As it turns out I am addicted to my Droid, and I thought maybe I could blog easier via my phone. You’d think my computer would be easier, but the kids are home schooled. Also, I like being able to post as I think of things. I’m not patient, and I forget things. I’m a very “now” person. Sometimes I’m just comfortable where I am and I don’t want move 🙂

I guess I’ll see how this works out for me.

My Start

My scrapping adventure has been a short whirlwind so far. It has been approximately 10 months since I bought my first set of decorative scissors and pad of paper. That’s right I haven’t even had a one year anniversary! It was all my BFF’s doing, she told me I should start scrapbooking, and showed me all the pretty papers, which was the clincher, so I went out, I got some paper and Baby Boy embellishments and started on my first album, my oldest sons first year. Since that November (2008) day I have completed that album as well as my youngest sons first year album. Since finishing those I have been doing random pages from pictures I come across, mainly for the various challenges on scrapbooking sites. I have my a subscription to scrapbooks.etc, sent a gift subscription to my BFF, got a copy of Page Planner, and already own a Cricut Expression! My paper supply has grown to a level I could not describe, I have tried sewing, glitter, and chalking (minimally). My next adventure? Becoming more refined.