Tres Jolie Kit Club– “Dear Diary…” –February 2023 Kits

Hey, y’all! This week, I decided to make a lapbook with a removable journal/diary. I have tons of pockets and flips in my 2-inch thick lapbook, so there will always be someplace to stick little notes or ephemera in!

Make sure you check out my video to get an overview of what I did. It isn’t a full tutorial – because otherwise, it would be hours and hours long Open-mouthed smile – but I tried to give an overview for you to pick some ideas from.


Tres Jolie Mood Board

Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

I forgot to add this in the video – that’s a whole other issue! – but my lapbook idea did spring from this month’s mood board! I am not a particularly “frilly” type of person. I never have been – much to my mother’s dismay of not getting that delicate, sweet, “girly girl” who loves pink, ruffles, and such! (I tell her it was because of the trauma of the pink ruffle diaper pants she dressed me in! ROFL!!) (Disclaimer: I am also not delicate or sweet! Rolling on the floor laughing)

But I digress, well there is never likely to be an occasion where I will ever wear pink ruffles (again!), I don’t hate the entire concept and this month’s mood board – and Valentine’s Day – got me thinking about diaries, which led to journals, but I didn’t want to make a journal, so I made a lapbook!

feb23-lapbook-02 feb23-lapbook-04 feb23-lapbook-03

I will try to cover what is in the lapbook here on the blog, but I think the video will do a better job of showing a bit more of a “before and after” overview! A picture video is worth a thousand words!

I used some 3-inch bookbinding to put my cover together using two book covers from my stash that were the same height, and slightly different widths! This meant all I needed to do was cut some heavy chipboard down to the widths I wanted for my spines. My main spine is about 2-1/4 inches wide – because I found a cut of chipboard that width so all I had to do is cut it down to the correct height, plus, it went well with the two 1-inch chipboard strips I had laying around! Basically, I got rather lucky finding all of my main pieces ready – or almost ready – to go!

I just used the papers from the kit to cover all of my outside book surfaces and spines, as well as the inside spines. I stitched together some random fabrics I had in my stash and a bit of frilly pink ruffle “stuff” to create a tie closure, but I only attached it to the front cover so it could be moved out of the way when the book is laid down – and it is a handy “cushion” for the frame, flower, and butterfly cluster I added to the front of the lapbook!

feb23-lapbook-05 feb23-lapbook-06

I grabbed up some envelopes I’d been saving from junk mail, covered them with a wide variety of papers – some ledger paper, some rice paper – and if I needed to, I trimmed them down to fit within the covers. I personally love the look of things looking “pieced together” so I added stitching to the cut edges of the envelopes to seal them back up.

I used part of my old Kindle cover to create one of my flaps (the grey-bordered flap in the right photo above) which also led me to the belief that I needed to add windows everywhere! Well, everywhere on the inside! I used a variety of vellum and transparency pieces from my stash to cover my windows – some backed with patterned paper, some not – stitched them in place and started [trying] to work out how everything was going to fit together.

I also used the cover from a small book to create two inside flaps. I didn’t want to cover the original red cover on it, but I also needed to cover the raw edge where I had cut out the spine, so I used some homemade “vintage” tape!

feb23-lapbook-07 feb23-lapbook-22 feb23-lapbook-23

For the first [main] flap (if you think of the lapbook unfolded all the way, and going left to right), I have an envelope/triple pocket under a smaller decorative flap on the inside of the red book cover. Under the red book cover, I have three manila-type mini-folders stitched together, they flip out and reveal a large envelope with a gold foil acetate window, and finally, a large pocket with a tie closure.

feb23-lapbook-08 feb23-lapbook-09 feb23-lapbook-10

The next panel in the lapbook is where I added my old Kindle cover piece. I layered a piece of flower-shaped transparency, vellum, and a piece of patterned paper to the Kindle frame/window, then a second piece of patterned paper and an envelope/tuck spot combo on the back side. Under that Kindle cover, I have a small flap for decoration and a couple of my re-covered envelopes that fold up and flip out!

feb23-lapbook-11 feb23-lapbook-12

The two re-covered envelopes flip over and reveal a receipt folder that flips to the right, revealing a large pocket created from some homemade – very colorful – glassine and a piece of gold foil acetate.

feb23-lapbook-13 feb23-lapbook-17

I kept the third panel rather simple and “flat” so the journal would fit easily, and even have a little extra space for more pages to be added. I used an elastic headband to hold the journal in place, which also allows it to be removable. On the panel under the journal, I have a simple pocket covered by a large envelope that flips out.

feb23-lapbook-14 feb23-lapbook-15 feb23-lapbook-16

My journal is created from an old notebook folder that I altered a little, punched a couple of holes in for eyelets, and decorated with some rust-stained cheesecloth and sections from the 3Quarter papers. I didn’t stitch my pages to the cover, instead, I used a length of Prima Wire Thread to hold the pages in place and allow for them to be removed – and tucked away in one of the pockets!


Finally, to the final panel! This panel is made up of three envelopes that fold over each other and a tri-fold element on the underside of the red book cover. I didn’t add anything to the back of this panel, because I really just like the image on this section of the patterned paper!

feb23-lapbook-19 feb23-lapbook-20 feb23-lapbook-21

I hope you enjoyed this project and the video and/or this blog post gave you some ideas of how you can use the items found in this month’s Scrapbooking Kit, the cheesecloth from the Mixed Media Kit, and, I even have a strip of paper from the Cards, Tags, & More Kit in here!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to the items from this month’s Scrapbooking Kit, Mixed Media Kit, and Cards, Tags, & More Kit, I used (from previous Tres Jolie Kits):

Bazzill White Vellum 12×12, Cardstock Warehouse Translucent Vellum Natural 48lb, Studio Light Rice Paper RICEJMA15, AB Studio Rice Paper, Stamperia “Wonderland Unicorn” Rice Paper, Stamperia Rice Paper DFSA4376, Finnabair Art Daily “Wanderlust” Decorative Tape, Prima Brown Wire Thread, Tim Holtz Jute String, Tim Holtz “Pumice Stone” Distress Ink, Hampton Art White Flower Overlays, Recollections Kraft Envelopes, Recollections 2-1/2” Circle Punch, Fiskars 1” Squeeze Circle Punch, EK Tools Binding Edge Punch, EK Tools Round Binding Edge Punch, We R Memory Keepers Hole Reinforcer Punch, We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile II, Nicapa Cutting Mat, Silhouette Cameo 3, Fabrika Decoru Gold Foil Acetate Sheet, UHU Stic, Art Glitter Glue, Fabri-Tac, LineCo 1-1/4” Linen Hinging Tape, BookGard 3” Book Binding Tape (Black), Double Sided Tape, scraps of fabric and various papers from my stash

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Recipe Lapbook–July 2022 Mood Board + Scrapbooking Kit

Hey, y’all!

Ever have one of those projects that was filled with “technical difficulties” all the way through? That was me with this lapbook! My word of advice, if your sewing machine stops working at the beginning of a project, take it as a sign to stop and do a different project! I didn’t heed the warning sign, and while I waited for a replacement sewing machine I kept trying to work – but nothing went right after that! I went from being ahead of schedule with my July projects, to being barely able to finish on time; so a project that I didn’t think would take too long, took way too long!

It’s here though, I finally finished, and I have completed a Recipe Lapbook using this month’s Scrapbooking Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club for the July 2022 Mood Board.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-01

I tried to explain my process the best I could in my video; it did become rather difficult to work in an orderly fashion when I had to do what I could while waiting for my sewing machine. Hopefully the video makes some sense, or at least enough sense to give you some idea of what I’m attempting! It’s a rather long video – almost an hour, so you might want to watch it in sections! I couldn’t figure out a good place to split it apart and have it appear continuous since I was already fighting confusion!


Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

The mood board this month has some deep, beautiful, summery colors to it, and the papers in this month’s kit are the perfect compliment. And, of course, lemons = lemonade on a hot summer day, and an entire recipe lapbook to go with! Place your entries in the July 2022 challenge folder on Tres Jolie Kit Club Café Facebook page. This challenge ends July 31, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST. All entries must be in this folder to be eligible for the prize (to have everyone eligible to win, we are limiting the same winner to once every three months).

  • You can create any type of project for the challenge.
  • You MUST say what you were inspired by.
  • You MUST include the twist in your design – DAYS OF SUMMER
  • We would love to see you use at least one of Tres Jolie’s products on your projects but it isn’t required to play along.
  • It MUST be a new project.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-07 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-08 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-09

You saw the front cover of my lapbook at the beginning of this post, but I also wanted to show the other three sides of it. After more work than I had hoped, I was able to get the honeycomb chipboard from this month’s Mixed Media Kit to give some nice texture along the spine. If you haven’t seen the video yet, this spine is actually the second spine I made – because the first one wasn’t working; I just couldn’t get the honeycomb to show up. I finally got it to show by using some (metal) nuts that fit inside the chipboard and my iron to get the iron-on adhesive to melt together.

I originally planned on making a single flap for the closure, but the yellow stripe ended up being off center, and that would have drove me nuts! However, I actually like the final closure better, because I like the yellow being horizontal against the vertical of the lemon fabric and the “panels” of the closure area. I didn’t actually tack the fabric down, I used lots of glue, clipped the tacks down to where they would just enter the book cover, and added some 3D Matte Gel to help keep them in place.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-25 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-11

The main flap on the left side of the lapbook is an accordion folder made from a hanging file folder. I don’t have all of the specific measurements, because I made my folds where the score lines already were on the hanging folder, cut it to the height of my inside cover paper, and just eyeballed how wide I wanted it based on how it would look. However, I do know the sides were cut three inches wide and scored every 1/2-inch for the accordion folds.

On the back of my accordion folder I have a couple of book covers added in as flaps. The larger one is covered in some sari silk, and the smaller one has [what I think] is the last piece of that particular print. I have magnet closures for the smaller book covers, but I didn’t add any closure of the main, accordion folder, flip. Under the accordion folder, I have a double-pocket folder and three mini file folders I created just for this project using sheets of the Simple Stories paper from the kit.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-12 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-13 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-14

On the front of the larger cover with the sari silk, I added a hinged belly band. I have some 3/4-inch magnetic tape, and I laid a strip down on the cover and on the band. At the top of the band I added a couple of stronger magnets to make sure it would stay shut even with a few recipe cards in place. On the other side of the same cover, I added some homemade glassine (using a tracing paper + semi-gloss spray technique I learned from Nik the Booksmith!) to one of the frames, propped it up on some macramé cord, and turned it into a pocket. The magnetic closure for this flips under to close, and flips out of the way so the pocket is accessible.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-10

In the spine of the book cover I added a [new and unused!] headband so I could put a removable booklet in. It is a soft cover booklet – I layered the paper with some interface backed fabric – then I popped on the chipboard frame from the kit that I had embossed with a few different powders. After my frame was in place, I filled in the open areas with some Glossy Accents and/or Diamond Glaze, alcohol ink, and to really deepen the black on the bees, I used the “Black Hole Black” Lindy’s Magical Powder from this month’s Mixed Media Kit.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-02 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-06

I have two folders, filled with more folders/pockets in the booklet – one for main dishes and one for side dishes.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-03 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-04 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-05

I wanted to add in some charts, so I printed out a couple of different ones on tracing paper using a ledger paper I created as the background, then added my semi-gloss spray to create my “glassine.” I turned the 3-slot chipboard frame into a pocket with some vintage photos to give the “family history” feel.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-15 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-24 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-16

The right side of the lapbook features a large, fold-out panel with a little box folder on it. The box folder also folds out – it is held in place with some magnets & magnetic tape – to reveal a couple of folder pockets and a little coin pocket I made.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-17 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-18 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-19

When you flip open the large panel, you will find a little strap holding another book cover in place that has another chart on the front, and a couple of pockets on the back. I added another headband to the hinge of this cover, and created another little removable folder to slide into this space.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-20 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-21

This folder is a simple one, with just three pockets inside it and a pocket on the back to hold another piece of “glassine” with some helpful hints on it.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-22 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-23

On the back of that big flap I made, I have a couple of pockets for breakfast and lunch recipes, and some ephemera to add some decoration.

Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-26 Jul22-sb moodboard-lapbook-27

Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie, I hope you enjoyed this lapbook – even if I did have a few hiccups along the way! Hopefully I didn’t make the video too confusing and was able to explain what was going on clearly – even if it was “out of order” because of my sewing machine fiasco.

Stay Crafty, Friends … and remember, if something breaks at the beginning of a project, take it as a sign! Confused smile Rolling on the floor laughing

Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Scrapbooking Kit & the Tres Jolie Chipboard & Lindy’s “Black Hole Black” from the Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Some [non-Tres Jolie Kit] items contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Lawn Fawn “Sunflower” Ink Pad , Lindy’s Gang “Desert Moon Turquoise” Embossing Powder , Seth Apter “Rocky Road” Baked Texture , Seth Apter “Vintage Beeswax” Baked Texture , Ranger “Buttercup” Embossing Powder , Ranger “Watering Can” Embossing Powder , Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink “Patina” , Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink “Sunshine Yellow” , Dina Wakley “Lemon” Gloss Spray , Distress Embossing Glaze “Salvaged Patina” , Ranger Perfect Medium Pen/Marker , StazOn “Jet Black” , Hampton Art Block Alphabet Stamp Set , Tim Holtz Index Clips , Tim Holtz Hex Fasteners , Tim Holtz Plaquettes , Stripe Background Lemon Print Outdoor Fabric , Ingvild Bolme Tiny Junkyard Treasures “Vintage Trinkets” , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile , Crop-A-Dile II , Tab Punch , Hole Reinforcer Punch , Craft Knife , 3-Way Corner Punch , EK Tools Scoreboard , EK Tools “Round Binding Edge” Punch , Recollections 2-1/2” Circle Punch , Fiskars 1” Circle Squeeze Punch , Pellon Fusible Featherweight Interfacing , Heat n Bond Ultra Hold Iron On Adhesive , Heat n Bond Iron On Vinyl , 12”x12” Heavy Chipboard , old book cover , 2” book binding tape , 1” , 1/2” , 1/4” , 1/8” double-sided tape , 3/8” Scor-Pal Scor-Tape , Fabri-Tac , LineCo PVA , LineCo 1.25” Linen Hinging Tape , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , Ranger Glossy Accents , UHU stic , ScotchGard Fabric Protector , Wrights 1/2” “Charcoal” Seam Binding , Mainstays pillow case, blending brushes , Fray No More , black & white bakers twine, Dritz 7/16″ Brushed Nickle Decorative Nails , Basic Grey Large Magnetic Discs , Basic Grey Small Magnetic Discs , unbranded magnetic discs , Xyron 3/4” Magnetic Tape , hanging file folders , “manila” folders , black, white, & grey size 5 variegated thread , black sewing machine thread , Hy-Ko Aluminum Reflective Numbers , brads , eyelets , other fabric (yellow gingham, grey & white plaid, sari silk, aqua & white print), unused headbands , uxcell Silver Tone Metal Label Holders , Bead Landing Macramé 3mm Cotton Cord, Rust-oleum Semi-Gloss Clear