Tres Jolie Kit Club – Shabby (Vintage?) Fall – October 2022 Mood Board + Scrapbooking Kit

Hey, y’all! I just love the papers in this month’s Scrapbooking Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club! The mix of white with a touch of light grey is perfect for building or expanding on.

Now I know, if you’ve seen the mood board you may be wondering how I came to a pink and grey mixed media panel from a mood board filled with autumn colors and décor with a “Vintage Fall” twist (Shabby is a form of “vintage,” right? I’m not the only one that thinks that, am I?). Well, I’ll tell you – it all started with the sweater pillow – and I do have some leaves on here!


I will admit, I love the mix of white and grey – I adore Farm Chic décor – but I don’t usually lean towards pinks. In fact, there are probably people who know me that are very confused right now seeing this pink! However, contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate pink, I just won’t wear it (unless it’s socks!) or decorate with it. (Fun fact: I will put pink in “strange” areas – my phone cases, Kindle cover, wallet, etc.)

Check out my video to see what I did to get this project all put together:

This month’s mood board is filled with beautiful autumn colors and fabulous textures to inspire your project! Mood boards aren’t really meant to be “copied” – they are, as the name suggests, designed to invoke a mood in you. How do they make you feel? What parts catch your eye?

As I mentioned, I saw that cable knit pillow and then just ran with it! I just thought something like that would be a fabulous background. Truthfully, I didn’t even notice that the mood board had some pink flowers on it until after I had finished my panel!

Tres Jolie Mood Board
Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame
Make sure you join us for the October 2022 challenge! Place your entries in the October 2022 folder on the Tres Jolie Kit Club Café Facebook page before October 31st, 2022, 11:59 pm CST. All entries must be in this folder to be eligible for the prize (to have everyone eligible to win, we are limiting the same winner to once every 3 months).

For my panel, the first thing I did was get the paper I had picked out collaged down to the canvas using some Liquitex Matte Medium – although any collage medium would work such as Mod Podge, Distress Collage, etc. I didn’t trim my paper until after I had it glued down and it had a chance to dry. It is a little less stressful if I am not worrying about every edge being perfectly lined up!

Oct2022-MoodBoard-02 Oct2022-MoodBoard-10

After the matte medium dried and I cut down the edges, I started the stenciling process. I used my “Victorian Tiles” stencil first, with a mix of regular (Ranger Opaque Matte) texture paste, then came back through and added some areas of Distress Crackle Paste. I also grabbed up a leaf stencil and added it to a few areas between and on top of the previous stenciling. Then, and this might be the most important part for me, I let it all dry overnight! It is possible to use a heat gun on texture paste, even crackle paste, but allowing anything “crackle” to dry naturally has always given me the best results. Drying too quickly just doesn’t allow the crackle to crack as much. Then, the next morning, I came in with the leaf stencil again, lined it up on the previous stenciling, and added some extra crackle paste and some “Kitsch Flamingo” Embossing Glaze – then set the panel off to dry and crackle before coming in and melting the glaze.

To finish off preparing the base, I added the two skinnier ScrapBerry column pieces and little “bricks” along the top – cutting one of the columns in half (I used a pair of wire cutters, and with a little squeeze it snapped right apart!). I didn’t want my canvas perfectly symmetrical, so I used one of the halves and one of the bricks on the left, the other half, the whole piece, and the second brick on the right. Then, after the glue had set, I coated the entire background in clear gesso and set it off to dry while I started work on the flowers.

Oct2022-MoodBoard-11 Oct2022-MoodBoard-03

For my flowers, I started by gathering up some white roses and leaves from my stash and dismantling the pink flowers from the kit – separating the green parts from the pink. Then the prep work began!

I started by coating all my white flowers and leaves, along with the two long leafy pieces from the 49 & Market flower pack, with some white gesso. Then I grabbed up a sheet of the paper from the kit to cut out some extra leaves from one section, and I fussy cut a few of the larger pink flowers from the other side of the sheet (it is the second, matching sheet from the pack that I used for the background).


Now things were really about to get messy!

I coated all of the die-cut leaves in Distress Translucent Grit Paste – working carefully with the now wet paper – to crumple, uncrumple, and shape the leaves while placing them on my background where I planned on building up all the flower clusters. I also took this opportunity to add the Translucent paste to the fussy-cut flowers so I could shape them, add a layer of protection, and get them in place.

For all of my green pieces from the flower packs and the white roses and leaves from my stash, I made a mixture of white gesso and opaque matte texture paste to coat them in, placing the long leaf pieces from the 49 & Market pack on my background and setting the rest off to dry.

Oct2022-MoodBoard-04 Oct2022-MoodBoard-08

My next step was to get some extra color on all of my flowers and foliage!

For the fussy-cut flowers on the background, I used a combination of Tattered Rose Distress Oxide and my Kitsch Flamingo and Cocktail Party Distress Crayons – just using a water brush to add a bit of color and definition to the fussy-cut pieces.

Then, to add a bit more depth to the pink flowers from the kit, I made a “puddle” of the Kitsch Flamingo and Cocktail Party Distress Crayons mixed together and brushed them onto the inner edges of the petals. To get the color to feather out a bit, I just gave the flowers a light spray of water and let them air dry.

For the six smaller 49 & Market flowers that I pulled off their stems, I put them in a little palette and let them soak in some Cocktail Party Distress Mica Spray.

To get all of my other pieces various shades of gray, I started coating them in a mix of Grave and Crypt Distress Grit Pastes with some Pumice Stone Distress Oxide Spray thrown in!

After they were all coated with that mixture, I decided they needed more gray – the Pumice Stone has a tan-ish tone – so I sprayed them with a combination of Hickory Smoke and Weathered Wood Spray Stains and Oxides.


Even though a lot of my water-reactive mediums are mixed with texture pastes, the colors on the flowers were not! So I took this opportunity to give everything a coat of Workable Fixatif so I could continue working without worrying about my colors moving.

Now I had to add some color to the 49 & Market leaves I had already attached to the canvas. For those, all I did is make a mix of Hickory Smoke and Weathered Wood Distress Crayons on my mat watered them down and used my water brush to brush the colors on.

After a spray of Workable Fixatif on the canvas, I started the process of getting all of my flowers and foliage in place using some 3D Matte Gel.


While the 3D Matte Gel started drying, I worked on all of my mould pieces. After coating everything in white gesso and letting that dry, I started adding all of the other mediums.

For my large, pink keyhole frame, I started with a base of Tattered Rose Distress Paint, Translucent Grit Paste, and Finnabair Texture Powder for a little extra texture to make up for the watering down of the paste. While that mix dried, I started work on all of my gray pieces, using a mix of Grave and Crypt Distress Grit Pastes, and Finnabair’s Cool Gray Rust Effect Paste. After all those pastes were dry, I coated them in a light layer of Hickory Smoke Distress Paint, gave them a light mist of water, and dabbed off areas of the paint to allow areas of the texture pastes to show through and add some variation of color.

While the paint was drying on the gray pieces, I went back to the pink piece and gave it a light, inconsistent coating of Kitsch Flamingo Distress Paint, some spots of Cocktail Party Distress Mica Spray, and some water. After all of that was dry, I came back with Kitsch Flamingo and Cocktail Party Distress Crayons, adding them directly to the mould piece, and watered them down so the colors could flow where they wanted as they air dried.

To finish up all of the gray mould pieces, I added some Hickory Smoke Distress Spray Stain, mixed it up with some Graphite Texture Paste, spread it around some, then sprayed them all with both Hickory Smoke and Weathered Wood Distress Oxide Sprays before that paste has a chance to dry.


Now it was finally time to get everything on the panel and finish it up!

After all of my mould pieces were in place, I added some areas of DecoArt White Crackle Paint, tucked in some pink sisal, added more crackle paint, got my Ingvild Bolme birds in place, and added a little crackle paint to them.

After the 3D Matte Gel had a chance to set up overnight, I mixed some Payne’s Gray watercolor paint with some water and Liquid Color Fluid Medium and used a pipette to get that mix under all of the flowers and mould pieces. For any areas I wanted to make a little grayer, I mixed the Payne’s Gray with some of the fluid medium and brushed it on, watering it down some if I needed to.

For all of the “shadow” making, it was just a process of adding the mediums, adding water if I needed to, and tilting and turning the panel until I had the colors where I wanted them – drying a little at a time to start getting the color set as I went.

For the cabochon [mould] pieces, I used a mix of white gesso and Tattered Rose Distress Paint as my base coat then added some Kitsch Flamingo Distress Paint before adding them to the canvas. Once on the canvas, I added a thin layer of crackle paint to them, blending it onto the canvas around them.

On top of all the crackle paint I added, I started to give some extra color and definition to all of my pieces using Distress Crayons – Kitsch Flamingo and Cocktail Party on the pink areas, and Hickory Smoke and Weathered Wood on the gray pieces and birds.

To add a little extra sparkle to the flowers, I brushed on some Finnabair Pixie Effect Paste – it has the pink flakes in it to go with the canvas, but it also has some light teal-ish flakes for a bit of contrast.

After everything was dry, it gave me a chance to stand back and take a look to see if there were any areas I wanted to add a bit more Payne’s Gray to.

The last step was to add the final touches with some Finnabair Waxes, and I was finally done!


Thank you for joining me here in my corner. I hope my non-traditional, vintage-shabby-fall, mixed media panel gave you some ideas about how you can interpret the October mood board and what you can do with this month’s Scrapbooking Kit.

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame
In addition to this month’s Scrapbooking Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

*DecoArt White Crackle Paint , *TCW “Mini Art Deco Leaves” Stencil , *Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Treasures “Birds” , *Finnabair Liquid Fluid Color Medium , *Finnabair Texture Powder , *Finnabair “Graphite” Texture Paste , Finnabair “Pixie” Effect Paste , *Finnabair “Old White” Matte Wax , Finnabair “Shabby Pink” Matte Wax , Finnabair “Indian Pink” Metallique Wax , Finnabair “Sweet Rose” Metallique Wax , Finnabair “Ash Grey” Antiquing Wax , Finnabair Clear Antiquing Wax , Finnabair “Victorian Tiles” Stencil , Finnabair “Baroque Frames” Mould , Finnabair “Locks and Keys” Mould , Finnabair “Clockfaces” Mould , Finnabair “Cool Grey” Rust Effect Paste , Finnabair Clear Gesso , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Winsor & Newton “Payne’s Gray” Watercolor , Ranger Texture Paste “Opaque Matte” , *Distress Texture Paste “Crackle” , Distress Grit Paste “Translucent” , Distress Grit Paste “Crypt” , Distress Texture Paste “Grave” , Distress Oxide Spray “Tattered Rose” , Distress Oxide Spray “Pumice Stone” , Distress Spray Stain “Weathered Wood” , Distress Oxide Spray “Weathered Wood” , Distress Spray Stain “Hickory Smoke” , Distress Oxide Spray “Hickory Smoke” , Distress Mica Stain “Cocktail Party” , Distress Crayon “Picket Fence” , Distress Crayon “Tattered Rose” , Distress Crayon “Kitsch Flamingo” , Distress Crayon “Cocktail Party” , Distress Paint “Tattered Rose” , Distress Paint “Kitsch Flamingo” , Distress Paint “Hickory Smoke” , Distress Embossing Glaze “Kitsch Flamingo” , Tim Holtz “Skeleton Leaves” Thinlits , Ranger Water Brush , *Prima Water Brush , white ribbon roses , white leaves , pink sisal , Mont Marte 12” x 12” Canvas Panel , Liquitex Matte Medium , Daler Rowney White Gesso , Gorilla Clear Grip , Amazing Casting Resin ,  *spray bottle

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Advent Calendar-Moodboard Inspired Project

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

I have, for my moodboard inspired project, an Advent Calendar using the Tres Jolie Kit Club’s Limited Edition Advent Calendar Kit, the December Scrapbooking Kit, and even some of the paint and glitter from the December Mixed Media Kit!


Now, this project was a rather “hefty” project, and there was more than once I thought about stopping! LOL! But, I recorded my process, so I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable! It did turn into two, longer than I expected, videos though – one for the base, and one for the roof! Check them out!

Part 1 – the base:

Part 2 – the roof:

December 2021 Moodboard:


For my base I created my own “stain” using the silver paint from the mixed media kit, the Distress Oxide from the Advent kit, and some clear gesso. I had to cover (practically) every surface of the calendar with it! I just couldn’t leave anything unfinished! Do you have to? No! The only surfaces I didn’t stain were the drawer fronts and the inside of the back panel of the roof – because they would be getting covered with gel medium and paper! (The measurements for my “stain” are approximately 1/3 cup clear gesso, between 1/4-1/3 of the bottle of silver paint, and 60 full squirts of the Distress Oxide Spray – and yes, I rubbed it in, I didn’t brush it on!)


My drawer fronts are covered in paper from 49 & Market found in this month’s Scrapbooking Kit. I used two sheets of paper, and probably close to 2/3rds of the package of rub-on’s! (To make sure your paper(s) are centered, work from the center out!) At the bottom edge of the bottom row of drawers and the top edge of the top row, I added some of the Snow Glitter to “fill-in” the small gaps since the drawer fronts, when all together, are slightly larger than 12 inches. After the rub-on’s, and before the snow, I sprayed four layers of Krylon Matte Finish for some extra protection.

FRAMED-20211202_222602 FRAMED-20211202_222628

After the gel medium I used to attach the papers dried fully, I just started layering the rub-on’s (before the snow glitter). In the center of the Advent I added the large die cut wreath and roses from the paper pack and then came in with a few of the rub-on poinsettias. My “knobs” are Tim Holtz Hitch Fasteners (I pre-drilled my holes!) and, using jump rings, I hung the Tim Holtz Number Tokens that can be found in the Advent Kit.

Once I saw the watercolor tree paper I knew it belonged in the roof! It really shaped how the rest of my Advent Calendar came about. If you look closely at the trees, you can see where the pattern starts it’s repeat, I made that specific tree the center of my background. With careful cutting and placement, the seam is practically invisible – especially with the “distraction” of all the other trees in the top!


I used a variety of Distress Crayons to add color to my trees and deer, I didn’t want to paint them, and I didn’t want to stain them – watery liquids will follow your wood grain and I wanted more control without having to seal the wood first and I still wanted the wood grain to show. The Distress Crayons gave me that control! I could control where my colors went and rub them in to still show the grain! (My deer and trees were also coated with the matte spray so the “snow” wouldn’t activate the water-reactive Crayons)




If you watch the video, you will see that I “dye” my deer and trees before I ever add the crayons. I did this for a couple of reasons – 1) The color of the wood can effect the colors placed on top – like the difference of what happens when you use white or black gesso and 2) I rarely know exactly what I am going to be doing so I like to “be prepared”!

In addition to the Glitter Snow in the kit, I made my own snow paste! I just had to have snow everywhere!! I didn’t even mind the snow on the legs of the deer! Why? Have you ever walked through snow? That stuff will stick to you and I think it helps add to the illusion of movement – like the deer were really walking through.

FRAMED-20211202_222801 FRAMED-20211202_222804

I also added some white bottle brush trees from my stash and a small string of lights inside the roof. On the front panel, I had to add more snow! I finished drawing the snow mounds across, laid down a layer of white gesso, then added my snow pastes!

FRAMED-20211202_222637 FRAMED-20211202_222645

For my roof I wanted snow, but I also wanted the shingles to show – so I compromised using a stencil! After I stained my roof I added a few coats of sealer in hopes the pastes wouldn’t break through and absorb the stain. It worked – mostly! I added my stenciling to the roof, then the roof peak so I could blend it into the stenciling and while the paste was still wet, I added glitter.

FRAMED-20211202_222526 FRAMED-20211202_222751

Thank-you for joining me here in my corner! I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what you can do using the Advent Calendar Kit and the Scrapbooking Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends!

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In addition to the Advent Calendar Kit and the December Scrapbooking & Mixed Media Kits (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*Lindy’s Gang “Sidewalk Chalk” Flat Fabio Spray; *Cosmic Shimmer Crackle Paste “Frosted Aqua;” *Tres Jolie Crackle Medium; TCW Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste; Ranger/Tim Holtz “Speckled Egg” Distress Paint, Distress Crayons: “Tree Lot,” “Iced Spruce,” “Snow Flurries,” “Empty Tomb,” “Crooked Broomstick,” “Old Paper,” “Wild Honey,” “Scattered Straw,” “Tea Dye,” “Black Soot,” “Speckled Egg,” “Frosted Juniper,” & “Weathered Wood;” Ranger Brayer; idea-ology/Tim Holtz Hitch Fastners; Prima/Finnabair Heavy White Gesso, “Bindweed Wallpaper” Stencil; Liquitex: Clear Gesso, Matte Gel, Gloss Super Heavy Gel, and Acrylic Inks: “Titanium White,” “Naphthol Crimson,” “Yellow Medium Azo,” & “Phthalocyanine Blue;” Krylon Workable Fixatif & Matte Finish; Daler Rowney White Gesso; 4mm & 8mm jump rings; foam snow; JoAnn’s Makers Holiday Littles White Bottle Brush Trees; Gorilla Wood Glue, double sided tape; Scotch Tape; E6000; Starry Lights: Warm White

Tres Jolie Kit Club-November 2020 Mixed Media Kit-Altered Embroidery Hoop

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

For my final November project, I’m bringing you an altered hoop using items from my stash with items found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club.


I used an old embroidery hoop from my stash and upcycled some aluminum screen for this Autumn Butterfly piece! Check out the video below to see how I did it! (My husbands hands even make their Internet debut!)


Now, how about a few close-ups?


I wasn’t overly worried about “clogging” some of the holes in the screen with the gesso, I think it adds a little something to the piece and makes it seem more connected to the hoop. You don’t have to coat your screen with gesso and wax, I like it better this way though because it cut out the shine from the aluminum. You can also see that I added some “Vintage Gold” wax to the hoop to add just a little shine to offset the matte.


I finished off two partial packs of flowers on this project and added some die cut leaves coated in “Vintage Gold” wax and sprinkled with some glass glitter for my cluster on the bottom of the hoop, bringing the gold of the butterflies to the outside as well.


Isn’t it beautiful with the light coming from behind? It makes me think of the setting sun at the end of an autumn day.


Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie! I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what can be done with items found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit! I’ll see you again in December!

Stay Crafty, Friends!

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MM kit

In addition to items from this month’s Mixed Media Kit (from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*49 & Market Country Blooms “Ginger,” *Tres Jolie White Flowers, *Lindy’s Gang “Gossamer Gold” Moon Shadow Mist, *Little Birdie Black Gesso, *Darice “Vintage Gold” Glass Glitter, *Prima/Finnabair “Vintage Gold” Metallique Wax, Sizzix/Tim Holtz “Skeleton Leaves” Thinlits, ReneaBouquets “Elegant Gold Glitter Glass Wing Double Layer Premium Paper Butterflies,” smooth white cardstock, Grafix ® Computer Grafix Printable Transparent Plastic Sheets, Liquitex Clear Matte, Gloss, and Super Heavy Gloss Gel, E6000

Tres Jolie Kit Club-November Mixed Media Kit-Butterfly Panel

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

This week I’m bringing you a grungy “Butterfly Panel” using the items from this month’s mixed media kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club!


All of those Mould pieces, butterflies, and beads came from my stash, as well as the MDF I used as the base, but I used the Decorative Paper, stencil, and Distress Paints from the kit to give the base some texture and to give it all some color. Check out the video to see how it all came together.


Pretty straightforward, right? A lot of layers, a lot of different textures, and just working with the colors found in this month’s kit! Here are some close-up images for you to take a look at!


I’d been hanging on to these butterflies for a couple of years just waiting for the right project and inspiration to come along, and this month it came to me! The MDF I used as my base is nice and sturdy, so it was able to take all the weight from all those Mould pieces and those two butterflies. (That large butterfly is really pretty hefty!)


Here you can see how I have those pieces all layers working together. Make sure you have some heavy-duty adhesive to take all the moisture while you are working and the weight while you are done! I love using my super-heavy gel for projects like this, it is super-versatile. I can use it with stencils, I can mix paint into it, and I can use it as an adhesive.


In the photo on the left, you can see a close up of some of the Mould pieces topped with those texture pebbles and the finishing touch, those iridescent beads to offset the matte finish of the paints and wax. The photo on the right shows more of all those textures and layers, but also give a good view of the background. You can see the decorative paper gave some wrinkles, and the stenciling gave some lines!


This photo gives a good look at how “thick” this project is! Make sure you have someplace sturdy to display your masterpiece when you are done!

As always, thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie. I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what you can do with items found in this month’s mixed media kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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MM kit

In addition to items from this month’s Mixed Media Kit, I used (*from previous Tres Jolie kits):

ReneaBouquets “Midnight Magic” Iridescent Beautiful Beads, Prima/Finnabair “Mechanica” & “Stars & Moons” Moulds, Prima/Finnabair Heavy White Gesso & *Clear Gesso, Prima/Finnabair Mega Art Stones, Art Stones, & Mini Art Stones, *Prima “Papillon” Matte Resin Craft Blanks (942366), Liquitex Clear Gesso, Matte Gel, Gloss Gel, & Super Heavy Matte Gel, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Ranger Heat-It Tool, Unbranded Black Microbeads

Tres Jolie Kit Club-November Mixed Media Kit-Autumn Cherubs

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

Today I’m bringing you my first project of November using the Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club and just a few staple items from my stash!


For this project, I have put together a follow-along video to accompany it. Maybe I should say I have made a video that tracks my thought process since I tend to think about my steps as I go along! I hope it makes sense to you though and inspires you to create your own project!



I grabbed up a piece of scrap black cardstock to back the parts of the Decorative Paper I wanted to fussy cut-out, used my gel medium to adhere and coat everything, and added some of the paint for color.


I used the stencil on the background, first with some heavy gel for texture, then with some of the Matte Black Wax for contrast. I also added a butterfly to the clip and coated it all in the wax. You can also see where I added a final splatter of the Lucky Clover Distress Paint to the background.


I quickly created some rolled flowers to cut out of the watercolor paper I had added the two Distress Paints to, you’ll find a JPEG below for your own use if you so choose.

Rolled flowers for personal use:



I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what can be done with the items found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit! Be sure to check out Tres Jolie all over social media (links below).

Stay Crafty, Friends!

Did you get a kit? Share what you made in our Facebook Group!

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November 2020 Mixed Media Kit:

MM kit

In addition to items from this month’s Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*Little Birdie Black Gesso, Liquitex Matte Gel, Super Heavy Matte Gel, and clear gesso, scrap (abt. 5” x 12”) black cardstock, Canson XL Watercolor Paper (9” x 12”, 140 lb / 300 g), hot glue & hot glue gun

Fairy Moonlight – July 2020 Mixed Media Place Challenge

Hey, all! Welcome back to my little corner!

Today I’m bringing you a little piece I did for the July 2020 Challenge over at the Mixed Media Place blog.


Looking at the moodboard for this month I was immediately drawn to the mushrooms. I absolutely adore mushrooms in art. In food, I can tolerate them (except those white “button” mushrooms, Ewww), but in art I absolutely love them! In addition to the mushrooms, all the colors kept making me think of sunsets and the dusk of early evening. Check out my process video, which can be found under the Mixed Media Place Moodboard!


Mixed Media Place Moodboard

Process Video:


I have quite a few mediums making up my background; a couple of Jacquard Paints topped with three different Distress Oxide Sprays. For my moon and stars, I used two Prima/Finnabair paints, one of which is “Unicorn’s Hair,” which was also used for my splatter!


I really loved the idea of just having a fairy silhouette looking at the night sky, so I grabbed up my Creative Embellishments chipboard, added some black gesso, but by the end, I decided to add a coat of “Charcoal Black” Matte Wax.


I used “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Paint to give some shadowy depth behind the mushrooms.


To add a little extra to the moon and stars I lightly brushed on some “White Gold” Metallique Wax, and to give a little extra shine to the mushroom caps I added some “Heather Hills” wax on the front curves (if that makes sense!)


Thank you for joining me here at my little corner! I hope you enjoyed this project and I hope you’ll visit me again soon!

Stay Crafty,


Creative Embellishments “Mega Fairy Chipboard Pack In Black,” Prima/Finnabair Sparks “Unicorn’s Hair,” Opal Magic “Yellow-Blue,” Liquid Acrylic “Burnt Sienna,” “Stars & Moons” Mould, Matte Wax “Charcoal Black,” Metallique Wax Cire Cera “White Gold” & “Heather Hills,” Lindy’s Gang Moon Shadow Mist “Gossamer Gold” & Starburst Squirts “Polite People Purple,” Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Paint “Antique Linen,” “Ground Espresso” & “Wilted Violet,” Distress Oxide Spray “Fossilized Amber,” “Worn Lipstick” & “Wilted Violet,” Jacquard Lumiere “Halo Pink Gold” & “Halo Violet Gold,” Floral Garden “Floral Moss,” Decorative Pebbles & Sand, Little Birdie Black Gesso, Creative Paperclay, Amazing Cast Resin, Liquitex Super Heavy Gel, TCW Gloss Gel Medium, Krylon Workable Fixatif, scrap piece of MDF (it was used as protection/packing material for something else I ordered)

Mixed Media Place-June 2020 Challenge-Green Dragon

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

Today I’m bringing you an altered hoop I made for the June 2020 Challenge over at Mixed Media Place. I didn’t use a traditional embroidery hoop for this project, I just happened to have, what I believe was, an old Tri-Chem® hoop. It conveniently came with a metal insert, so I had a nice sturdy surface to work on!


My original idea for this project looked nothing like what came about; I hadn’t even considered a dragon originally! I had originally planned to go with a nature theme, but when I was looking through my chipboard to see what types of leaves I might have, I came across the dragon, thought, “Hey! Dragons can be green…,” and from there I just went with it. Check out my process video below the Mixed Media Place Challenge Board to see how it all went together.



Now, for a few close-up photos:



The chipboard dragon from Creative Embellishments was what started my inspiration for my project.

I used two Prima/Finnabair paints on the dragon, Opal Magic “Green-Gold” and Sparks “Fairy Wings.”



It wasn’t a full pack of flowers, but I hadn’t used very many of the 49 & Market “Emerald Isle” previously; this project finished my pack off.

I love all of Finnabair’s Rust Effect Pastes in their original colors, but this project called for a little sparkle to be added to them, so I watered down the Opal Magic paint and let it separate and pool at will.



I used a mix of Brea Reese Texture Pebbles and some (very) micro glass beads at final accents.

Here you can see just how VERY micro those yellow glass microbeads are.



The stencil I used on the background is one I made quite a while ago in Silhouette Studio and cut with my Cameo 3 (which wasn’t easy on stencil material!) The iridescent beads are “Citrus Breeze” from ReneaBouquets.

Thank you for joining me here in my little corner! I hope you enjoyed this project!
Red heartC.J.


Creative Embellishments “Dragon,” 49 & Market Floral Mixology “Emerald Isle,” ReneaBouquets Iridescent Beautiful Beads “Citrus Breeze,” Prima/Finnabair Heavy White Gesso, Stars & Moons Mould, Impasto Heavy Body Paint “Bottle Green,” Liquid Acrylic “Burnt Sienna,” Sparks “Fairy Wings,” Opal Magic “Green-Gold,” and Rust Effect Pastes “Dark Brown,” “Green,” & “Rusty,” Ranger/Dylusions “Chopped Pesto” Paint, Ranger/Tim Holtz “Lucky Clover” Distress Paint & “Mustard Seed” Distress Oxide Spray, Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Brea Reese Texture Pebbles, Yellow Glass Microbeads (Very, very micro!!), homemade stencil, old Tri-Chem® hoop (I believe)

May 2020 Mixed Media Place Challenge-Beach Bottle

20200527_063247-WMHey, all! I have a beach themed bottle I made for the May 2020 Moodboard Challenge over at the Mixed Media Place! It had been a while since I completed a project that wasn’t Design Team related, and since May was going good for me & having ideas, I was able to squeeze one in!

I just absolutely loved the colors of the moodboard, and even though I’m not a fan of going to the beach, I do love looking at beach elements. All the beauty, none of the sand!

I used a lot of Prima/Finnabair pastes and paints, a couple of Tim Holtz Distress Paints, and one Vicki Boutin paint, even though I’m not sure it’s noticeable anymore!

The shells came from a variety of sources – some I bought, some I’m not entirely sure where they came from.

The flowers are 49 & Market, the chipboard is actually Beautiful Board from ReneaBouquets, as is the final details of beads and butterflies!

Below the video you’ll find the moodboard.

I went into this project not knowing exactly where it was going, or how I was going to get there, but I did record what I was doing, so there is a process video to go along with this post!


Awesome moodboard, right? How could anyone resist using those corals and pinks!?!?




It took a lot of layers, but I eventually got the look I wanted! So many textures on the bottle! Some from the crackle paste, some the result of what happens when gesso gets extra wet on glass! You can still see the stripes I made, even though this wasn’t my original plan, I am still happy!


As you’ll see in the photos below, the microbeads are actually gold. I didn’t notice the color got distorted so much during editing!

Here are some more close-ups:




As a final note, I want to say I would not recommend heating up a sealed glass bottle for long periods of time! Besides the fact that it gets hot, you are increasing the internal pressure! I had a lot of “heat gun enough to stop runs,” followed by periods of cooling and air drying!

Thank you for checking out my project!! Don’t forget to watch the process video to see how I stacked all my layers of mediums!

Products used:

Finnabair: Heavy Gesso, White Crackle Texture Paste, Paper Texture Paste, Sparks Paint “Phoenix Feather,” Metallique Paint “White Pearl,” Patina Effect Paste “Blue,” Texture Fantasy Pastes “Blue Green” & “Fire Orange,” Rust Effect Paste “Lavender,” and Liquid Acrylic Paint “Burnt Sienna,” 49 & Market: Garden Seeds “Sea Breeze” (it was a partial pack), & Blossom Blends (Technically the “Bluebell” & ‘”Linen” Packages, but I only used the bamboo looking pieces), Distress Paint: “Abandoned Coral” & “Picked Raspberry,” Vicki Boutin: “Sugared Strawberry” Paint, ReneaBouquets: Beautiful Board – Bubbles, Beautiful Beads – Iridisent “Mermaid Tails,” Gold Glass Microbeads, & Magical Miniatures, Double Sided Printed Butterflies “Memory Keeper,” Brea Reese Texture Pebbles, Tim Holtz Mini Snips, FabriTac, Ranger Glossy Accents, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Hobby Shells & other misc. shells, Ranger Heat-It heat gun

Tres Jolie Kit Club–February Sketch Inspiration

Hi All! I’m back with one last project this month for the Tres Jolie Kit Club! A layout of me using the sketch from this month’s challenge as inspiration!

Here I am, a little four year old just hanging around!

Febuary 2020 sketch

The sketch for this months challenge. Watch the following video to see how I created my layout!




After coating the papers in gesso, I stamped, stenciled, and inked before adding the embellishments and photo.



My final touch was to cover the photo then use a paintbrush to splatter and drop some “Black Soot” Distress paint on the whole project.


The February Scrapbooking Kit:


In addition to items from the kit (*From previous Tres Jolie Kits), I also used:

Prima 2” Silicone Brush; Scotch Advanced Tape Glider; Distress Oxide Spray – Wild Honey; Silhouette Design Store ID# 243415 “Lace Doily” by Paige Taylor Evans (P.T.E); Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher; Tim Holtz Mini Snips; Tim Holtz Edge Distresser; Liquitex Clear Gesso; FabriTac; StazOn Jet Black; Distress Paint Black Soot; 13@rts Gel Medium; Prima Paper Texture Paste; *Prima Water Brush; Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous “Mixed Media” CMS125; 2mm Self Adhesive Foam; Fabrika Decoru Stencils FDTR 170 & 190

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Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!

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