs I didn’t cut into any new cardstock or open any new packages! In fact I finished off one of the Prima packages & the Little Birdie package in addition to getting rid of a teeny tiny bit of my vast scrap collection! (Okay, maybe not vast…it could be worse I suppose!)
    Also, to make projects go faster, when I have some spare time I will make up batches of pieces from my various moulds. I can’t say I have an absolute preference of which resin to use, both of the ones used to make these keys have a purpose. Amazing Cast Resin sets up F.A.S.T!! And I mean you better have a plan of action and work in small batches! This is great when I don’t have the time to wait for the Art ‘N Glow resin to set. However, I love the Art ‘N Glow because it mixes up thinner, and I have a work time of 45 minutes! The thinner is great for the smaller moulds I have, and the longer time is better because I can pour slow and sure! (It does, however, have a 24 hour cure time.)
    **Note: I’d wear gloves. The Amazing Cast Resin gets real hot, real fast (it’s best not to ask why I know this so well!). Gloves will help you peel that off quick! The Art ‘N Glow is just practically impossible to wash off with soap and water. It’s very sticky! (Again, don’t ask! LOL)


    • Lindy’s
    • Magical Shaker
    • Grab A Guy Gold
    • Bratwurst Brown
    • Cathedral Pines Green
  • Prima
    • “Keys” Mould
    • Candy Gems
    • Melon
  • Cinderella Collection
    • Cypress
  • Finnabair
    • Opal Magic Paint
    • Violet-Green
    • Green-Gold
  • Sparks Paint
    • Fairy Wings
  • Metallique Wax
    • Bronze Age
  • Wax Cire Cera
    • Firebird
  • Little Birdie
    • Rosalind Pearl Pink
  • Sizzix
    • Big Shot Pro
    • Tim Holtz
    • Thinlits
    • Detailed Butterflies, Mini
  • Liquitex
    • Matte Super Heavy Gel
  • Fibre Craft
    • Painted Stem Wire
  • Art Glitter Glue
  • Amazing Cast Resin (White)
  • Art N Glow Casting & Coating Epoxy Resin (Clear)
  • Scraps
    • All paper/cardstock

    Water Fairy

    I love water lily’s, I think they are so beautiful floating out on a pond, so I was, of course, immediately drawn to, and inspired by, the water lily in the Mixed Media Place’s May Mood Board
    I just couldn’t help myself! I have a pond on my property, but I have yet to get the water lily’s I want for it, so I decided to make one! (I think the husband worries they will interfere with fishing too much!)
    The May Mood Board for Mixed Media Place’s May Challenge.

    Process Video:

    The flower is from the Silhouette Design Store, but I found the artist’s assembly instructions here: JMRush: Water Lily Votive Candle (Flameless) Assembly


    Texture Pebbles sprayed with Dylusion’s and RenaBouquet’s Glass Beads! (The glue wasn’t all the way dry!)

    The tea light is turned on in this photo, but it’s also the middle of the day in a well lit room!

    A closer look at ReneaBouquet’s beautiful dragonfly!


    • ReneaBouquets
    • Glass Beautiful Beads
    • Pink
  • Dragonfly
    • Teal Jewelry Premium Paper
  • Silhouette
    • Cameo 3
    • Autoblade
    • Premium Blade
    • Design Store
    • Design “3D Water Lily” (#135617)
    • Design “Water Lily Votive Candle (Flameless)” (#136055)
  • Ranger
    • Tim Holtz
    • Distress Crackle Paint
    • Clear Rock Candy
  • Dylusions
    • Shimmer Spray
    • Polished Jade
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Wax Cire Cera
    • Mint Sparkle
    • Sweet Rose
  • Bazzill
    • Turquoise Mist
    • Robin’s Egg
  • Brea Reese
    • Texture Pebbles
  • Fairy Garden Figurines
    • Fairy Crossing
  • JudiKins
    • Diamond Glaze
  • Art Glitter Adhesive
  • Unknown/Unbranded
    • Pink Cardstock
    • Tealight
  • Other
    • Fairy Best Wishes (Etsy Store)
    • Fairy Figurine
  • Pink (“Avon”) Shopping Bag!
  • Imagine (4"x12" Canvas)

    “Imagine” created for the Mixed Media Place April (2019) Challenge!

    I LOVED the colors of the mood board this month, and I’m not even the biggest fan of pinks! Besides the colors, the mushroom put me in a fantasy mindset, when for me equals fairies!!

    I don’t have a lot of rhyme or reason with this canvas, and originally I had hoped to recreate the mushroom…somehow…but as it so often happens, the project took on a life of it’s own! The pink tree is actually a photo I took, ran through Photoshop, printed on regular paper, and transferred! It didn’t transfer quite how I had planned, so I had to get “creative” with the Shimmerz paste! 😂

    The fairy was black chipboard, but I used some white gesso before painting it with the Pink-Blue Opal Magic and adding a T-H-I-N coat of the Peacock Metallique Wax!


    • ReneaBouquets
    • Glass Beautiful Beads – Teal
    • Mulberry Paper 
    • Leaves
    • Dark Pink Roses & Leaves
  • Creative Embellishments
    • Mega Pack Fairies In Black
  • Shimmerz
    • Dazzlerz
    • Foiled Again
  • Studio 71
    • 4 in x 12 in Canvas
  • Prima
    • Sunrise Sunset Collection
    • Item # 565190 (Silver Flowers)
  • Finnabair
    • Heavy Body Gel
    • Metallique Wax
    • Peacock
  • Metallique Paint
    • White Pearl
  • Opal Magic Paint
    • Aqua-Rose
    • Pink-Blue
  • Ranger
    • Big Emboss It
    • Embossing Powder
    • White
  • Ruby Rock It
    • Fynmark
    • Wood Veneers
  • JudiKins
    • Diamond Glaze


    “Transition” – My entry to the February Mixed Media Place Challenge
    When I first saw the challenge board for the February Mixed Media Place Challenge I was immediately drawn to the mushroom. I don’t know why, but I love mushrooms…artistically. For food I can tolerate them to an extent. A very small extent! (except the white ‘button’ mushrooms, those are just a big ol’ NO!). Okay, that’s all besides the point, so back to my canvas.
    I loved the color of the mushroom, and I am so over winter that I had no desire to do a winter themed project, but I also love the sepia of the top left photo, the close up of the water drop (I think that’s what it is) in the top center photo, and the color of the leaves of the top right photo. The mushroom and the three top photos were my main inspiration for my project. At first I had thought I would somehow use mushrooms, but after I did the paint pour I realized I needed something more. I don’t know how I came around to gears and rust paste, but it was something like this:
    “I like the sepia and gold leaves, they look old. Those leaves look metallic. Rust is old. I have rust pastes. I also have some gold wax…and some metal flowers…and I made a bunch of resin gears & butterflies to have on hand…”
    Basically, I think in run-on and/or incomplete sentences. The thoughts just go sometimes, and this time I went them!
    I added the cabochon’s because the white space needed something, but I didn’t need more color! (Plus, they are what I thought of with the top middle photo!)
    Mixed Media Place February Challenge Board (Feb. 19 – Mar. 19)


    • Creative Embellishments
    • Baby’s Breath Chipboard
  • Prima
    • Finnabair
    • Rust Effect Paste
    • Brown, Red, and Gold Rust
  • Metallique Wax
    • Vintage Gold
    • Peacock
  • Mould
    • Mechanica
  • Heavy Body Gel
  • Ranger
    • Dina Wakley
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Peacock
  • Cell Creator
  • Liquitex
    • Pouring Medium
  • Daler Rowney
    • Acrylic Colour
    • Mixing White
  • 7″x14″ Stretched Canvas
  • White Gesso
  • Master’s Touch
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Gold
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac
  • JudiKins Diamond Glaze
  • Art N Glow
    • Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin
  • Amazing Cast Resin
  • Unknown/Unbranded
    • Cabochons
    • Metal/Filigree Flowers

    Fairly Purple Shadow Box!

    I received the January Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie and was just in love with the shadow box! (Yes, part of the kit! Kim puts EXCELLENT kits together!! Tres Jolie has a monthly scrapbooking, mixed media, and card, tags, & more kit. No, I’m not reimbursed in any way to promote the kits, I’m a regular customer who happens to love the kits!)

    Anyhow…the kit also came with purple paint & purple flowers…(and other items)…
    Then I saw the January Mood Board Challenge at Mixed Media Place and I thought to myself, “Huh, that works!”

    Mixed Media Place January 2019 Mood Board

    After I primed the shadow box (Kilz spray primer because I didn’t want to use a paintbrush on chicken wire!) I put on a coat of DecoArt “Lavender” Acrylic Paint. After that was dry I applied a thin coat of Prima’s “Frozen Berries.” The chicken wire was sprayed with Ayeeda Mist “Patina Bronze”by 13 @rts. The doily is a Creative Embellishments doily that I used black gesso on then painted with Prima’s “Rustic Brown.”

    After all that it was just a matter of playing with placement until I thought it “looked right.” (All the products I used are listed at the bottom of this post.)

    All lit up!

     Here are some close ups:

    This darling little fairy, “Tessie B Darling,” can be found over at, as well as the butterflies and the (light) purple flowers.

    [From the] Tres Jolie Mixed Media Kit (January 2019)
    -DecoArt “Lavender” Acrylic Paint
    -Creative Embellishments “Doily”
    -Prima Flowers (Most of the White flowers)
    -Darice Flowers (Dark Purple)
    -Shadow Box

    -Printed Beautiful Board Fairy – “Tessie B Darling”
    -“Salted Caramel” Premium Paper Glitter Glass, Tiny Treasures Premium Paper Glitter Glass, and Magical Miniatures Double Side Printed Butterflies
    -Purple & White Roses & Leaves Mulberry Flowers
    -Mulberry Paper Leaves

    Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint
    -Rustic Brown
    -Frozen Berries

    Prima Heavy Bodied Gel

    Judi-Kins Diamond Glaze

    13 @rts
    -Ayeeda Mist: Patina Bronze

    Liquitex Black Gesso
    Kilz Spray Primer … because I didn’t want to try use a paintbrush on chicken wire! LOL
    Cinnamon Sticks (“generic” – from the grocery store)
    Unbranded light string