Tres Jolie Kit Club–Easel Cards!–April 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Have you played with your April Kits yet? Are they fabulous or what!?!? I absolutely love the “Happiness” line from LemonCraft found in this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit – so bright and cheery – perfect for your spring projects!

To kick off my April projects, I have a couple of easel cards for you! One is a 6”x6” “Thank You” card and one is a slimline “Happy Easter” card I created using a few pieces of Tres Jolie Chipboard from my stash, in addition to the Happiness papers! I used cardstock from my stash, and on the Easter card I added a little of the “Fairy Wings” paint from this month’s Mixed Media Kit, but all of the patterned papers, flowers, and fussy-cut bits and pieces are from the kit!

Make sure you check out my video to see how I put these together!


apr2023-easelCards-10 apr2023-easelCards-13 apr2023-easelCards-14

After I picked out the cardstock I wanted to use, I got started constructing my card base. The green cardstock isn’t heavy cardstock, I’d say it’s an average weight – about 65 lbs I think – but the “Natural” cover stock is much heavier – 130 lbs! You don’t need to use 130lb cover stock, but I love how sturdy it makes cards, so I keep it on hand! Since this card lies flat and the easels stand, you could easily use “regular” cardstock or patterned paper for your layers.

To try and make sure I am explaining my measurements as clearly as possible, I have some photos of the various pieces with their measurements! (Taking a snapshot of a video frame does come in handy sometimes!!)

This first set of photos shows the measurements for the 6”x6” card and the four easels that are on it. I cut the green cardstock in half, making a 6”x12” rectangle, then folded it in half along the long edge, easy-peasy! (My card is a top fold card, but you can have your fold wherever you want!) Then I cut two 5-3/4” squares out of my cover stock and glued them inside the base for the message to be written on, and on the front to add some contrast between the base and the easels.

For the easels, I cut four 5”x2-1/2” rectangles and folded them in half – these are the easel bases – and I cut four 2-1/2” squares to use as the easel fronts.

6x12base-measurements lightCardstock-measurements 6x6popups-measurements

All four of my easels have the fold at the top so they all stand up in the same direction – and to make the easel-making process a little easier to explain! With the fold at the top, you are going to want to fold the top flap of your easel in half along the diagonal – from one of the corners at the fold to one of the bottom corners. I have my easels set to face the outer edges, so I folded two from the top right to the bottom left, and two from the top left to the bottom right. (In the two photos showing the folds, I only used a scrap of the cover stock for visual purposes – so you could see easier than me trying to show green on green!)

cornerToCorner rightsidecard leftsidecard

Once your easels are folded how you want them, all that is left to do is add the 2-1/2” squares that make up the easel fronts. You don’t want to glue them all the way down, only to the bottom triangle of your folded cardstock – this is the whole easel – the part that will stand up to be shown off!

glue-drawing topSquare-1 topSquare

You can see in the next pictures that I made sure my easels were all facing how I wanted them before gluing them down to the card front!


With the four easels glued down, all that I had left to do was pick out which patterned papers and fussy-cut pieces I wanted to use to decorate with.

In total, I cut eight 2-1/4” squares from two different patterned papers. I used the paper with the larger print to cover the section that will be seen while the easels are standing, and I used the paper with the smaller print on the easel faces so it wouldn’t be too overpowering when I came back and added the fussy cut flowers.

For the four squares with the larger pattern, I used an acrylic square to help me make sure the pattern I wanted would be showing!

patternedPaper-allEight patternedPaper-underneath2 patternedPaper-acrylicSquare

Once all of the “main” pieces were in place, it was just a matter of adding the final decorations and the sentiment.

To add a little dimension and contrast to the fussy cut pieces, I lightly inked the edges using the “Bamboo Leaves” ink from the kit, glued a few of the flowers together, then popped up the little collage pieces on some foam squares.

For my easel “stoppers,” I picked out four of the smaller, fussy-cut butterflies, backed them with some double-sided adhesive foam, cut off the excess foam, and topped them with some Diamond Glaze – in essence, I created custom “enamel dots” using the papers from the kit! Once the Diamond Glaze had dried completely, I stuck the butterflies down where I wanted the easels held.

apr2023-easelCards-08 apr2023-easelCards-11 apr2023-easelCards-12

Finally, it was time to add my sentiment! All I did is pick out the stamp I wanted to use from the set in the kit, ink it up, and stamp it to a couple of the small cut of pieces from the papers I had already used!

Then, to soften it up, I created a watered-down “puddle” of the “Bamboo Leaves” ink on my craft mat and used a water brush with the puddle of ink to lightly trace over the stamping. I fussy cut the sentiment out, added some foam to the back of the words, and then added the words to the top-right square.

thankYou-stamping apr2023-easelCards-09

Now on to the slimline Easter card! The building process for easel cards is – more or less – the same. It is really only a matter of which way you are going to have your easels facing! And, for this card, since I have my easels facing forward, I didn’t even have to make diagonal folds!

apr2023-easelCards-02 apr2023-easelCards-05 apr2023-easelCards-06

For my card base, I used the 130lb cover stock, cut it down to 8”x9-1/4”, and folded it in half along the shorter edge, to create a 4”x9-1/4” card. Then for some layering, I cut a 3-3/4”x9” rectangle from green cardstock to start building my card face.

slimlineBaseMeasurements slimlineBaseLayerOneMeasurements

For my three easels, I cut three 6”x2-1/4” rectangles to use as the bases and folded them in half along the long edge – making them 3”x2-1/4”.  I also added a score line and folded them at 1-1/2” to create the easel. Then, for the easel faces, I cut three 3”x2-1/4” rectangles.

slimlineEasel slimlineEaselFold slimlineEaselFronts

I have the folds (at the 3” mark) for my easel at the top, and I added glue to the bottom rectangle that was created with the second fold at the 1-1/2” mark to attach my easel faces.

slimlineEaselFolded slimlineEaselGlue

To keep my three easels as centered as possible, I used a 3/4” wide strip of paper as a spacer along the edge of the green cardstock on the card base and lined my easels up along that strip. My easels are “on top of” each other – in other words, I didn’t add any horizontal space between the bottom of one easel and the top of the easel under it.

spacing slimlineEasels

Just because the patterned paper in the kit is an 8”x8” pad, doesn’t mean it can’t fit on a card that has a 9” tall face! After all, the diagonal of a square is longer than the two sides! In this case, from one corner to the opposite corner, it is a little over 11-1/4”, and since I didn’t need very wide strips – only 5/8” – everything fit just fine on the edge of the card front.

I had very minimal paper piecing required to get the front finished – only having to piece the background of the center easel together to get the “boards” how I wanted them.

diaganolcuts apr2023-easelCards-15

I picked out the patterned papers I wanted to use to back my Tres Jolie Easter Egg Chipboard with and to use under the easels, backed the chipboard with the paper and trimmed the excess from the edges off, and cut the three pieces that will show when the easels are standing down to size!


I didn’t want too much decoration on the chipboard, so I just used the “Bamboo Leaves” ink and some water to add a bit of color to the eggs. Once I had the ink on, I decided I wanted to add a little something extra to the “Happy Easter” easel, so I gave a light brushing of the “Fairy Wings” paint (found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit) to the sentiment and popped on a few of the green flowers from the kit.



Thank you for joining me here on the blog today! I hope you enjoyed these two easel cards and they gave you some ideas of what you can make using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to the April 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit (and a little of the paint from the Mixed Media Kit!), I used (from previous Tres Jolie Kits):

Tres Jolie “Easter Egg Set” Chipboard, Bazzill “Apple Crush” Cardstock, Core’dinations “Kiwi” Cardstock, Marco’s Papers “Natural” Cover Stock, Scotch ATG, Art Glitter Glue, Jacquard Gum Arabic, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Double-sided foam, Prima Water Brush

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Slimline Cards!-March 2023 Cards & Mixed Media Kits

Hey, y’all! How’s your March coming along, and why does March always seem like it is at least 62 days long? I swear it feels like it should be closer to the middle of the month than it is!! Anyhow…

This week I have a couple of slimline cards for you I created using the March Cards, Tags, & More Kit and the mediums and stencil from the Mixed Media Kit. These cards are relatively quick and easy – waiting for the texture paste to dry was the longest part! Make sure to check out my video to see what I did!


Pretty easy, right? With the wonderfully beautiful Stamperia papers and chipboard, these cards are quick and easy to put together! I used some cover stock for my card bases, and some craft foam as the base for my card fronts – just building the layers of paper and ephemera on top of the foam.

mar23-cards-06 mar23-cards-02

From the moment I saw the damask-ish print paper in the Stamperia stack, I knew I wanted to put on a card front – I just love the color and pattern! I also knew I wanted to use that little section of script print on a card, so that’s what I put together for my “Soulmate” card front! For the “Greetings” card front, I used the cut-offs from the damask-ish paper as a bottom border and a piece of the cover stock I used for the bases above it – also glued to a rectangle of craft foam.

I didn’t start out with measurements in mind; I was just working with what I had! However, since measurements can sometimes be helpful, I have added a couple of photos here with the “Soulmate” card front – the “Greetings” card was made with what I had left!

measurement-1 measurement-2

Once I had the papers glued down and let the glue dry completely, I coated the card fronts and the larger chipboard I planned on using with some clear gesso, grabbed up the stencil from the kit, some texture paste from my stash, and added some stenciling to the backgrounds. With the stencil still in place and the texture paste still wet, I started adding Lindy’s mediums. I didn’t want to mix the mediums into the texture paste, because I didn’t want a solid, even color! For the “Soulmate” card front, I spritzed some of the Moon Shadow Mist on the top-ish area of stenciling, sprinkled on the Magical Powder closer to the bottom then just scraped everything together – creating a little bit of a  gradient effect. For the “Greetings” card front, I only used the Magical Powder, but I made sure to sprinkle it on unevenly so there would be some variation in shading after everything had dried.

mar23-cards-03 mar23-cards-09

I did the same basic technique with the stencil and texture paste on the larger chipboard pieces I was going to be adding to the card fronts – the only difference was with the vase. For the stenciling on the vase, I didn’t add any of the Magical Powder or scrap the Moon Shadow Mist after I added a couple of splatters, I just let it soak into the texture paste a little and carefully soaked up some of the larger drops before removing the stencil.

mar23-cards-04 mar23-cards-10

Once the stenciling had dried on the chipboard pieces, I decided I needed to add some of the gold to the intricate edge on the Tres Jolie Chipboard – the off-white of the original just stood out too much! I didn’t want a heavy coating, I just wanted to add some shine and create a smoother transition between the chipboard and stenciling – so I grabbed the gum arabic and magical powder, added a bit of water, and brushed it on.


mar23-cards-05 mar23-cards-08

After all the mediums had dried, it was only a matter of adding the chipboard flowers, phrases, and ribbon/seam binding! I used two layers of craft foam to lift the vase off the background, added some of the smaller chipboard flowers to the flowers in the vase for some depth, added a small length of the seam binding to the “Soulmate” tag – tucking the ends under the edges of the card front – and glued everything down to my base!

I glued the chipboard flowers flat on the base of the “Greetings” card, added a single layer of craft foam under the Tres Jolie Chipboard to give it a little lift, and tucked in a few of the flowers from the pack in the kit after I added some gum arabic/Lindy’s “paint” to them. I tied a bow in the last bit of seam binding I had, added it between the chipboard butterfly and the “Greetings” sentiment (backed with a small piece of craft foam), and glued the card front to the card base.

And that was it! Two cards are done in a relatively short amount of time!


I hope you enjoyed these slimline cards and they gave you some ideas of what you can make using your March 2023 kits!

Stay Crafty, Friends!

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to the items from this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit and Mixed Media Kit, I used:

Ranger Opaque Matte Texture Paste, Finnabair Clear Gesso (Because it was already open! Remember, there is a DWM Clear Gesso in the Mixed Media Kit this month!!), white craft foam, Fabri-Tac, Dritz Fray-Check, Marco’s Papers Cougar Opaque Cover (130#/192.4gsm) “Natural”

Tres Jolie Kit Club – Autumn Cards – October 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Today I have a couple of quick autumn-themed cards for you using the October Cards, Tags, & More Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club. I added some of the foil from this month’s Mixed Media kit to a piece of patterned paper, used the positive and negative cuts from a single die from my stash to create the backgrounds, cut some leaves, added a few details, and put them together.


Check out my quick video to see how I put these cards together!

Since these two cards are rather straightforward – and I used the same background die-cut – I’m just going to talk about them side-by-side here.

AutumnCards-02 AutumnCards-05

Both of the cards are 4”x5-1/2”, to fit the A2 die-cut background. The first thing I did was grab up the glue pen and the pieces of the foil transfer sheets (from this month’s Mixed Media Kit) that I had leftover from my Mixed Media Bat and cover a slightly-larger-than A2 piece of the patterned paper from this month’s kit. I used a piece of the patterned paper because I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to cover with the foil and this way anything uncovered would still match the rest of the card fronts.

I hadn’t originally thought about using the negative cut from the die-cut, but after I saw just how much was left, I decided it would make a fabulous card front too! So I pieced everything back into the die and added a rectangle of adhesive sheet so I could place everything down easier.

For the “Hello” card, I used another piece from the patterned paper from the kit behind the foil-covered leaves die-cut, and on the “Thinking of You” card I used a metallic silver-tan-ish piece of cardstock from my scraps pile – both cut to 3-7/8”x5-3/8”.

AutumnCards-03 AutumnCards-06

I grabbed up my partial pieces of cut patterned paper and a sheet of some gel printed paper I had with a lovely golden paint on it (that I also added a few areas of foil transfer to) and headed over to mass produce as many leaf die-cuts as I could using Tim Holtz’s “Skeleton Leaves,” BoBunny’s “Lovely Leaf,” and a couple of unbranded leaf dies from my stash.

I cut out more leaves than I would need for these two cards, but now I have some already made! Anyhow, I used the gel print leaves for my “Thinking of You” card front, just layering them up in a semi-fanned-out cluster. I glued them down in place, then I added a few of the pumpkins from the fussy cut sheets found in the kit then popped up on some foam squares. Before I added the pumpkins I wanted to give them a little extra color so I added a bit of “Crooked Broomstick” Distress Crayon.

For the “Hello” card front I just used two of the largest cuts from the “Skeleton Leaves” set, layering them with a bit of an offset, and glued them in place. Then, mostly since I had recently been thinking about buttons, I grabbed up my We R Memory Keepers Button Press and the smallest button-making pieces and made the button for the front of the card using a piece from one of the cut-apart sheets.

AutumnCards-04 AutumnCards-07

The only thing left is the sentiments! Both sentiments came from the BoBunny “Sentiments With Love” stamp set and were stamped using a few layers of inks and embossing powder. “Thinking of You” is stamped on a piece of cardstock that matches the cardstock behind the leaf background using clear embossing powder, “Fossilized Amber” Ink and Oxide, and some “Flickering Candle” Distress Crayon. “Hello” is stamped on a piece of green cardstock using “Rustic Wilderness” Ink, Oxide, and Embossing Glaze.

After both card fronts were finished, I just added them to the card bases I had prepared. I used green cardstock for the “Hello” card, and some silver, glitter cardstock (both from my scraps pile!) for “Thinking of You.”

And with that, the cards were done! Once all of the pieces were die-cut that I wanted to use, putting the cards together took no time at all!


Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope these two quick cards inspired you and gave you some ideas of what you can make using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit – and a little from the Mixed Media Kit.

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to the October 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit and the foil from the Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Distress Ink “Fossilized Amber” , Distress Ink “Rustic Wilderness” , Distress Oxide “Rustic Wilderness” , Distress Oxide “Fossilized Amber” , Distress Mica Stain “Crooked Broomstick” , Distress Mica Stain “Flickering Candle” , Distress Crayon “Crooked Broomstick” , Distress Crayon “Flickering Candle” , Tim Holtz “Skeleton Leaves” Thinlits , *BoBunny “Sentiments With Love” Stamp Set , BoBunny “Lovely Leaf” Dies , Momenta “Leaves & Vines” Mat Die , Hampton Art Clear Embossing Powder , Distress Embossing Glaze “Rustic Wilderness” , Spellbinders Tool ‘n One , Tim Holtz Stamp Platform , Sizzix Big Shot Plus , cardstock from my scrap pile , unbranded small oak and maple leaf dies , Fabri-Tac , Art Glitter Glue , foam squares , *Prima Water Brush , *spray bottle

Tres Jolie Kit Club – Pop-up Cards – September 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! We’re two-thirds of the way through 2022, and hopefully us folks in the Northern Hemisphere will be seeing autumn soon – or maybe you are already shaking out your sweaters and enjoying the relief from our hot, dry summer. For those of you south of the equator, I hope you are having a lovely beginning to spring & that your summer is better than ours!

Have you checked out the September 2022 Kits from Tres Jolie Kit Club yet? They are, as always, absolutely fabulous! Make sure you swing by and get yours before they’re gone!

This month with the Cards, Tags, & More Kit I will be making cards. All month! I know, I’m just as shocked as you are! I normally can’t resist seeing what else can be done with the kit! This week’s cards are a couple of pop-up cards I created, next week will (should!) be my mood board project using the Scrapbooking Kit, then on the 22nd a couple of fold-out cards, and I’ll finish out the month with a couple of mixed media cards (using a couple of the mediums from the Mixed Media Kit) on the 29th.


Two cards, two different pop-ups inside! Both are a little smaller than an A4 paper (folded in half), to match the larger, A4-ish-sized patterned papers in this month’s kit. Make sure you check out the video to see how these two cards came together!

In the video, you saw that I cut all my parts out for both cards before sitting down to start the assembly process – here I’ll talk about each card individually.


This first card goes together quickly and easily! After I cut my pop-up base from a 12”x12” sheet of white cardstock, picked out the patterned papers I wanted to use and cut the inside pieces, there wasn’t a lot to do besides glue it together.


I used the two larger dies from the set in this month’s kit to cut out a couple of sections from the paper I used on the inside of the card. I lined up the dies along the left then the right edge so I could have the pink stripes on both sides of the die cut and just lined them up under the “Happy Birthday” circle – with its edges inked using the “Pearlescent Orchid” – to cover the seam.

I added some stitching around the perimeter of the “Happy Birthday” circle, the outside paper, and the two larger “flat” pieces on the inside.

Sept22-popUpCards-04 Sept22-popUpCards-06

For the inside, I inked the three pop-ups that were going to have the pieces from the sentiment square on them to give them a little extra definition then I glued all of my base pieces in place. I used the smaller decorative die to cut out the left edge of the sentiment square and to create a temporary stencil from a scrap of paper to use with the “Pearlescent Orchid” ink – allowing the ink to show up through the cut-out. I used the smaller frame die to give me the clean cut along the right side of the cut-out and to give me a clean cut for the flower edge that I cut off the square.

I decided I wanted to give the greetings a little sparkle, so I used a glitter pen to color in and trace the “Happy Birthday” on the front circle and “Have the Best Day” on the inside sentiment. Then I added some foam squares to the front circle and inside sentiment and floral edge and glued everything in place.



This second pop-up card was a little more work on the inside, but I made it so it could sit open if wanted. It was created so the pop-up section would be close to the front edge of the card when it opened and be surrounded by the folded flowers – which is why the pop-out section sticks out past the edge when closed.

This card wasn’t hard to put together, but I did have to be careful because the pop-up strips along the top were more “fragile” the skinnier they became!


The process for the assembly was the same as the first card – I cut out my card base, picked the patterned papers I wanted to use, and cut out the pieces for the inside. I added the “Pearlescent Orchid” to the top cover strips for the pop-out, distressed and inked the edge of the “Thinking of You” square on the front, and inked about half of the back so the part that extended past the edge of the card would have some color. I used the two largest dies on the “Your Are Bloomin’ Lovely” circle, flipped over the top and bottom parts that cut off, and inked them to give a bit of contrast. Before I glued everything together, I added a bit of stitching to the inside and outside patterned papers and the front square and grabbed a couple of Gelly Roll pens to accent the greetings and color in the die-cut holes on the inner sentiment.

Sept22-popUpCards-08 Sept22-popUpCards-11

Now that the easy part was over, the tricker part began! I cut out quite a few simple flower shapes to use as additional pop-ups, then carefully started their attachment process!


The first step to creating these pop-up flowers was to overlap the two edges of the “V” so they would form a cone shape, then after that glue was dry, I haphazardly folded them in half where the petal edges met. The darker lines in the image below are where I folded all of my flowers, the lighter dashed lines are optional areas to fold – depending on how “wrinkly” you want your flowers. There isn’t any wrong way to fold them!


After all of my flowers were folded, I started the process of adding them to the card – working carefully around the top strips of the pop-up!

Sept22-popUpCards-07 Sept22-popUpCards-10

I built my pop-up flowers on top of each other to create clusters that would unfold together. I started by gluing a petal edge to the “back” of the scenes (the underside of the top of the card when it is closed), then worked my way out attaching petal edges together along the way so when the card was opened they would all unfold together. (I hope I explained that well. I don’t always turn images and actions into words successfully!)

Sept22-popUpCards-09 Sept22-popUpCards-12

I used the large flowers along the sides, a couple at the top – which helped support the pop-up strips – and added the smaller flowers as a few centers and along the front of the sentiment pop-up.

Now, after the card has been opened, the pop-up flowers can be reshaped a little after being in an envelope and left out to look at!

Sept22-popUpCards-13 Sept22-popUpCards-03

Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope these pop-up cards inspired you and gave you some ideas of what you can do using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

Tres Jolie Kit Club–3 Cards, 3 “Difficulties”-April 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to the Corner Scraps Blog!

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, butterflies are fluttering, and spring storms keep us on our toes!

For my first project of April, I have some sample cards; three cards, three “difficulties.” Check out my video below to see what I did to put them together.


The first card I make is a quick and easy card, using just the kit and a few bit of bling from my stash. The second card is a little more involved – I make a shaker card, and for the third card, I bring in the mixed media kit so I can talk about gel printing a little early in the month!


Quick & Easy Card:


For this card, I just grabbed up a couple of tags from the tag pack, added some foam dots to give a little lift, added a rub-on rose & the rub-on sentiment, and popped on a few flowers from the flower pack and some bling from my (hoarded) stash! I don’t think this card took even 5 minutes to complete!

Shaker Card:


For my shaker card, I cut out some foam circles to use as spacers and some heavy-duty clear packaging plastic to use as my shaker window. I have a rub-on under the shaker pieces, and I glued the flowers to the underside of the plastic! They are in the shaker, but they don’t move. My shaker pieces are some sequins and some chunky glitter.

Gel Print Card:




For my third and final card, I broke into this month’s mixed media kit and added some of the fabulous Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays to my card using the gel plate! I will be talking more about gel printing in other projects this month, but I wanted to get you going with a few little tips of what you can do with the sprays, paint, and gel plate from the mixed media kit.

I used the gel plate to make patches of color on my background and envelope, I turned the gel plate into a stamp pad so I could add some stamped text to my card front, and I went in with the Lime spray using my fingers as my brush on the envelope and added some Lime splatter to my card front. I have three tags layered for this card and tucked in a few flowers. It wasn’t a “hard” card to make, I merely consider it the more “difficult” of the three cards because there is more to be done to finish it! (Plus I bring in another of April’s Kits!)


Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas for cards you can make using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit. Keep an eye on the blog for more projects using this month’s kits!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit & Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*Finnabair Stamp# 967000; *Prima “Pretty Pale” Say It In Crystals; *Twinklets Diamond Dust; *Buttons Galore & More “28 Lilac Lane;” Nuvo “Buttermilk” Crystal Drops; Recollections 2.5” Circle Punch; Ranger Heat-It Tool; Scotch ATG; Fabri-Tac; Art Glitter Glue; JudiKins Diamond Glaze; Foam Adhesive Squares & Dots; foam (or thick chipboard—something to use as “rings” for the shaker); unknown Easter Egg stencil

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Quick & Easy Cards-January 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, all! For my last January project for Tres Jolie Kit Club, I have some Quick & Easy Cards using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit. A little cutting, layering, and gluing later and viola, a few cards all ready to go! Check out my video to see how easy cards can be!


With the coordinating sticker sheet and layered stickers in this month kit, putting a few cards together didn’t take much time at all.


I cut the base paper 4.75”x6.25”, attached it to my card bases and started the layering process.

FRAMED-Cardsl-Jan22CT&M-03 FRAMED-Cardsl-Jan22CT&M-07

I sorted through all the bit and pieces and played around with different layouts and embellishments until I had the cards together the way I wanted. On the Tres Jolie Chipboard butterflies, I added some “Oakleaf Olive” embossing powder and some “Metallic Black” wax.

FRAMED-Cardsl-Jan22CT&M-04 FRAMED-Cardsl-Jan22CT&M-01

Adding some of the layered stickers from the kit is a quick way to give your cards some dimension—and they have some phrases on them to help you get your meaning out!

FRAMED-Cards-Jan22CT&M-SneakPeek FRAMED-Cardsl-Jan22CT&M-02

Using a hot glue gun made assembly go even faster! Even though most of the embellishments were stickers, if I wanted to add a little extra support I put a bit of hot glue down. The stickers go great on the envelope as well — giving it it’s own special touch!


Thank you for joining me here in my little corner! I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of how you can use this month’s kit to make yourself some quick and easy cards to have on hand!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*Lindy’s Gang “Oakleaf Olive” Embossing Powder; *Stamperia “Metallic Black” Wax; Simon Says Stamp Clear Embossing Ink; We R Memory Keepers Craft Knife; Recollections Value Pack Cards & Envelopes; Scotch ATG; Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue

Tres Jolie Kit Club-Interactive Christmas Cards-December 2021 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, all! Welcome back to my corner!

I have a couple of large interactive cards for you this week using the Tres Jolie Kit Club’s December Cards, Tags, & More Kit, items from my stash, and a cut file, Magic Iris Shutter Card, from PreciousDelights4U.


These interactive cards were fun to make! I go over the Magic Windows Slider card in my video, but I used this video to help me do it. I did not show the assembly of the Iris Card because the woman who sells the cut file has her own video you get a link to when you purchase the cut file.


First I’ll go over the few details about the Magic Iris card that I have.


The original size of the cut file can fit all of the parts on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I enlarged mine to the point where the top ring – the one cut from the Graphic 45 paper – was 6-7/8”. I actually enlarged it “by sight” until the inner circle was large enough for the candy canes to fit in. I do have a tip for people who are cutting this using Silhouette Studio and a Cameo! Make sure of your cut lines before hitting “Send”! On the shutter pieces, I had to select the shutter piece and the two squares that make up the tabs and weld them so they would only cut on three sides as intended! (The owner of the cut file has a video for Cricut users!)

FRAMED-20211117_165332 FRAMED-20211117_165358

I used the candy cane, Tres Jolie chipboard piece from the kit as my iris center, and kept it simple, just coating it in some embossing powders and setting it on some glitter coated cardstock! I sewed along the reindeer paper with some gold thread, and added the gold trim to cover the little bit of seam on the solid cardstock I pieced together to make my card base. To give a little “oomph” to the tab, I glued down one of the Graphic 45 chipboard pieces. This card is now ready for personalization!

This next card is made using a die I’ve had for a while, and in my video I said I got it from Amazon, but there is no packaging…so maybe I didn’t! I’ve had it a while, but this is the first time I’ve used it!


I just thought it was so awesome being able to change the image on this card! And to really make is show, I made sure to have a lighter paper as my “revealed” image so it really popped out!

FRAMED-20211117_165255 FRAMED-20211117_165319

Just like with the Magic Iris card, I used a metallic gold thread to stitch the patterned paper to my card base. Then I had to add the bling because I forgot to take into account the movement under the surface! When I went to test the mechanism, it wouldn’t turn! I used a craft knife to slit enough of the stitches to allow clearance, then added the bling as a “cover.” I used a piece of the Graphic 45 chipboard in the center – trimmed down a little – added bling to the “lever” and finished off with adding two gems to the goggles on the chipboard Santa’s hat.


Thank you for joining me here in my corner! I hope you enjoyed these two interactive cards and they gave you some ideas of what you can do using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit.

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to the December Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

*Prima/Ingvild Bolme “Blossom Red” Quick Dry Fluid Chalk Ink; *Lindy’s Gang “Holly Berry Red Gold” Embossing Powder; *Darice Bling Roll; Angela Poole Slide & Reveal Die Set;  PreciousDelights4U: Magic Iris Shutter Card; DCWV “Linen Closet” Cardstock Pad; Ranger Gold Embossing Powder; Ranger Emboss-It Pen; Martha Stewart Fine Glitter “Crystal;” tan cardstock; red cardstock; gold thread; gold ribbon/trim; Tim Holtz sanding block (or an emery board/nail file will work!); UHU Stic; Art Glitter Glue; Fabri-Tac; foam pop up squares; bone folder; 1/8” double sided tape; Ranger Brayer; adhesive sheet; EK Tools Scoreboard

Tres Jolie Kit Club-September 2020 Reveal

Hey, all! Welcome to the September 2020 Kit Reveal!

The September 2020 kit is filled with  gorgeous new to us products from ScrapBoys. These papers scream fall and are great for masculine pages. You will find a lovely assortment of patterned papers and perfectly coordinated embellishments. These kits are for the beginner to the advanced, clean and simple to mixed media maven. No matter your style, there is something for everyone. We know you are going to love it!

Presenting the Tres Jolie September 2020 kits:

scrapbook kit*Scrapbook Kit*

Mixed media kit
*Mixed Media Kit*

Card kit*Cards, Tags and More kit*

Don’t forget to stop by the Tres Jolie YouTube channel and see our video reveal of all our kits.

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The designers at Tres Jolie have created some amazing layouts/projects with this kit.

Here are a few little teases from me using the Mixed Media Kit:




Please stop by the other designers blogs and check out their sneak peaks. They are listed below:

Cris Cunningham

Rae Moses

Jeanne Rodriguez

Michelle Saunders

For the monthly challenge we have a gorgeous mood board. The mood board can easily be used to create a card, tag, layout or even an altered project. The challenge is open to everyone, however we would love to see what you do with our kit(s) and our mood board.

Here is the mood board:


Place your entries in the September 2020 challenge folder on Tres Jolie Kit Club Cafe Facebook page. This challenge ends on September 30th, 2020 at 11:59 pm CST.

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Wedding Congratulations!

Congratulations (A wedding card)

This past weekend the husband and I went to a wedding of some very dear friends. We’ve known the groom for over 11 years, and about 6 1/2 years ago we met the bride. We knew that someday we would be going to their wedding, even if they didn’t know it at the time! It was a beautiful ceremony, and we were so honored and happy to be there with them for it!

As for the card, it is rather straight forward. I did make the flowers myself, and was constantly reminded why I don’t do that! But, I needed those colors right NOW! So I had no real choice in the matter!!

In addition to my handmade, mulberry paper flowers, there is some vintage lace (no brand, got it off eBay a few months ago), some random twine, and some unbranded stamen. Plus, the beautiful butterfly is from ReneaBouquets! It came on the business card in one of my orders, and it worked perfectly for this card!! (Thank you, Renea!)

The card stock, patterned paper, and embossed paper are all from the Simon Says Stamp November Card Kit, and the sentiment is from the Simon Says Stamp “Floral Bliss” stamp set (links at the bottom in the “Product List” area).

The inside says:
“May you forever find joy in each others eyes,
warmth in each others arms,
love in each others heart.”

I just printed it out on some “linen” printer paper and used my ATG to stick it down! (Oh, I found the quote on Pinterest, I’m not that poetic!)
I will be entering this little project into the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Anything Goes” Challenge!
Product List:
  • ReneaBouquets Butterfly 
  • Mulberry paper (I made all the flowers) 
  • Simon Says Stamp: 
  • Elmer’s – Craft Bond – Glue Spots – Thin Medium
  • Prima – Finnabair – Art Basics – 3D Gloss Gel – 8 Ounces
  • Tim Holtz 
    • Distress Oxides Ink Pads – Frayed Burlap
    • Distress Ink Pads – Embossing Ink Clear
    • Paper Distresser
  • Wendy Vecchi 
    • Embossing Powder – Watering Can
  • Sizzix 
    • Big Shot Plus Machine – White and Gray
  • Spellbinders 
    • Shapeabilities Collection – D-Lites Die – Create A Rose
  • Unknown/unbranded twine 
    • stamen 
    • 5 petal flower dies 
    • vintage laces