Tres Jolie Kit Club–Autumn Pumpkin Album–October 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Did you see the Tres Jolie Kit Club October Kits yet? Aren’t they all just fabulous?

I must admit, I love pumpkins! As decoration. I won’t eat or drink them, but I love pumpkins and gourds as décor; so I was super excited to see this adorable Tres Jolie Chipboard Pumpkin Mini Album in the October Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

I used the amazing “Autumn Moods” papers from Craft o’ Clock found in the kit, and some beads and mediums from my stash to add some highlights.


Check out my video to see how easy this album comes together! All you really need are the papers and chipboard found in the kit – and a trusty pair of scissors – the mediums and embellishments are in my “use ‘em if you got ‘em” category! You can easily leave the chipboard plain – which in itself gives a rustic appearance! (Note: If you do use unfinished chipboard, wipe it down with a damp cloth/paper towel, or a baby wipe! The chipboard is laser cut, so there is often some sooty residue!)

There honestly isn’t a lot to describe for this mini album. The first thing I did was get all the cut apart pieces, cut apart. If you have an electronic cutting machine and a scanner (or camera), you may be able to speed up the “fussy cutting” process. (The most common ones I’m aware of is the Silhouette PixScan mats, the Brother Scan-n-Cut, and I don’t know about Cricut, but I would think they would have something.)

The same can be done with the pumpkin shape – you can scan one of the chipboard pieces, double-check the size, and then just cut them out. Or, as I showed in my video, it’s easy enough to trace the shape lightly onto the patterned paper and cut it out.


To prepare my chipboard, I grabbed up my jar of TCW’s “Marigold” Stencil Butter and brushed it all along the edges of all of the pages and the front of the cover piece.

In addition to the Stencil Butter, I used some Halloween & Holiday Distress Crayons (2021 & 2022 releases) to add a little more shine, color, and highlights to the outside of the cover pieces. For the front cover, before adding the patterned paper, using my water brush, I added  “Crooked Broomstick,” “Decayed,” “Tree Lot,” and “Bubbling Cauldron” to color the leaves and vines, then a little “Burning Ember,” and “Jack-O-Lantern” to add a little shading on top of the Stencil Butter.

With the Crayons added to the front cover, I started the process of gluing all of the patterned paper down to the chipboard – adding my flip-outs and eyelets as I went along. On the front cover, I used some Diamond Glaze – making sure all of the swirls and curls were glued down – because it dries very clear and I knew I’d be coming back later to add a bit more decoration to the front. For every other page, I just used some Art Glitter Glue.


When I added the eyelet to the front cover, it was a little off-center, which left an edge sticking out. I trimmed off that edge, but I also wanted to cover the sharp metal, so I just dabbed on some 3D Matte Gel. Even though it wasn’t in the original plan, I think adding that little extra bit of texture worked out well, especially after I added some of the Distress Crayons to it!

I also did distress the edges of every page, only the patterned paper on the two cover pieces and the tops of the little pockets from the cut-apart sheets.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-11 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-12

On a few pages, I wanted to add some little flip-outs, so I traced the shape of the album onto the patterned paper but left off the leaves and vines – just hand drawing the rest of the pumpkin top – and cut a tab at the edge that would be the hinge. I cut the tab to tuck into a slot I had cut using my craft knife before gluing the patterned paper down to the chipboard.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-13 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-14

As I was working, I decided I wanted to add a little extra reinforcement to the hinging edges of the flip-outs to help keep the paper from weakening and potentially tearing with use. I didn’t use any type of special tape, just regular gift wrapping tape that I aged with some alcohol inks.

For this tape, I used Ranger “Sunshine” and “Eggplant” alcohol inks to go with the autumn colors of the patterned paper, but I have used Ranger’s “Caramel” and “Ginger” to create the more “traditional” aged tape pieces.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-02 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-03 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-04

For the little pockets, I just used my Art Glitter Glue to hold them down, but for my tuck-in spots, I used my hot glue gun so I would be able to give them a little extra lift off the surface of the page.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-05 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-06

You can use some of the longer tags, or cut out some stripes to create one or more belly bands for your album if you would like! For the page above, I just tucked the top and bottom of one of the longer tags under and glued them down to the page.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-15 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-16

I added some of my faux vintage tape to the bends and edges of the envelopes since I decided not to glue their edges closed.

For the tag on the envelope above, I created some faux brad heads using a few small beads and Diamond Glaze.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-17 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-18

With so many cut-apart pieces to choose from, it’s super easy to create layers in your clusters for some added dimension!

I used the “Decayed” Distress Crayon on the edges of all the cut-apart pieces (fussy cuts) to soften the white of the edges.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-19 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-20

Now the only thing that is left is adding any photos or ephemera to this adorable pumpkin album!

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-21 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-22

And that was all there was to put the inside of this little pumpkin together!

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-08 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-23

Before I added everything to the book ring I was using, I added the final details to the cover pieces. On the front cover, I used a small paint brush to add some Micro Glaze to the patterned paper to give it a layer of protection so the two purple Distress Crayons (“Hocus Pocus” and “Fortune Teller”) I used wouldn’t just soak in and leave “stains.” After the paper was protected, I added my purple, spread it around some with my water brush, and let it dry. After that had dried, I added a couple different glass beads inside a few areas of the cover using my Diamond Glaze, and after that was set up, I brushed on some more Diamond Glaze and sprinkled on a few microbeads.

For the back cover, I gave the patterned paper a coating of the Micro Glaze, watered down and mixed together the purple Crayons on my mat, and just set the back cover on that mix letting the color go where ever it wanted!

When everything had dried, I added my pages to a book ring and used the same fine jute twine on the tags to tie one of the leaf charms to the ring.


Thank you for joining me here in my corner! If you haven’t had a chance to start playing with your kit(s) this month, I hope this project will give you some ideas of what you can do with your October Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

TCW “Marigold” Stencil Butter , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Distress Crayon “Jack-O-Lantern” , Distress Crayon “Crooked Broomstick” , Distress Crayon “Decayed” , Distress Crayon “Tree Lot” , Distress Crayon “Bubbling Cauldron” , Distress Crayon “Burning Ember” , Distress Crayon “Fortune Teller” , Distress Crayon “Hocus Pocus” , Tim Holtz “Eggplant” Alcohol Ink , Tim Holtz “Sunshine” Alcohol Ink , Prima Water Brush , ReneaBouquets “Dark Purple” Glass Beautiful Beads , ReneaBouquets “Dark Purple” Glass No Hole Microbeads , Ranger Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt , Ranger Blending Tool , Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher , We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile , We R Memory Keepers Craft Knife , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , JudiKins MicroGlaze , Art Glitter Glue , hot glue gun , Gorilla Mini Hot Glue Sticks , 3/16” eyelets , jute twine , dark purple no hole seed beads , transparent tape (AKA Scotch® Tape)

Tres Jolie Kit Club-July Mixed Media Kit-Use Your Wings

Hey, all!

Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m bringing you my final project for this month using the second transparent gear from A.B. Studio that came in the Tres Jolie Kit Club’s July Mixed Media kit, along with the alcohol inks from the kit and some items from my stash.


For this project I really wanted to showcase the transparent nature of that A.B. Studio gear so I used a gel medium to add some texture while retaining the transparency. Check out the video below to see the whole process as I was doing it!



I really wanted a ton of texture on my gear, so in addition to the stenciling I have some sisel and some texture beads.


I used the “Sunshine Yellow,” and “Sunset Orange” alcohol inks in the area where I would be placing the cluster.


I used clear embossing power on some of the cut-out pieces, then used the “Purple Twilight” alcohol ink and the “Snow Cap” Mixative to add some color to the mushroom tops and some of the flower clusters. When I sprayed the ink with some rubbing alcohol I just let it bleed out how it wanted. I didn’t dry to clean it up or move it.


On a few of the other embossed, cut-out pieces I used some of the “Snow Cap” Mixative.


I think the olive green on the butterfly and words was the perfect complementary color to use with the three colors of alcohol inks that came in this month’s kit.


Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie, I hope you enjoyed this project and that it gave you some ideas of what can be done with items from this month’s Mixed Media kit. I hope to see you again soon!

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Mixed Media kit

In addition to items from this month’s kit (*from previous Tres Jolie kits), I used:

*Prima Stencil Item #564278, *A.B. Studio “Vintage Elements 3,” Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (AKA Rubbing Alcohol), Ranger Extra Thick Embossing Powder – Clear, Ranger Blending Tool, Ranger/Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt, Brea Reese Texture Pebbles, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel, Sisal, Ranger Heat It Craft Tool, Ranger Mini Mister

Tres Jolie Kit Club – *Follow Along With Us* – July Mixed Media Kit-A Day At the Beach

Hey, all! Welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m bringing you my first project for the Tres Jolie Kit Club for this month using the Mixed Media Kit. Recently, we have had some requests for more detailed instructions for the projects we create, so last month we started the “Follow Along With Us” series, where each month we will focus on a different kit and create a project using only items from that kit, staple items (i.e. glues), and/or household items (ex: isopropyl [rubbing] alcohol). For this project, I created a video to follow along with and I hope I didn’t overexplain or underexplain anything!


Because alcohol inks dry so quickly, this was a rather quick project to put together! I just grabbed up my gel medium to adhere the flowers and photo, which I mounted on some cardboard for rigidity and my rubbing alcohol, that works well as an alcohol ink blending solution.

Check out my video for the full details and process, and make it with me!

Now, how about some close-ups?


The top of the larger flower cluster on the left of the photo. You can also see some of the blending between the three alcohol inks, and the splattering of the “Snow Cap” Mixative.


A close-up of the blending for the sky. As you can see, the splatters give a sense of depth depending on how much the “Snow Cap” reactivated the color behind it.


I hope you enjoyed this project and it helped you in using the items from the kit this month! Make sure you keep an eye out each month for more of our “Make It With Us” videos and/or written instructions! I’ll be back next week with my project using that beautiful art deco chipboard from A.B. Studio.

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July Mixed Media Kit:

Mixed Media kit

In addition to items from this month’s kit, I used:
70% Isopropyl Alcohol (AKA Rubbing Alcohol), Ranger/Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution, Blending Tool, & Alcohol Ink Application Felt, make-up wedge, drinking straw, Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, BEST 1” Double Sided Tape, Krylon Workable Fixatif, Ranger Mini Mister

Sunset Dolphin-Lindy’s Gang June 2020 Challenge

Hey, all! Welcome back to my little corner of the Internet!

Today I’m bringing you an altered mirror from Dollar Tree for the Lindy’s Gang June 2020 Color Challenge!


I used a lot of Lindy’s Gang products just to make the three colors for the challenge! I know I only two are required, but I like trying to get everything in! The “Guten Tag Teal” Embossing Powder is the only Lindy’s product I own that was a match all on its own, I had to create the bright green and orange-ish coral, which I show in the video (below the Lindy’s Challenge board), plus I’ll add the details to the other photos on this post.


The Lindy’s Gang Challenge Color Board.

DSC_0031-wm DSC_0033-wm
For the coral flowers, I mixed “Alpine Ice Rose” Magical Shaker, “Magical Mai Tai” Flat Magical, and “Plumeria Pink” Flat Magical powders. While the flowers were still wet, I sprinkled on “Alpine Ice Rose” Magical Shaker in the center. For the bright green flowers, I made a spray of the “Aloha Avacado” Flat Magical, but I didn’t think it was quite bright enough, so I also sprayed the flowers with “Pineapple Paradise” Flat Fabio Sprays.
DSC_0030-wm DSC_0035-wm
Fortunately, I had a few teal flowers that matched the “Guten Tag Teal” Embossing Powder I used on the ReneaBouquets Beautiful Board and in the center of the green flowers. For the frame around the mirror, I mixed the same colors I used on the coral flowers into some Liquitex Gel Medium and brushed it on. Then I spritzed it with water and sprinkled on more of the “Alpine Ice Rose” Magical Shaker.
DSC_0032-wm DSC_0036-wm
I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with the mirror, but I didn’t want to leave it as it was, then in finally dawned on me to use my alcohol inks! For the sunset sky, which needed to match the coral, I used “Sunset Orange” and “Flamingo.” For the water, which needed to match the teal, I used “Patina,” and to make my wave caps I used the “Pearl” mixative. I made a stencil from some scrap cardstock and a cut file from the Silhouette Store (ID# 297497) and used Nuvo Embellishment Mousse “Black Ash” to create the dolphin.


And there you have it. I used a simple mirror from Dollar Tree and spruced it up using a lot of Lindy’s Gang products!

Thank you for joining me here in my corner!!

Products Used:

Lindy’s Gang: “Alpine Ice Rose” Magical Shaker, “Magical Mai Tai” Flat Magical, “Plumeria Pink” Flat Magical, “Pineapple Paradise” Flat Fabio Sprays, “Aloha Avacado” Flat Magical, “Guten Tag Teal” Embossing Powder, ReneaBouquets “Small Twisted Chain Frame Set,” Silhouette Design Store “Tropical Leaves” ID# 293541 & “Tropical Dolphin Sunset” ID# 297497, Prima Flowers (I don’t know which ones, I’ve had them for years!), Prima Melange Art Pebbles “Sugar,” Prima Flowers Item# 640040, Bazzill “Limeade,” Unbranded Gold Microbeads, Unbranded Stamen, Ranger Emboss-It Ink Refill, Fabri-Tac, E6000, Simon Says Stamp Clear Embossing Ink, Liquitex Gloss Gel, Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel, Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Mousse “Black Ash,” Ranger-Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution, “Sunset Orange,” “Flamingo,” & “Patina” Alcohol Inks and “Pearl” Mixative, “Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze, Nicapa Cutting Mat, Silhouette Cameo 3, Mirror from Dollar Tree