Tres Jolie Kit Club–Mecha Love – February 2023 Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! I hope you’re having a fabulous February and have had a chance to play with your kits! This week I have a project for you I made using the February Mixed Media Kit! I grabbed up my kit, added some extra mould pieces, mechanicals, and paints from my stash, and created my Mecha Love mixed media piece!

Make sure to check out my video to see what I did!


feb23-mmKit-04 feb23-mmKit-05

To start building up some texture, I added some of the sand texture paste using the stencil from the kit onto the canvas board. I didn’t cover the entire surface with stenciling, I just added the stenciling to a few random areas. In the video, you will see that I added black gesso after the sand texture paste had dried, but that was because I hadn’t planned on adding the cheesecloth so soon! If I had thought I would be adding the cheesecloth to fill in the areas without the stenciling I would have waited to add my gesso. Anyhow…I had been rust-staining fabric around the same time I received my February kits, so my cheesecloth got sucked into the process – even if that rust staining doesn’t show much on this canvas – and while I was playing with different ways to build my canvas, I just happened to lay the cheesecloth down in a way that sparked inspiration! I ran with this new inspiration and used some matte gel to adhere some of the cheesecloth to my canvas.

feb23-mmKit-07 feb23-mmKit-02

Since my cheesecloth led me on a slightly different path than what I had planned originally, I decided I wasn’t going to add gesso again until I had the majority of my mould pieces in place. I grabbed up a variety of gear mould pieces from my stash – made from a wide range of materials since I tend to pre-create pieces when I have extra resin or clay from a different project or I just need to use up old material – and started layering them up using some 3D Matte Gel. I had some broken bits and pieces in the mix, so I just used them as filler to create some lift under areas they wouldn’t be seen, you could just as easily use scraps of cardboard or chipboard as filler! After I had all my gears in place I added the resin frame from the kit and topped it with the large heart from Finnabair’s “Love Machine” Mould (from my stash). I let the 3D Gel dry overnight, then I came back with my matte gel and some more cheesecloth, adding more to the background and laying it across a few areas of the mould cluster. After the matte gel had dried, I added black gesso to everything.

feb23-mmKit-09 feb23-mmKit-10

Now it was finally time to start getting my colors built up! I started with some “Linen” Impasto and a lot of water! All I knew was I wanted to create some type of gradient or ombre effect, so I kept the layer of Impasto heavier on the top half(ish) of the canvas and more watered down on the bottom half(ish).

After the Impasto had dried, I mixed some Tres Jolie “Red” Acrylic Paint and DWM “Fuchsia” Glossy Spray and added this mix to the canvas.

When my paint and glossy spray mix had dried, I came back with more cheesecloth and added it to areas of my resin pieces and canvas. You can see some of the rust-stained cheesecloth on the finished piece still because this final layer of cheesecloth didn’t get completely covered by mediums!

After the matte gel had semi-dried (being fully dry wasn’t necessary!), I returned with some of the Copper and Graphite texture paste from this month’s kit and used them more like paint than paste. I added the copper to a few areas (very few!) of the cheesecloth I had just placed and the gears on the heart, and I added the graphite to the gears. I didn’t want a lot of build-up, I just wanted a bit of color.

feb23-mmKit-03 feb23-mmKit-06

After those pastes had dried, I came in with the Platinum Crackle Paste from the kit and added it to the bottom half(ish) of my canvas, then I set everything off to air dry for about 24 hours. When I came back, I had lovely crackles and it was finally time to get the Brown, Red, and Yellow Rust Effect Paste on the (mould) gears, the resin frame from the kit, and slightly spread out onto the canvas.

When I had my rust how I wanted it, I added some “Red Wine” Metallique Paint to my heart and on the top half(ish) of the canvas background. For the background, I really kept the metallique paint watered down, I didn’t want to completely cover what was already there, I just wanted to add a bit of variation.

Once the “Red Wine” was dry, I added some “Vintage Silk” and “Indian Pink” Finnabair waxes to highlight a few areas on the heart. Finally, I grabbed up the (partial) package of Mechanicals from my stash, kept them “as is,” and adhered them to the gears “on” the heart mould using 3D Matte Gel.


Thank you for joining me here today on the blog! I hope this project gave you some inspiration and ideas of what you can do with the items in this month’s Mixed Media Kit! I tried to use the texture pastes in a variety of ways to help you see them in action if you haven’t experienced the joy of crackles and rust effect pastes yet!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Mixed Media Kit, I used (from previous Tres Jolie Kits):

Finnabair Moulds: “Love Machine,” “Large Gears,” “Machine Parts,” “Steampunk Hearts,” Finnabair “Steampunk Gears” Mechanicals, Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso, Finnabair “Linen” Impasto, Finnabair “Red Wine” Metallique Paint, Finnabair “Indian Pink” Metallique Wax, Finnabair “Vintage Silk” Opal Magic Wax, DWM “Fuchsia” Gloss Spray, Tres Jolie Red Acrylic Paint, DecoArt Black Gesso, Liquitex Matte Gel

Tres Jolie Kit Club – Mecha Steam Queen – July 2022 Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! Have you checked out the July Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club yet? It has some fabulous Finnabair Tissue Paper, heavy black gesso, and Pixie Dust, along with some Lindy’s Magical’s, DecoArt Crackle Paint, Tres Jolie Chipboard, and a canvas board to get you started!⁠

I was fortunate enough to receive the newest Finnabair Moulds in the mail the same day I was starting my project, so I have that fantastic Mecha Moth on here, along with a ton of other Finnabair mould pieces from both old and new designs!

I used a couple of stencils from previous kits with the crackle paint from the kit and some Finnabair “Crushed Crystals” Jewel Effect Paste. Then I loaded up and layered up all my colors using some of the Liquid Acrylic Paints from February’s Mixed Media Kit and the Lindy’s from this month’s kit.⁠


Check my video out to see what I did to put this Mecha Steam Queen together!


Jul-22-MMKit-06 Jul-22-MMKit-08

To get my background started, I layered it up with some of the “Bavarian Blue” Lindy’s Magical’s from the kit and (part of) one sheet of the Finnabair tissue paper, using my Liquitex Matte Medium to adhere the paper. After I had my initial layer, I tore the remainder of the sheet of tissue paper into strips and layered them up, only adding the Magical Shaker as the initial bottom layer under all the tissue paper.

After my matte medium was fully dried, I came in with my stencils. I used my “Flourish” stencil with the crackle paint from this month’s kit, and my “Screwed” stencil with some “Crushed Crystal’s” Jewel Effect Paste. I just used my finger to dab on and blend a thin layer of the crackle paint along the edges and in the corners of the canvas and to soften the edges of the stenciling some.

After my “Flourish” stenciling was dry, I added a layer of clear gesso to help protect my crackle paint (it was going to be a wet, messy job!) and to make my subsequent layers of mediums easier to flow and roll around along the top of the stenciling and between the cracks. Because of the nature of the Jewel Effect Paste – when it dries it is more like the matte medium – I didn’t need to add any gesso to it.

With all of my background mediums dry, I come in with the “Bavarian Blue” Lindy’s, sprinkle it on, and really water it down so it will flow between all of the cracks. From here on out, I don’t let my mediums air dry on my background, I use my heat guns to make sure everything stays where I put it!

Jul-22-MMKit-03 Jul-22-MMKit-10 Jul-22-MMKit-17

On all of my various mould pieces, I coated them with black gesso – either the heavy gesso from the kit or my “regular” gesso on the more detailed pieces. If you only have the heavy gesso and want to get it into detailed areas a little easier, you can just mix in a little water to thin it some. After my gesso layers dried, I coated everything in some TCW “Sterling Silver” Modeling Paste. It says “Sterling Silver,” but it is more like sterling silver that has begun to tarnish – and I love it!

I used my 3D Matte Gel to hold my Mecha Steam Queen together before adding her gesso and modeling paste. I can say, all I knew was I really wanted to use the new Mecha Moth, and everything was built around that. I keep a bunch of pre-made mould pieces handy, so I grabbed them up and started playing around when suddenly I saw how fantastic my “Queens of Steam” piece looked on that big moth body! I added another layer of wings from the “Nocturnal Insects” Mould, and gave her a “Clockfaces” crown.

While I let that 3D Matte Gel set up, I went to work on deciding which gears I wanted to use and picked one of the “Baroque Frames” to set behind my Mecha Steam Queen. On my gears, after the modeling paste was dry, I added some “Texture Powder” to rough them up a bit, added some extra color to them using the two Lindy’s Magical’s from the kit, and I added some “Ink Black” Liquid Acrylic Paint. On my mould pieces, I allowed the mediums to air dry to allow everything to mix and flow together naturally. On the frame, I just mixed some of the “Bavarian Blue” Lindy’s with some Liquid Color Fluid Medium to keep it from being able to reactivate after it was dry.

Jul-22-MMKit-18 Jul-22-MMKit-11

To build up my background, I started with some corrugated cardboard (I just happened to find “hidden” behind a pile of other *stuff* – it must have fallen down some time ago and I forgot to fetch it then!). Anyhow, I used the heavy gesso on it and added some of the crackle paint to it. Then to deepen the black, I added the “Black Hole Black” Magical Powder to it, just using some water to activate the powder and added some of the “Pixie Dust” spray to it. To adhere it to the canvas board, I fully coated the back with some matte gel, placed it where I wanted it and weighed it down to make sure it dried flat. Fully coated the back of that cardboard doesn’t just make sure it is well attached, it seals it up so it won’t become soggy from the back side as I continue working.

Now it was time to start building up all of the mould pieces. I started with the bottom layer of gears, using my 3D Gel to adhere everything and to hold up the edges that extended over the edge of the cardboard so everything would be (relatively) even. I added my frame next and then set everything off to dry.

I hadn’t originally planned on the second layer of gears, but after I had my chain pieces and Mecha Steam Queen already dried in place, I realized it really needed another layer. Fortunately, some of my gears were made from air-dry clay (I often use what I have on hand or need to use up when I decide to get some pieces pre-made) so I was able to break them apart and get them to fit around the corner of the frame (top) and under the wings (bottom right).

Jul-22-MMKit-13 Jul-22-MMKit-19 Jul-22-MMKit-16

With everything finally in place, it came time to start adding the final layers of color, but before I did that, I added a layer of Krylon’s Workable Fixatif, just as a precaution for a little extra protection since it was about to get super wet and messy!

I started with some “Ink Black” Liquid Acrylic Paint and the “Black Hole Black” Lindy’s, and watered it all down, moved the canvas about to get it flowing, and dried as I went. So long as it was still wet, I could reactivate the Lindy’s (and paint) and continue moving it around.

For the wings on my Queen, I used the “Bavarian Blue” powder and some Liquid Color Fluid Medium to hold it in place once it dried.

Jul-22-MMKit-14 Jul-22-MMKit-07

Because I had to break my second gear up some, it left a few small gaps, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to add a bit more sparkle, and used the “Crushed Crystal’s” paste to fill in the gaps and added a touch to the ends of the wings.

To start bringing up the details of my Queen, I added some of the “Ink Black” paint and the “Black Hole Black” Lindy’s and watered it down so it would flow into all of the details.

To intensify the blue on my gears, wings, and Queen, I added some Liquitex “Phthalocyanine Blue” Acrylic Ink, watered it down a little to help it flow, added some of the blue mica powder from Finnabair’s “Pearls & Crystals” Mica set to add a little bit of variation to the shading, and dried it completely so it would stay put!

Jul-22-MMKit-02 Jul-22-MMKit-09 Jul-22-MMKit-12

With all of my blacks and blues in place, it came time to add the final details. To start I used some “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic Paint to create my shadow effects. It is an absolutely perfect color to create a vintage effect and fabulous shadows to really give a piece some depth. After all my mediums had dried, I came in and gave the whole piece a coating of the “Pixie Dust” Fixative from this month’s kit.

After the “Pixie Dust” had dried, it was time to add some various waxes to highlight various areas on the piece. After my waxes, the final step was adding my beads. I used some “Midnight Magic” Iridescent Beads from ReneaBouquets along the gears and frame, and some 13@arts “Brown Microspheres” to give the final shadowy detail to the layers of my Queen.


Thank you for joining me here in my corner, I hope you enjoyed the building of my “Mecha Steam Queen” and it gave you some ideas of how you can use the various mediums from not only this month’s kit but previous Tres Jolie Kits as well! That’s what makes Tres Jolie Kits so fabulous – it allows you to build your stash!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to the items from this month’s Mixed Media Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

**Disclaimer: Some [non-Tres Jolie] items may contain an affiliate link, allowing me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!**

Prima “Flourish” Stencil , Finnabair Jewel Effect Paste “Crushed Crystals” , Finnabair “Ink Black” Liquid Acrylic , Finnabair “Burnt Sienna” Liquid Acrylic , Finnabair White Texture Powder , Finnabair Liquid Color Fluid Medium , Finnabair “Pearls & Crystals” Mica Set , Finnabair “Charcoal Black” Matte Wax , Finnabair “Old White” Matte Wax , Finnabair “Faded Demin” Matte Wax , Finnabair “Old Demin” Wax Cire Cera , Finnabair Moulds: “Queens of Steam” , “Large Gears” , “Machine Parts” , “Mechanica” , “Pieces of Underworld” , “Clockfaces” , “Baroque Frames” , “Nocturnal Insects” , “Mecha Moth” , “Love Machine” , Finnabair Clear Gesso , Finnabair 3D Matte Gel , TCW “Sterling Silver” Modeling Paste , 13@rts Brown Microspheres , Tim Holtz “Screwed” Stencil , Stamperia “Metallic Black” Wax , Little Birdie “Aqua Sheen” Metallic Wax , ReneaBouquets “Midnight Magic” Iridescent Beautiful Beads , DecoArt Black Gesso , Krylon Workable Fixatif , JudiKins Diamond Glaze , Liquitex Matte Gel , Liquitex Matte Medium , Liquitex “Phthalocyanine Blue” Acrylic Ink , spray bottle , Ranger Heat-It Tool , Milwaukee Heat Gun , corrugated cardboard, Mont Marte Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay , Sculpy Air Dry Clay , Sculpy White Polymer Clay , ProMarineSupply Epoxy Resin , Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin , Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy


Tres Jolie Kit Club–May 2022 Mood Board!–Mixed Media & Scrapbooking Kit

Hey, y’all!

Whew! I didn’t think I’d get this project done in time – it wasn’t the project that was difficult, it was my oldest requiring my computer skills because his laptop stopped computer-ing and that took up a lot of my time. Anyhow, I made it, I’m here, and I have used this month’s Mixed Media Kit and Scrapbooking Kit from Tres Jolie Kit Club to create my May mood board inspired project. Tim Holtz + Finnabair + Stamperia + vintage + clocks + flowers – who could ask for more?!?!


Taking photos of a glass surface isn’t the easiest task, but don’t worry, I have photos of the inside before I put it in the clock! this project was actually a rather quick project, and I probably could have finished it in one day if I hadn’t had to stop for a few days! Check out my video to see what I did to create this distressed assemblage clock!


Easy, right? And using the clear wax gives a nice, satin sheen to the body while adding a protective layer! As you can see in the video, the majority of this project was done using the kits from this month. The wax and a couple of other items were from my stash and I grabbed a couple items from March’s Mixed Media Kit – but the bulk of it came from May kit items!

I loved the mood board this month! Have you seen it yet? Any of the May Kits would be perfect to use with it. (Challenge rules below image!)


Tres Jolie Insta Square Frame

  • You can create any type of project for the challenge.
  • You MUST say what you were inspired by.
  • You MUST include the twist in your design.
  • We would love to see you USE AT LEAST 1 of Tres Jolie’s products on your projects but it isn’t required to play along.
  • It MUST be a new project.
  • Place your entries in the May 2022 challenge folder on Tres Jolie Kit Club Café Facebook page. This challenge ends on May 31st, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST. All entries must be in this folder to be eligible for the prize (to have everyone eligible to win, we are limiting the same winner to once every 3 months).


After I decided what bit of the Stamperia paper I wanted as my background, I glued it to the back with some 3D Matte Gel. The gel works great on metal, it adds some moisture protection, and it filled in the grooves behind the paper. After I was sure the gel was dry, I sprayed the surface with some Workable Fixatif, let that dry (about 5 minutes is all it takes!), and mixed some mica powder with the Liquid Color Fluid Medium found in March’s Mixed Media Kit to create a paint for the flower printed on the paper. (Clear gesso would work to protect the paper for painting too but make sure it is dry! And don’t forget, using a heat gun will not only make your metal hot, but it can cause bubbles in your gel, gesso, and paint!)



With my background done (and the outside finished), I started building up my focal point. From the scrapbooking kit, I used some fussy cut flowers from the paper pack and some of the chipboard flowers. I distressed the edges, and to give them depth, I used my hot glue gun to start building everything up. I grabbed the small Finnabair clock face, and gave it a wax, color medium, and mica coating; used mica and color medium on my flower edges, as some shadow effect, and a little on the pink flowers at the center. For the final adhesion, I used my 3D gel to hold my cluster in place.




I knew from the beginning I wanted to do something to the outside, so after some brainstorming I decided to grab my DecoArt Black Gesso – since it isn’t a heavy gesso – add a thin layer, then mix it up with some Liquitex Matte Gel, micas, fluid medium – just about anything I could grab up – and make up a base coat. After that base was dry-ish (Liquitex Matte Medium, like ModPodge, dries “sticky,” which I wanted), I brushed on the dark purple mica and gave it a spray of Workable Fixatif. It just wasn’t quite right yet though, so I started rubbing some of the pink-ish mica on. Then I decided I wanted to see how the blue mica would look – and it was great! Do you know how metal looks when it’s been heated? The blue made me think of that, but I couldn’t figure out what to use to hold the mica in place. I didn’t want to “activate” the mica like a water-based product would do, and I suddenly remembered I had a tube of clear Antiquing Wax! It was perfect! I was able to spread my mica around in a thin layer to get the look I wanted. After the blue layer had set up, I came back in with the ivory-ish mica and added it on. Note! Wax will reactivate wax!! But for this, it worked out, because the blue + ivory-ish = a green-ish hue!

When my wax was all set up, I came in with some sandpaper and added some distressing to the case.



I coated my outside flowers with some Krylon Matte Finish, then arranged them on the top and used more 3D Gel to hold them in place. When the photos were taken, none of my 3D gel was dry, so after that has time to get 100% dry I might go back and arrange the flowers a little more.


I did add some micas and color medium to the inside of the clock, but I don’t have a photo of that by itself (I forgot to take one, and I didn’t want to try and pull everything back apart)! However, you can see it in the video!

Thank you for joining me here in my corner, I hope this project gave you some ideas of what you can do with this month’s Mixed Media & Scrapbooking Kits! Don’t forget to hop on over to the Tres Jolie Kit Club Café and join the May Mood Board Challenge!

Did you get a kit? Share what you made in our Facebook Group!

Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!

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In addition to this month’s Mixed Media & Scrapbooking Kits (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:

Finnabair: *Mica Set “Vintage Roses,” *Liquid Color Fluid Medium, Clear Antiquing Wax, & 3D Matte Gel; *DecoArt Black Gesso; Tim Holtz Sanding Block; Liquitex Matte Medium; Krylon Workable Fixatif & Matte Finish; Ranger Heat-It Tool; hot glue sticks & hot glue gun; *spray bottle