Tres Jolie Kit Club–How I make My Pocket Letters – February 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Do you make Pocket Letters® (PL for short, also referred to as pocket mail)? Participate in a pocket letter swap? The Cards, Tags, & More Kits from Tres Jolie Kit Club are perfect for all your “smaller” projects! This week, I’m going to use my kit – or what I have left of it from previous projects – to throw together a quick, yet still fabulous, pocket letter!

Although it had been quite some time (pre-pandemic!) since I had made a pocket letter, I managed to remember my process! I don’t know if my process seems “obvious,” but it is what works for me and helps make the creation process a bit more streamlined [for me]! As always, make sure to check out my video if you want to see how this project came together and learn a little about pocket letters if you haven’t come across them yet.


feb23-pocketLetter-04 feb23-pocketLetter-05 feb23-pocketLetter-06

The original Pocket Letter format was to use a 9-slot trading card protector then fill them with ATC-sized (2-1/2” x 3-1/2”) cuts of your patterned paper/cardstock decorated to varying degrees, then tuck in some bits and pieces as gifts (i.e. ephemera, washi samples, stickers, etc.) and your pen pal letter. I believe the first Pocket Letter was created “flat” so it could fold at the horizontal seams and still fit in a U.S. letter-sized envelope (#10 envelope).

Although I haven’t done it personally, I do believe some people will use Project Life® Page Protectors or even just create their own pocket pages (using the Fuse® Tool for example) so they can make their pockets a custom size! However, I didn’t want this project to get quite that complex; I wanted to keep it rather simple so I could highlight the origin of PL’s and have this project be a little bit more relaxing than last week’s lapbook!

feb23-pocketLetter-02 feb23-pocketLetter-08

After I had cut a few of the Paper Boutique papers down to size, I started playing around with how I would want them laid out – creating the layout on my work surface so I could see the “big picture.” Now, you don’t have to create a “big picture” Pocket Letter, you can easily create nine “little pictures” or create a scene for each row or column! It really is a very customizable and personal project! If you participate in a swap, there may be a theme to follow, or you may want to create your Pocket Letter using your partner’s favorites – but, overall, it really is a very customizable project!

After I had decided on which patterned papers I wanted to use as my card bases, I started sorting through all of my little bits of ephemera and flowers from all of the kits this month – and that led to the decision to use some of the chipboard pieces from the 3Quarter Designs papers found in this month’s Scrapbooking Kit. I kept the chipboard bare, and just used the Platinum Crackle Paste and the TCW stencil from the [February 2023] Mixed Media Kit to give them some texture. And, since I knew I wanted to use the Tres Jolie Chipboard Dragonfly somewhere, I coated the solid base with the Platinum Crackle and “smooshed” the dragonfly outline on top.


While my texture paste was drying, I got to work deciding how I wanted my overall design to look. I used some of the round punch-out pieces – and their negatives – to create the crescent moon look on the four cards made with pink with pink flower print patterned paper as the base. You can see in the photos that I cut the round pop-out pieces to create an overlap or continuation of the “big picture” on adjacent cards – and, I will admit, this is one of my favorite things to do with pocket letters!

Since Pocket Letters were originally intended to be filled with goodies, I tend to leave my cards rather flat (plus, the pre-made pockets don’t stretch all that much!!), so I picked out the pink flowers from the 3Quarter paper pack die-cut sheets (from this month) and used them to create some clusters along with the chipboard I had stenciled. I used a light pink thread in my sewing machine and stitched some simple straight stitches along the perimeter of each card, some zig-zag stitching along the round edges and some straight and zig-zag stitching through my clusters. I didn’t stitch my clusters to the cards – I opted to just glue them in place – because I didn’t want too much stitching on the back side! And, speaking of the backs, some crafters choose to make double-sided Pocket Letters, and some don’t! For me, it varies depending on what the back looks like. In this case, I kept everything single-sided because the back of the patterned paper was white and there was only a little stitching.

feb23-pocketLetter-11 feb23-pocketLetter-07

With my cards, all put together and ready to go, I turned my focus to the protector sheet! As it tends to happen quite often, once crafters and artists get their hands on an idea, we tend to expand upon it – and the protector sheet was no exception! The cards may not get to have too many embellishments or dimension, but that doesn’t mean dimension won’t be popping up somewhere! And of course, we can’t just leave the binder edge unadorned, can we? No! And, once again, the amount of decoration varies, I prefer to keep my edges simple most of the time, because some people keep the letters they receive in a binder, while some may opt to hang them up! The binder is also the reason I re-punch the holes (if they go covered) and insert 3/16” eyelets (they generally fit on binder rings, in my experience). For this project, I stitched on a bit of ribbon and some ricrac, added some pale pink, 1/8” eyelets for decoration, and popped in some brown flower eyelets for the binder holes.

After I put all my cards in the pockets, the only thing left to do was add a few bits of decoration to the outside of the protector. I finished off the flower pack from the Cards, Tags, & More Kit and the package I had opened for last week’s lapbook from the Scrapbooking Kit. For the peach-ish flowers from the Cards Kit pack, I wanted to pink them up a little, so I – more or less – washed every last drop of ink from the mini Worn Lipstick Distress Ink pad and let the flowers soak up the watery mess!


Once the flowers were (mostly) dry, I started laying my remaining pieces out on my pocket protector page and used some Gorilla Clear Grip to make sure everything stuck to the plastic! I added stitching through the quote (cut from the bottom of one of the 3Quarter papers) just to give it a little more visual interest and backed the strips with some light chipboard to help give them a little support. For the center of the chipboard flowers, I didn’t want to leave them empty, so I grabbed up some Nuvo Crystal Drops and filled them up.

And that is it! Pocket Letter complete!

Thank you for joining me here on the blog, I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what you can create using the kits this month! (And maybe introduced you to Pocket Letters if you haven’t come across them yet!)

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (& the few bits from the Scrapbooking Kit and Mixed Media Kit), I used (from previous Tres Jolie Kits):

Nuvo Crystal Drops “Carnation Pink,” We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile, ribbon and ricrac from my stash, Art Glitter Glue, Gorilla Clear Grip, UHU Stic, pink thread, eyelets, trading card protector

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Cordis Gelida-January 2023 Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! This week I broke into the January Mixed Media Kit, grabbed up some mould pieces and Mechanicals from my stash, and created my “Cordis Gelida” (“Frozen Heart” – Latin) mixed media panel. You could call your piece “Hiems Amo” (“I Love Winter” – Latin) if you are the type of person who loves winter. Actually, it’s your artwork, you can call it whatever you want or nothing at all!

After you’re done checking out the photos and reading this overview of my project, come and join me over on YouTube where I talk about what I did, expose my hoarding of Finnabair Mechanicals, wonder if my obsession with adhesion is genetic, babble semi-coherently, and ask the tough question, “Do New Year [I’ll use what I have] Resolutions apply to crafters and artists?”


Have you seen the mood board yet this month? It’s filled with beautiful winter-scapes and wonder – which matches perfectly for the twist “Winter Wonderland!” I happen to love winter – well, I love looking at winter. From inside. Where it’s warm. If I could figure out how to be warm without 42 layers of clothing, I’d love to sit out at a frozen pond enjoying the quiet tranquility. There is a line from a made-for-TV, two-part movie series (well, when I saw it in the early 2000s, it was in two parts) that came out in 1997, True Women, and my favorite line from it is “Snow makes even ugly things beautiful.” (Side note: Is it strange that the line I remember all these years later was spoken by not a main character, that [the character] was not a…“good person”…? Why did he get the line I remember?!?!) Anyhow, back to the project! Which is why y’all are here, right?

Tres Jolie Mood Board


Overall, it wasn’t a terribly complicated project. I used crackle paste with my Finnabair Machinery stencil for one texture/style, then stenciled on some snowflakes with the lava paste. That was the basis of my contrasting textures – “hard” angles and edges, and soft fluffy snow!


I grabbed up mould pieces and Mechanicals from my stash that I thought I would want to use and just started playing around with the layout. I didn’t pre-plan the entire thing – I worked “in the moment” and went with what looked and felt right to me! And, somewhere along the way, I added in the spoon and little pipe from the kit.

jan23-mmKit-14 jan23-mmKit-11

Once I had everything adhered and it had time to dry some, I gave it all a nice coat of white gesso. Now it was time for the real messy part – adding some color!

I mixed the Cosmic Shimmer powders with some matte medium or Liquid Color Fluid Medium so they would stay in place after drying, allowing the colors to layer and not keep reactivating. After I had my colors down over the entire project, I came back with the powders in a more concentrated form – using them more as heavy body paint than the “poured on” method I had used for the initial coating. This allowed me to use those powders to add extra dimension to key areas.

jan23-mmKit-18 jan23-mmKit-17

Once I had my powder paint where I wanted it and had given it all ample time to dry, I used a round brush to add some of the wax from the kit to the surface. I didn’t add wax to every nook and cranny, I didn’t want to make everything a uniform color, I just wanted that wax mostly to sit on the surface of everything.

The final step was dabbing on some of the lava paste and, using the low heat setting on my heat gun, activating that paste and creating my snow clusters.


Thank you for joining me here today, I hope you enjoyed this mixed media panel and it gave you some ideas of what you can do with the mediums in this month’s Mixed Media Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Mixed Media Kit (from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Ranger Opaque Crackle Texture Paste, TCW “Snowflakes” Stencil, Finnabair “Machinery” Stencil, Finnabair Moulds: Steampunk Hearts, Stars and Moons, Love Machine, Pieces of Underworld, & Cogs and Wings, Finnabair “Vintage Flowers Metal Trinkets” and “Mini Roman Numerals” Mechanicals, Finnabair White Heavy Gesso, Soft Matte Gel, 3D Matte Gel, Liquid Color Fluid Medium, Texture Powder, Mega Art Stones, Art Stones, Mini Art Stones, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Liquitex Matte Medium

Tres Jolie Kit Club–November Mood Board + Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! This week I grabbed up the Tres Jolie Kit Club November 2022 Mixed Media Kit, the burlap flowers from the Scrapbooking Kit, and a couple items from my stash to create a fabulous fall décor piece!

The only mediums I used for color were the four Stencil Butters that came in the kit – it was all just a matter of how I mixed and layered them to create the different shading.


Make sure you check out the video to catch all the details of what I did to bring my cornucopia to life!

Tres Jolie Mood Board


This project really was rather simple – I let the stencil butter and the texture powder do the heavy lifting for me!


I didn’t use any gesso on the surface because I didn’t want too many layers that may make it more difficult for me to see the laser-cut details on the Tres Jolie cornucopia base. The first thing I did was grab up some artist’s tape and tape off the border between the edge of the filling and the basket, then I brushed a thin coat of the Chocolate Stencil Butter all over the basket. To start getting some detail built up, I mixed some of the Chocolate Stencil Butter with some texture powder and used some small round brushes to create the raised areas of the basket – or the areas that I thought of as raised!


Since I had a little of that mix left, I brushed it onto the lower part of the base then used a baby wipe to clean it up – just leaving some of the color behind to start filling in the areas between all of the foliage and produce.

Once all of the Chocolate Stencil Butter had dried, I started working with the Fern in the same fashion. I mixed in some texture powder and started building up the apple and some of the foliage. Then, to create some variations in shading, I mixed in some of the Eggplant Stencil Butter for the pear, and to create the darkest of the green, I added some of the Terra Cotta and Chocolate. Then I just brushed the Fern Stencil Butter on straight from the jar to add the light areas to the apple and pear and some lighter highlights to the foliage.

I also wanted to add a little more light coloring to the basket, so I brushed on my leftover mix, sprayed it down with water, and wiped up most of what was there – leaving just enough to add a hint of color besides the Chocolate.


The raised areas of the pumpkin are made up of some of the texture powder mixed with the Terra Cotta, and after that had dried, I came back with some of the Terra Cotta straight from the jar and filled in the smaller areas and I used my finger to rub a thin, uneven layer on top of the texture powder mix.

Since I loved the unevenness of using my finger to rub on the Stencil Butter, I decided to add some of the Terra Cotta to the cornucopia basket and rubbed on some of the Chocolate along the edges.

For all of the grapes (berries?) I used a cheap cake piping bag and tip with the Eggplant Stencil Butter and just created all of my “dots”! I think it made the process much quicker than if I had tried to use a brush. I just sprayed the surface of the Stencil Butter with water and made a little puddle to dip my finger in so I could smooth out any areas – so long as either my finger or the surface of the Stencil Butter was kept wet, my finger didn’t get stuck!! To really get those grapes to pop, I grabbed up my heat gun, and (for once) I purposely “overheated” my texture paste/stencil butter to create bubbles!

For the grape stems, I just mixed some texture powder, Eggplant, and Fern together and brushed it on. Then I watered it down and added that green-ish hew to the inside of the basket, and then used up the rest to give my metal “Welcome” a coating. Once again, I didn’t use any gesso, I just brushed my Stencil Butter directly on the surface. After that layer had dried, I used a soft brush and added some of the Eggplant to the upper half (and back) of the metal word.

welcomeCornicopia-05 welcomeCornicopia-07

For my stand, I up-cycled two of the hanging bars from a hanging file folder, bending one around to create the bottom and cutting the second in half to create the two uprights behind the cornucopia. I used some Gorilla Clear Grip to hold the metal in place, then came back with some 3D Matte Gel for extra adhesion and to hold the “Welcome” in place. I mixed some of the Chocolate Stencil Butter with some of the texture powder and some of the 3D Matte Gel for adhesive power, then brushed a layer onto the metal bars. I grabbed my heat gun up so I could get the surface of the mix dry, then added my flowers with some 3D Matte Gel.

After all of my gel had dried, I came back and just added some touch-up areas to the stand and word, then gave a coating of the Chocolate to the back for a more finished appearance.


That was it! It wasn’t a super complicated project, just a matter of mixing colors and trying to keep as much detail as possible! Thank you for joining me here in my corner, I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what you can do with your Mixed Media Kit this month!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Mixed Media Kit and the burlap flowers from this month’s Scrapbooking Kit, I used:

Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Gorilla Clear Grip , piping bag/tip , Chandler Heat Gun , Crafter’s Square Metal Words , hangers from hanging file folders

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Autumn Pumpkin Album–October 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! Did you see the Tres Jolie Kit Club October Kits yet? Aren’t they all just fabulous?

I must admit, I love pumpkins! As decoration. I won’t eat or drink them, but I love pumpkins and gourds as décor; so I was super excited to see this adorable Tres Jolie Chipboard Pumpkin Mini Album in the October Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

I used the amazing “Autumn Moods” papers from Craft o’ Clock found in the kit, and some beads and mediums from my stash to add some highlights.


Check out my video to see how easy this album comes together! All you really need are the papers and chipboard found in the kit – and a trusty pair of scissors – the mediums and embellishments are in my “use ‘em if you got ‘em” category! You can easily leave the chipboard plain – which in itself gives a rustic appearance! (Note: If you do use unfinished chipboard, wipe it down with a damp cloth/paper towel, or a baby wipe! The chipboard is laser cut, so there is often some sooty residue!)

There honestly isn’t a lot to describe for this mini album. The first thing I did was get all the cut apart pieces, cut apart. If you have an electronic cutting machine and a scanner (or camera), you may be able to speed up the “fussy cutting” process. (The most common ones I’m aware of is the Silhouette PixScan mats, the Brother Scan-n-Cut, and I don’t know about Cricut, but I would think they would have something.)

The same can be done with the pumpkin shape – you can scan one of the chipboard pieces, double-check the size, and then just cut them out. Or, as I showed in my video, it’s easy enough to trace the shape lightly onto the patterned paper and cut it out.


To prepare my chipboard, I grabbed up my jar of TCW’s “Marigold” Stencil Butter and brushed it all along the edges of all of the pages and the front of the cover piece.

In addition to the Stencil Butter, I used some Halloween & Holiday Distress Crayons (2021 & 2022 releases) to add a little more shine, color, and highlights to the outside of the cover pieces. For the front cover, before adding the patterned paper, using my water brush, I added  “Crooked Broomstick,” “Decayed,” “Tree Lot,” and “Bubbling Cauldron” to color the leaves and vines, then a little “Burning Ember,” and “Jack-O-Lantern” to add a little shading on top of the Stencil Butter.

With the Crayons added to the front cover, I started the process of gluing all of the patterned paper down to the chipboard – adding my flip-outs and eyelets as I went along. On the front cover, I used some Diamond Glaze – making sure all of the swirls and curls were glued down – because it dries very clear and I knew I’d be coming back later to add a bit more decoration to the front. For every other page, I just used some Art Glitter Glue.


When I added the eyelet to the front cover, it was a little off-center, which left an edge sticking out. I trimmed off that edge, but I also wanted to cover the sharp metal, so I just dabbed on some 3D Matte Gel. Even though it wasn’t in the original plan, I think adding that little extra bit of texture worked out well, especially after I added some of the Distress Crayons to it!

I also did distress the edges of every page, only the patterned paper on the two cover pieces and the tops of the little pockets from the cut-apart sheets.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-11 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-12

On a few pages, I wanted to add some little flip-outs, so I traced the shape of the album onto the patterned paper but left off the leaves and vines – just hand drawing the rest of the pumpkin top – and cut a tab at the edge that would be the hinge. I cut the tab to tuck into a slot I had cut using my craft knife before gluing the patterned paper down to the chipboard.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-13 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-14

As I was working, I decided I wanted to add a little extra reinforcement to the hinging edges of the flip-outs to help keep the paper from weakening and potentially tearing with use. I didn’t use any type of special tape, just regular gift wrapping tape that I aged with some alcohol inks.

For this tape, I used Ranger “Sunshine” and “Eggplant” alcohol inks to go with the autumn colors of the patterned paper, but I have used Ranger’s “Caramel” and “Ginger” to create the more “traditional” aged tape pieces.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-02 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-03 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-04

For the little pockets, I just used my Art Glitter Glue to hold them down, but for my tuck-in spots, I used my hot glue gun so I would be able to give them a little extra lift off the surface of the page.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-05 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-06

You can use some of the longer tags, or cut out some stripes to create one or more belly bands for your album if you would like! For the page above, I just tucked the top and bottom of one of the longer tags under and glued them down to the page.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-15 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-16

I added some of my faux vintage tape to the bends and edges of the envelopes since I decided not to glue their edges closed.

For the tag on the envelope above, I created some faux brad heads using a few small beads and Diamond Glaze.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-17 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-18

With so many cut-apart pieces to choose from, it’s super easy to create layers in your clusters for some added dimension!

I used the “Decayed” Distress Crayon on the edges of all the cut-apart pieces (fussy cuts) to soften the white of the edges.

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-19 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-20

Now the only thing that is left is adding any photos or ephemera to this adorable pumpkin album!

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-21 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-22

And that was all there was to put the inside of this little pumpkin together!

Oct-PumpkinAlbum-08 Oct-PumpkinAlbum-23

Before I added everything to the book ring I was using, I added the final details to the cover pieces. On the front cover, I used a small paint brush to add some Micro Glaze to the patterned paper to give it a layer of protection so the two purple Distress Crayons (“Hocus Pocus” and “Fortune Teller”) I used wouldn’t just soak in and leave “stains.” After the paper was protected, I added my purple, spread it around some with my water brush, and let it dry. After that had dried, I added a couple different glass beads inside a few areas of the cover using my Diamond Glaze, and after that was set up, I brushed on some more Diamond Glaze and sprinkled on a few microbeads.

For the back cover, I gave the patterned paper a coating of the Micro Glaze, watered down and mixed together the purple Crayons on my mat, and just set the back cover on that mix letting the color go where ever it wanted!

When everything had dried, I added my pages to a book ring and used the same fine jute twine on the tags to tie one of the leaf charms to the ring.


Thank you for joining me here in my corner! If you haven’t had a chance to start playing with your kit(s) this month, I hope this project will give you some ideas of what you can do with your October Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

TCW “Marigold” Stencil Butter , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Distress Crayon “Jack-O-Lantern” , Distress Crayon “Crooked Broomstick” , Distress Crayon “Decayed” , Distress Crayon “Tree Lot” , Distress Crayon “Bubbling Cauldron” , Distress Crayon “Burning Ember” , Distress Crayon “Fortune Teller” , Distress Crayon “Hocus Pocus” , Tim Holtz “Eggplant” Alcohol Ink , Tim Holtz “Sunshine” Alcohol Ink , Prima Water Brush , ReneaBouquets “Dark Purple” Glass Beautiful Beads , ReneaBouquets “Dark Purple” Glass No Hole Microbeads , Ranger Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt , Ranger Blending Tool , Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher , We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile , We R Memory Keepers Craft Knife , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , JudiKins MicroGlaze , Art Glitter Glue , hot glue gun , Gorilla Mini Hot Glue Sticks , 3/16” eyelets , jute twine , dark purple no hole seed beads , transparent tape (AKA Scotch® Tape)

Tres Jolie Kit Club–Gilded Magnolia – June 2022 Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! I couldn’t help but use this month’s Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club after I saw the bright, beautiful colors of TCW’s Stencil Butter’s and modeling paste. I actually didn’t even own the moulds I used for the flowers until after I saw the kit, then one day the Magnolia mould showed up in the “you might like” section of my Amazon homepage, and I knew then and there exactly what I was going to do with the kit!


As I noted in the video, I still have to give my project a coating of some Triple-Thick Clear Glaze, but we have had “tropical” conditions here for over a week now, and I still haven’t been able to spray them! I kept waiting, hoping to be able to take photos after the spray had set, but at this rate, it might be October before I get to do that!


There are not a lot of steps involved in the making of this project, and those fabulous Stencil Butter’s do a lot of the “heavy lifting.”




I used all three of the Mixed Media Boards for the background – pushing them together and stenciling across the seams to create a continuous pattern. I built up the layers using the Stencil Butters, some white texture paste, some 3D Matte Gel, and the modeling paste from the kit this month.




I grabbed up my paperclay and moulds, and set about creating the flowers I wanted to use to span across the Mixed Media boards. I used two of the “Magnolia” pieces (product list at bottom of post) and one set of the “Winter Blooms,” then set to work to create my flower spray. I wrapped some plastic wrap around my boards so I could work on the placement of my flowers without worrying about making a mess, and while still on the plastic wrap, I used my 3D Matte Gel to hold the pieces together.


After the gel had set up, I pulled the plastic wrap off the back and coated the flowers with some white gesso. My first layer of color was a coating of the Gamboge Stencil Butter, followed by a coating of the Grecian Gold Modeling Paste.



When it came time to attach my flowers to the boards, I mixed the Grecian Gold Modeling Paste with some of my 3D Matte Gel and used that – that way it would all blend together!

At this point, the only thing holding my boards together was the flower spray, so I got a 9”x12” MDF board from my stash and cut it down to size. Then I used some wood glue, spread it out evenly, and set the boards in place. I used some book clips, with some cushioning under the front edges, to hold everything together while that glue set up.

Eventually, I will be adding some Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze to the finished piece, once we get a break in the humidity, and then this will be completely finished!


Thank-you for joining me here in my corner, I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some ideas of what you can do with the Stencil Butter’s and Modeling Paste found in this month’s Mixed Media Kit.

Stay Crafty, Friends

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Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

In addition to the items from the June 2022 Mixed Media Kit, I used:

Items may contain an affiliate link (non-Tres Jolie), where I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Creative Paperclay , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , Ranger “Opaque Matte” Texture Paste , Prima ReDesign “Winter Blooms” Mould , Chongmu “Magnolia Camellia” Mold , Daler-Rowney White Gesso , Gorilla Wood Glue , 9”x12”x0.25” MDF Board , (eventually) Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze