Sunset Dolphin-Lindy’s Gang June 2020 Challenge

Hey, all! Welcome back to my little corner of the Internet! Today I’m bringing you an altered mirror from Dollar Tree for the Lindy’s Gang June 2020 Color Challenge! I used a lot of Lindy’s Gang products just to make the three colors for the challenge! I know I only two are required, but IContinue reading “Sunset Dolphin-Lindy’s Gang June 2020 Challenge”

May 2020 Lindy’sGang Challenge-ATCoins-Journey

Hi, all! I have managed yet another project this month!! Still not going to question or argue with my brain’s decision to be active this month! This time I have made a set of Artist Trading Coins for the Lindy’s Gang May 2020 Color Challenge. Below the Lindy’s Gang Color Challenge Image, you’ll find aContinue reading “May 2020 Lindy’sGang Challenge-ATCoins-Journey”